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"Simple way of getting started with Google"

Just something that may help many of you who would like to start, but are not sure how.

That simple, and that handy to use. :o)

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"Lucky YOU, the timing couldn't be better"

Lucky you, possibly, possibly not, everything depends on YOU. ;o)

If the media is anything to go by, the only way now for us should be down, with the doom and gloom spread daily the fear is creeping in, and fear is the LAST thing you want.

It seems people fear losing jobs, losing their homes, losing income, in short the "shit is gonna hit the fan!"

Fear breeds bad shit... who wants that? :o/

I'll tell you who...those that KNOW what the people fear, and what those that fear will want as a result of that fear.
Those people think, and ask..."how do I make money to help MY situation, or if I lose my job and can't get another?"

THAT is the opportunity these who sell the "dream" of "making money online" see.

Those in IM know exactly what you will do, and fight each other to be where you will go after you DO what they KNOW you will do.

Listen up, if you KNOW what I mean by IM... you don't need me telling you, ;o)
I do say though, tread carefully because of the power of connections now has never been bigger or better, scam or take the piss and it WILL haunt you. ;o)

For you that don't know what I mean by IM, or are new online...don't worry.
Just don't spend...and get sucked in too easy, it happens! Believe me! ;o)

I'll be posting some great free resources in the next few post, one benefit is I and others have already been through the free crap to find the gems, so it saves you time and information overload.

But have NO fear... I am hoping this blog as well as others I share with you help you avoid that "sucked in trouble". :o)

Really, you want to look at things from an opportunist perspective, knowing that there are always going to be opportunities around you, so even in bad times some of those are often the biggest opportunities because less people will see these opportunities and will dwell on their fears.

The FIRST thing to remember is, there ARE other people just like you out there, and coming online daily, whatever it is you are like ;o)

Seeing any opportunity means you CAN act on it, do that and you are one step ahead of the pack.

Once you know it's worth taking the action, ie a little due diligence is needed aka a little researching, will mean you already KNOW of any potential from the actions you need to make.

BUT and it IS a big but...
EVERYTHING will depend on you, what effort, WORK will you put in? Huh work?? :o/

Well, if you have a real trade you have some knowledge and work anyway!
Some skills etc obviously won't be much use online, but I digress...

Ok, FUN would be better, and possibly more profitable. ;o)
Depending on what you do, what you like, enjoy sharing etc.

The timing is a good one to get started NOW if you want to do that or just spend a bit of time in evenings after your day job trying it out, getting started is far easier than people think.

The best thing NOW is to evaluate your skills, knowledge, passions, etc.
If your list is big, trim it down AS you research it's potential, you may miss a gem otherwise. ;o)

If you find it hard to create your list, ask someone close, "what do YOU think my passions are, etc, what do I seemingly always talk about etc".

May get some surprising answers if you ask a few people you know closely. ;o)

Then armed with this info...look online at these things.

So, you may type whatever it is into or google blog search, or find forums, websites, etc.
While searching for whatever keyword (i.e "beach fishing", "How to make a quilt?", "windsurfing in UK" etc, you use what you would anyway, a question, a query, whatever, but use " " and without " " around your phrase.

While doing this in either "" or no "" mode, check and take note of the number of sites etc, on the top right, in bold of the google page...

The number of sites and blogs and activity within all these blogs and sites will give you a good indication of how good or bad the "scene" is regarding that "niche".

You want a reasonably competitive, active and busy market, not too big, not too small.
If you have a few good ones, think about doing them all and you will make money online. ;o)

For now, just browse in the areas that you are interested in, see what you find.

THAT is your FIRST step, and we take it one at a time. ;o)

Any questions or comments. feel free to post below...

