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Isolation not ignorance.

Some of you have been using facebook etc to contact me...I am not ignoring them, it's the library using limited filters and IE 6 stopping me using them.

Nice to see old friends on the social sites...even ex girlfriends from um...15 years or more ago! ;o)
Shows how the net really has made the world a smaller place, never thought I would hear again from some of the people I have.

Been a great thing to see how people have changed and where the path they chose lead them to.
Still trying to get back online at home so I am looking forward to really catching up with some people when I am.

Have I missed anything of note on here?

Not sure, been focused on getting other areas of life sorted out and set me up for the right start in 2008... I mean 2007 shot by!

I am looking forward to 2008 for a few reasons. :o)

So how are you all?

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