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"Arrington, here you are..."

Wipe the spit off your face, and keep the rest for your tears.

Now before you Arrington fans start bashing me...let's be a little honest here.

I don't agree with that moron who spat at him, I don't say Micheal deserved this either, not by a long shot.
Let's be straight here though, that arrogant Arrington has courted controversy from day one, often "spitting virually" at others...was that ok?

Saying that...

If you want to be an arrogant person and cause controversy, revel in the fact people don't like you, use linkbaiting tactics with the controversy you ought to be able to stand up to any backlash. (No this ain't link bait, but I don't care if someone thinks it is)

Micheal said on his own blog he is stepping back, it was the last straw...yet his family was threatened in the summer last year now surely THAT should have been the last straw?

So, could someone say "he was more concerned for himself than his family?"
Spitting at him was worse than threatening his family?


See it shows him for what he is, he didn't care that he put his family and himself at risk like that in the first place, why do you think people say "they will sell their granny for the publicity"?

Yeah, they will and yet they moan when any kind of negative thing happens to bounce back on them.

Last thought.... can you imagine someone spitting at say... Darren Rowse? Thought not...

Why not?

Because he treats people with more respect than that arrogant Arrington does.

While I can sympathise with the fact it IS a huge insult to spit at someone, I honestly feel that Arrington has to look at himself and his actions first.

Edit to add... Interesting.

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The human element, as always

It baffles me when I see people who ask in forums about the "magic stuff" dressed in other words, like "will this software, tool etc help me to easily (and hassle free) make money online?"

"Do I have to so anything at all except push a button?" is the main point they make behind it, really this is that "magic button" people seek.

There is NO magic hassle free easy way to make money online! ANYwhere...or offline.

The main point is whatever they are talking of, be it software, a tool etc, there is always that human element, usually it's disguised as "action or work" which as always, is not what they want to hear.

Tools and such are just that, a tool to use as leverage...

Imagine how much hard work it must be to pull a boat laden with fish and such up a steep pebble beach.
Be nice to have a tool to do it yes?

Notice that handle on that winch above?


Yeah...there is that human element, as always. :o)

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Friendfeed , the worthy RSS centre

Friendfeed is really growing on me since joining a month or so ago after seeing it mentioned on twitter, the twitter conversation was centred around "missed" conversation around tweets, ie where the tweets were fed by RSS into other platforms like friendfeed and facebook, the discussion around them I noticed was being missed by the tweeters.

The tweets were getting hardly any repsonse themselves on twitter yet the same tweet showing in facebook by said tweeter had lots of comments which were being missed by said tweeter.

That useful conversation was missed completely for however long until the said tweeter logged into facebook. That's when and how I heard of friendfeed, on twitter, while discussing facebook!

Friendfeed is now like an RSS Artist row!

I haven't posted here yet about friendfeed mainly because I waned to least use it for a while first to understand it and give a fair opinion of the experience.

I can't see myself NOT using it now to be blunt. :o)

Thomas made a great post where he shared "10 reasons to use friendfeed" on his blog, which utilises friendfeed itself pretty well as you see. Nice to see the benefits of friendfeed through a photographers perspective.

It was this post that made me realise it was like an artist central.

It's not just twitters, bloggers, writers etc using friendfeed, there are a few members who only use friendfeed...which surprised me, nice surprise mind. :o)

At first for maybe a hour or so I seemed a little confused, lost with it but was made welcome and given some good tips, as soon as I "got it" I was hooked in a sense that twitter couldn't do, I like twitter but was at a complete loss upon joining it way back when.

The recent function of adding twitter followers etc to friendfeed makes it a great central RSS to use and I can see people using twitter itself less and friendfeed more due to the extra use and benefit it gives you.

The simple fact of being able to keep track of the conversations started in twitter better in friendfeed is worth thinking still use twitter just less and better.

Friendfeed is so much better overall and because it utilises so many RSS feeds it's rich with interesting things I simply wouldn't have seen elsewhere.

Amazing pictures and lots of interesting blogs, smart savvy people and diverse conversation that happens faster than anywhere else.

So much!

Louis shares some useful tips on utilising the "like" function in friendfeed, it almost functions like your own friendfeed bookmark.
Louis has a few good friendfeed tips on his blog which are worth checking out too.

Friendfeed is really worth trying out if you haven't yet tried it and is so adaptable with so many features you can tailor it to suit you perfectly...something I am still honing myself. :o)

It is the ultimate "outpost" for your outposts.

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"Blogging for money"

I saw an interesting post in a forum earlier today asking if blogging to make money online was even worth trying and some of the replies were very interesting from a few different perspectives.

In my view some of the replies were bad advice for going broke fast at worse and a dumb opinion based on nothing at best.

Either way these opinions were crap!