P.s I'll be doing a few interesting post over the next few days, and sharing some good resources that won't cost a penny or drive you bonkers. :o)

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"Facebook suckers, and you don't even know it"

If you are local to me too, this will be even more relevant to you, but it's not what you're thinking it is now. If I change your thinking or perspective just a few degrees it's all good. :o)

If that rower above wants to get to the sun, he needs to alter a few degrees ;o)

Let's dig in suckers!! ;o)

Something I keep hearing offline and some of you who asked maybe reading this, is "how the hell do you make money online" a pause... "porn or sommat" and then a laugh. ;o)

Anyone in IM (Internet Marketing) will know what I mean here, and know that sight of glazing eyes on others when we try explaining.

Well let's see now, where do MOST of you locals see me online? Facebook?

That is the perfect example I can use to explain this then, because you KNOW facebook, after all it sucked you in!

It has already hit that tipping point like ebay did a few years ago, what do I mean?

Maybe you was one of them, you got online to use ebay, and only really used ebay, you knew of it and it sucked you in.

I mean, there are those who ONLY got online to use ebay, now it's much the same with facebook, people who had never been online are now joining up because all their friends are talking of it OFFLINE, much like ebay did to some.

They hit that tipping point of viral marketing. :o)

Yet people said to me back then, "how do you make any money online if you dont use ebay?"

NEVER guess what?

Facebook is making money from YOU everyday, everytime you use it, everytime your friends use it....not only that, OTHERS are making money from you all the time too.

Have a good look around and you can see it with ads and such, but its not the ONLY way or the best way even, but I digress.

They monetise it from the traffic it gets, it is a numbers game.

They can target ads superbly because its the perfrect social site where you share a real sense of who you are, where you are, what you like etc, all those PEOPLE, ALL that data!!!

Look at mine for example, I get ads on the home page with a picture of a gorgeous woman, and a headline like... "37 and still single? Meet local ladies here"

Now you tell me, IS that targetted?
They got my age, my relationship status, my area and that is what they have on all of that can be targetted to whatever.

You and me provide the content that facebook thrives on.
Content is the key part of getting somewhere online, I provide content like this, but I have to provide it, facebook gets it freely by your actions.

Lets take another example of how people "miss it" as I say, it's not always as it seems, and it's shown clearly here that traffic is a massive part of it, the cleanest site and yet probably one of the most profitible ones online is THIS. (right mouse click open in new tab or window)

Before you say... "I know that company BUT where's the ads or whatever, how is it profitable?"

It's the next step that YOU take which makes them the profits, as well as for others. :o)

Ok but you say...

"YOU don't own them, I will never own them , so...??" a pause... "how would "I" make money from online, if I decided to try?"

Good question and one a few people will often think about what with the "credit crunch" worries and such.
Who wouldn't like to earn a little bit extra? :o)

As you are here, I could say, well this blog here makes money, not much but that is ONLY because of the traffic dropping off due to me being offline for a while and having just started to get back into the "groove" again :o)

I WILL get that traffic back up, but the fundementals are already here to some degree.

The key area is to provide some good content, it's how you create and share that content that matters to what will work for you.

I write, take pictures, you may not like writing, but like talking, so videos may work, etc.
It all comes down to sharing good content (USEful information) and building that traffic (readers, watchers etc) by various means.

Then twaeking here and there to maximise your monetisation.

That is IF your main aim is to make money from it, do whatever you are best at, and do it to the best you can and the money will follow anyway. :o)

BUT make providing quality content your main purpose.

That breeds traffic, traffic breeds DATA, data breeds results, results breeds goals!

So what "content" should YOU create and share?

Whatever your main passions are, experience etc, BUT research to see if it even has a MARKET.

Use google blog search and such, search using "keywords" in quotes, for example "English gardens" for the green fingered, or "beach fishing" or "improve golf swing" etc, give it a go and you may well be surprised at how good your market could be.

See what comes up, look around and get a feel for things, you will soon see you CAN share good content because you see content you may know you can do better, or you may know more. ;o)

Then it's PLANNING it, and taking action.

Does this make things a little clearer?

Does it help explain a little more about how people make money online?
Feel free to use comments below. :o)

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