15k challenge almost there!

Dan has done great if you ask me…

Many of you will have already heard about Dan Raines 15k challenge… and the blog he has done about it… here.

Well nearly at the end so it looks as tho it is going to be very very close as to whether he does make money online, ie 15k, or gets to have a chilly night on the tiles in a pink thong!

Hat’s off to Dan for at least showing what IS possible… all it takes now is to go READ the blog, all of it, then think of how YOU can do the same but on a longer timescale.

I mean set it as 10k before say feb… then you have a good chance and a realistic timeframe to do it.

The biggest lesson it shows is it takes action… that’s IT.

So what you waiting for, read it all, set your plan, follow it with massive action… see the results.

There are far to many naysayers out there… bollox to them, because you can bet they are not one of those who make money online so just take action!

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