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"Facebook sucks..."

A little to much information out of us for my liking, did you see the terms of service? No...

You allow them to gather info about you from "anywhere" online...blogs, forums whatever.
That is another reason why facebook has such targeted ads.

They ain't daft are they. ;o)

The applications are created by just about anyone who can, they are allows to pull info from your profile to work but I'll bet they get a wealth of info and use from it. Just a worry about WHO these people are.

I also worry about the fact these people are smart enough to put "bot" tracking or otherwise onto you.
I am sure something from an app effected me.

I like using facebook, but with the "big brother" aspect, and the fact it is so accessible to anyone including bosses, potential bosses etc you do have to be at least a little aware of what you share etc.

But then facebooks whole success boils down to ONE thing...

That is it uses "real names" unlike myspace etc where you use what you like.
The fact it's using your real name is the reason why so many "real" friends can find you, and you can find them.

I have been amazed at how many people I can trace on there, old school friends and even old work friends.

Even those who names I they are on other friends list, often known by nicknames, the faces soon tell me. ;o)

Facebook has definitely made the world a bit of a smaller place.

If used well you could maximise facebook for a variety of reasons.

Marketers exploit things. Often badly. I can see why people shun them in many ways.
The key is to make it less like marketing. Subtle will work.

A marketer will market what they can to make money...that is the sole purpose for them, money.
It shows.


An artist? A photographer? An author?

Whatever you are you will have to market in some sense.

An artist marketing their passion is alot different to a marketer flogging pictures. ;o)

The Internet gives you a pretty level playing field.

Facebook and other social sites can only help you reach out better.

The biggest winners are facebook themselves.
Smart buggers hit the bullseye!

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