The problem is some of those opinions out there could seriously harm people if they followed them, just as we often see anywhere online there is simply way to much misinformation and loose opinions that count for shit in reality!

So is it worth blogging to "make money online"?

My issue with that is you rarely see the real underlying question that matters to most people and the one they would really ask, that is...

"Can you blog for consistent money?"

The answer is yes as it is being done, BUT the difference is they don't "blog to make money online", they blog as a part of their overall business...something all bloggers who wish to generate an income from it should bear in mind, including me at times.

But if you are going to blog, do it anyway, forget about the making money for now.

This one thing I have been asked a few times is "how do you write so much that is needed for a blog?"

My short answer is who said "you have to write so much?"

If you really want to blog you will have to write but there is nothing saying how much or what style it has to be etc, the best advice if you really want to write is to...write, then write some more but also read more, get your kids into the reading habit while you are at it as it is so important anyway.

Reading becomes interwined with writing anyway, so in that sense read the blogs on the topics, themes you feel you would blog about.

The truth is if you don't write any content you will never make money online blogging.

But it's not the blogging itself that makes the money it is the marketing of the blog, getting the eyeballs onto the content you write that really matters.

The 80/20 rule applies here IMO, which way round is up to you.

Puting in 20% of good effort on writing the blog content is better than doing none, add 80% promotion and marketing and you will get that ball rolling quick.

Put 80% effort into the content creating and 20% into the promotion and marketing and you will get the ball rolling slower, though maybe it will be better long term.

It depends on you, your plan, you efforts and the time you can put in, the topic you choose, so many factors no-one can say it's worth it or not other than you.

One very good reason to take advice on forums etc with a pinch of salt.

Those who share bad advice I noticed don't even have blogs!

Let alone blogging to make money online!

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America's important day

A new president, need I say more?

He marketed "hope" well, let's see what is delivered, but one important factor is you as an American have to to play your part in delivering change.

His underlying message is, if "he" can get to that place, you can also achieve whatever change you set your mind to and take action on.

So...what are YOU going to change?

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Make your blog your Fantasy Island

You get offered a chance to have an Island anywhere you want as your own for a year, you have the opportunity to live as you wish on your Fantasy Island as long as you blog about it.

You can have whatever and whomever you love live on the Island with you, the Island rules and standards are yours but you must blog about "life" as it is on the Island, you are creating your perfect life, your blog is the virtual Fantasy Island.

What do you choose?

How would you live?

Whats passions would you live with while there, the passions you would spend ALL your time doing if you could?

Bearing in mind you have to share your life with the world on your blog, does it reflect well on you?

Whats stopping you creating your own virtual Fantasy Island aka as a blog?

Getting started with a blog could be one of the best things you do online and is something you really should consider doing sooner than later and even more so if you have a passion worth blogging about, a passion that others share too.

Imagine living with that passion and creating an income from it, directly or indirectly, by this I mean you could earn directly via the blog or indirectly by creating your dream career using your passion.

The blog you create could be the launch pad to living the life you want to live.

It's not about the money, it's how money helps you live the life you want to live.

Create your Fantasy Island...Where will it be and what will you do?

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Don't misunderestimate me, I use the google

Not one to post about politics here but it is the end of the bushism era...thankfully!

You have to admit the idiot does come out with some cracking lines but then again, how many of us can lay claim to making up a word?

We really did misunderestimate him!

But where did the guy learn?? Did he go to school? And I don't mean as an adult when he uttered lines like...

"Rarely is the questioned asked: Is our children learning?"

I'll bet it's never been asked, mainly because people have more sense to ask the properly constructed sentence!

But then sometimes, he may come out with a real gem, which IMO has some truth in it, else he wouldn't have said it. ;o)

"They never stop thinking about new ways to harm our country and our people, and neither do we"

Um.... right, if you say so.... ;o)

Then it's...

"It was not always certain that the US and America would have a close relationship" (while speaking of the Anglo-American relationship in 2006).

I think it ranks up there with...

"I think America has the best Americans in the world"

That's very likely... ;o)

So...out with the old, in with the new.

I doubt Barack Obama will endow the world with silly quotes like this.

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"Make money online"

This "make money online" niche is a strange one in many ways and there's no doubt IM or Internet marketing as it's really known as has earned a bad name online with all the "pitchfest crap" going on from the so called gurus who cross promote each other with every launch that happens.

This is why I suggest ignoring the so called big names, they are not giving you want you really need to make money online, only their own or some cronies pitch to suck your wallet or purse dry and to get you on their email list for future pitches.

Often whatever it is they sell turns out to be useless, either because of the steep learning curve, or it's is just a tool which doesn't deliver....the problem is the promises and hype that goes with it which so often is misleading or plain lies.

