Making money online needs a recipe

Double Rainbow

There be gold there. :lol:

Rainbows, beautiful things. You can make your own, but to sell them is lame! :lol: Seems to be popular though along with unicorns!

I jest … for a change! :lol: Maybe not… ;)

How many times have you seen the hyped up crap offers you see out there, you know, “make blah blah blah in such a time doing next to nothing while sitting on a beach somewhere” style, or “this one secret will make you rich, buy my shit for blah blah, by midnight, only 100 copies” crap … yeah, lot’s, me too. :(

A friend just asked me a similar thing, pointing to a site selling something (and nothing if you get my drift) and saying “hype isn’t it? Can’t be true, sounds too good to be, as they say, it’s a big problem all this hype out there, that’s just shit on a screen” (good quip that, it’s a truth! ;) ) SHIT on a SCREEN … most of the time!

The problem in my view is not that there’s just too much hype out there, the problem is also …

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Won a Samsung galaxy tab from prize

wooot. :lol:

Hey, look at the tweet, woot. :)

Thanks to (Mark @) for that fantastic news, I had a few mates say… “it’s a scam” but I laughed, can’t see that myself, after all, why would those smart buggers at shoot themselves in the foot like that? ;)

They did it for great publicity, not bad publicity, of course, it’s worked! ;)

Seems twitter is not so useless after all! :P

That ONE tweet makes the whole few years Iv’e been on there worthwhile.

It certainly made my day/week/month getting that tweet. :D

A Samsung galaxy tab

I am looking forward to getting this prize and seeing what I can do with it, I do have a few ideas and also what I said in the tweet that won it, as seen in the tweet you see here… one other thing I can enjoy is ebooks, as good as a kindle really, (like kindles? look at the sidebar!) >> :P – as you can do more with it, I read alot, so this will be great at times when I am not doing anything, on the bus for example.

So, once I have it…

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My amazing son is 16 today, happy birthday son

Cool dude...

Loves ya son :)

My amazing son number two is 16 today… Happy birthday son, where the heck did that 16 years go… ;)

I am so proud of you and what you are setting yourself out to be, do in life. :)

You certainly know what you want to do and I don’t doubt you will do it too.

It may be a long road but we are here beside you and willing you every step of the way, and what a dream to chase…

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