Just a few days away from Christmas and the new year…guessing you have all your preparation ready for the big day to enjoy with your families. :o)

I hope it it’s a great Christmas for you and the family.

I also wish you all the best for 2009 which is almost here.

But lets’ be honest here, after the new year starts life creeps back to… normal and a fair old chunk of us face the reality of the recession which is not a great start to the year, but as we all know recessions are cyclical so there is always light at the end of the…

What wont happen is staying put….we have to get through that tunnel!

Well I have good news which is this free book to help anyone with getting through the recession.

Got kids?
Double income in the home?
Own business?
Good stable job?
Just want to make changes?
Boss looking to shaky for your peace of mind?
About to lose it?
Just uncertain?

Whatever situation you are in whether one or all of the above, these 101 tips have something for all, something foreverybody.

It’s not just all about…

Though money tips are there, saving money, improving your money management, making money, helping kids with money, money alone has it’s own issues, depending on how you see it…

The recession will provide opportunity for those who see it, opportunity to change habits, create better understanding of the cycle for the next time it hits, as it certainly will.

For those who don’t see opportunity, preparing for the end half of the recession is just as important as what you do now as we go into it, if only for the fact you can springboard yourself using built up leverage coming out of the recession, whether through saving a little, or starting a new venture, hobby, habits.

Use the tips, use the recession. :o) >> Beat the recession!

P.s No idea if the book will stay free, so grab it while you can. :o)

“101 Recession busting tips- free book”
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