Making money online does require a form of marketing, whether to people, or the search engines like google you will have to target something, someone, which one entirely depends on your niche and your money making strategy, affiliate sales, sales of own products, services, or even just using adsense.

There are several key positives and negatives to each strategy you use and it takes the right planning to decide which best fits your skills and more importantly still your audiences needs, be it people or search engines.

The simple truth is there are so many systems and strategies within the IM niche it does get a little confusing, distracting and is often a pain in the arse to get your hear around.

Internet Marking (IM) is basically marketing whatever online, there is no right thing or wrong thing to market unless you start to consider ethics, which is purely subjective to each of us.

I wouldn't want to see you get "sucked in" like happens to a lot of us, mainly through the simple fact we started to consider "how to make money online" and like a new book reader in a library starting to feel overwhelmed when we looked online for the answers.

IM gets to the point where you go to bed with your brain buzzing, wake up with IM on the brain's a passion to a point.

Being new, if you are, you have a great starting point to work from as you do not have that "jaded" mindset like some of us had or have, you are like a school leaver choosing a career without the jaded view of what "work" is really like.

It's the "newbies" who the so called big names target to exploit this freshness of mind, this enthusiasm to learn to earn.

A fresh marketer is not yet jaded by these gurus, don't let it happen either.

In one sense we are all marketers, whether you agree with that or not is not really the issue as the truth we are all marketers be it online or offline, whether we like it or time you see people chatting each other up in the pub, club etc, you will see it's the truth.

You market yourself throughout life, when you go for an interview, meeting, whatever, its marketing.

This is something that "gets me" with marketing, I love to learn about it etc, but hate the negative aspect attached to it due to the bad practices of some people who care only about the money and it shows when you see them at forums etc giving out plain misleading advice and in a way spreading a bad mindset relating to "making money online".

There is NO one way, no right way, wrong way to make money online.

Half the stuff we read is total bullshit really.

If you really want a crash course in marketing online and making money doing it, the one thing I could suggest is to create and sell an ebook, get buyers by promoting it using a free blog!

While there are some people who will ridicule this idea there are others who will agree it IS a great way to learn how to market anything online, and make money.

Why do this, and how to go about it?

Do you want to learn how to make money online?
Do you want to do it without spending money?

Want to have that crash course in Internet Marketing?

Let's do that then. ;o)


Get your motivation lined up, what I mean by that is decide why you want to make money, is it to pay off the bills you have? Or is it to earn enough to take you on holiday?
Get a new car?

Whatever it is, that motivation will show through your work and everyone likes to see motivated efforts as apposed to just going through the motions.

Decide your topic, niche...if it's a hobby one great as they do well due to having passionate users.

Do a little researching on the topic, i.e use google and googles blog search functions to see what is already "out there" and what is already working for others.

You want to have a niche that you know has buyers etc, one way is to check the "ads" by google on these search pages as it means advertisers are spending money within the niche.

Now you should have some idea of what you can write about, you will be able to do this so much easier if you are writing about something you have knowledge of, or a passion, or an expert with.

The action steps you need to take to make money online this way are...

A tip here is to create a google account, this will be handy for way more than you think. You can use all of googles aps, i.e docs, blogger, calender, gmail, adsense, etc.

Create the ebook, (pdf) easily done free using google docs, or openoffice, or adobe acrobat if you have that already.
The ebook can be as short or long as you like, just make it worth what you wish to sell it for. :o)

Now think about the keywords you will use to sell your ebook, and use these keywords where needed, like the title page of the site, blog you will use to promote it.

Ie... your hobby may be... "Harley Davidson's" so you would use keywords like...

"maintaining harley davidsons"
"repairing harley davidsons"
"rebuilding harley davidsons"

These are keywords other people would use to type into the search engines, just like you did in the research process.

So you need also to set up a page or site to sell it from...use blogger to create a presell blog and make sure you use keywords in the title of the blog as well as the blog url...

I.e "www." is an example with related keywords.

Now you just create a few decent tips post (400 word articles) to add to your blog using keywords where you can, in the title, first sentence, and a few times spread throughout the post content.

Add a post everyday over the first few weeks to get that ball rolling.

While doing this, you are writing and creating a pdf ebook with all your best tips, inside knowledge which you will eventually sell via the blog.

You will need to have a payment set up, using paypal is an easy way to get started on this.
Set up a payment button, and get the html code for that to add to your blog.

After creating the pdf ebook, take a few sample tips from this and create a smaller pdf to give away to your blog readers, this smaller pdf has a link to buy your main pdf ebook inside it. :o)

If you are sticking with no outlay, you can use your email to send the pdf each time someone request it, or have it set up as an auto response as can be done with googles gmail, this is not ideal really as you would end up sending it to anyone who emailed that email address you have set it up on.

Really you would want it to be instantly delivered to them an autopilot after payment and only after a payment has been made.

Do this by setting up an email autoresponder to send the ebook after payment.
This is anything would be your only outlay, used well you will build two list, one for the free pdf people and the other for those who buy the main book.

Now you have an ebook or two (if doing the smaller givaway too), a blog and it's just joining the dots now to make it all work.

On the main blog you can add the link to another page where you sell your ebook, simply create a blog page with the details of the book and put the link on the main blog sidebar.

Ie... main blog is www. (the word ebook only highlighted for reference).

On this blog write about what the ebook is, ie a form of sales letter.

Add the ebook blog url to your main blog sidebar.

You can add the pdf to the first email (autoresponder) response to be sent after payment via paypal.

Now it's promoting the blog and ebook in order to get the first sale.

You could do this by joining forums and commenting on blogs in the related niche, ie, harley fan sites and blogs etc.

Another way is to write a great 500 word article with a link at the bottom pointing back to your main blog url, add this article to a few article directories bearing in mind each one will give you a good backlink so use keywords in the title, and a few through the article itself.

When you make that first sale is anybodies guess, but...

Once you have got this far you know what it really takes to make money online.

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Social media sucks....

Friendfeed sucks...

Twitter sucks...

Facebook sucks...

Forums suck...

One way or another it all sucks.

Either it sucks your time away or if you get lucky it sucks bandwidth from your site, blog.

Often it does both and yet how do you value that time used on being social?
More so when nothing comes of it?

It's all very well spending hours being social but if you are in the position of having to earn online it's not helping spending it on sites like these unless there is some marketing behind it...which is part of the issue with social media not really being a "fit" with marketing...not obvious marketing anyway.

It's been a common thing lately, this monetising issue in friendfeed, twitter etc but I mean with us as individuals.

Is it actually helping you or your work, business.

I could see a big benefit for a freelancer using social media in many ways, sharing their work etc would possibly lead to more work and could be a good move to make.

But for the majority of us?
Either it's a fun thing or just a useful place to get interesting links etc.

So how are you using social media and how is that working for you?

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2009, Year of the newbie

Been itching to get this off my chest.

I don't really care for "labels" like "newbies" or "gurus" and it is meaningless to me, saying that, the "label" is just the common form of the communicational understanding, so in that sense...I'll use them here.

For good reason, with a foot in IM, a foot in blogging, a foot in social (twitter, facebook, forums, feed sharing, etc) sites, I hope to have a leg or two, at least, to stand on... :o)

I am certainly no "newbie"...I'm no expert either just to be clear. :-D

That's the thing, I don't claim to be anything other than me, I have just done what I have done, learnt what I have learnt, and continue to do these things daily. I do have the benefit of experience and the fact I have gone through that learning curve which is in some way a good enough reason to write this.

If anything due to the time online being like dog years it could save you aload of hassle, wasted time and money while being led down the wrong "slicked out path" of some "guru" or scammer.

There ain't no magic pill that's for sure!

Did I look??

Of course, some will say yes, just by saying what most newbies do at some point, "how can I make money from that," nodding and pointing to your pc. ;o)

In 2009 there will be a LOT of people doing just that!

Is it possible then? Yes...but overnight? NO, not for a "newbie."

What is possible is to start building that chain of action that can lead to "overnight riches"....note I never said success, success is purely subjective, to make money online is not success..

In reality I'd rather you dropped the whole notion if you have any, of it is "easy" which is what the "gurus" would have you believe.

This holiday season has been a little eye opener for me, it seems to me most of the "gurus" are either, liars who getting caught out, "dream" salesmen who don't care, too greedy for their own good, or just plain insulting....possibly they are a mix of all.

A few are just "one hit wonders" who are now realising they have nothing left to offer, so rehash their (often outdated) crap and sell for unusually high prices.

A few even peddled their crap on Christmas day!

If they were as rich as they have said so often over the last few years why are they so desperate to drain your wallet/purse of the one thing you need more than them, money?

They promise you will make more money, yet take that very thing off you without a care in the world.
They shouldn't need it like most of those who will inevitably seek a few extra pounds, dollars in these belt tightening, unsure times.

They think they have the trust they all too often say it's so important to build up! They will even preach this very thing to those newbies they lure. ;o)

I know...It's ok, I'm not going anywhere, I'll wait for you get off the floor from your laughing fit.

A joke is it not! ;o)

They are so "predictable" these greedy "fakers" it is sad.

Yet they are after your money, they will try and entice the newbies yet to appear in the fishing bowl that is Internet marketing, making money online niche, with promises of "push button, cash in" ease of riches.

Forget about them!

Do this....use your common sense at all times. ;o)

Here is my biggest tip for anyone online.

Treat the Internet how you would "real" life.

If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.
You would laugh at this stuff offline...much like you do with "junk mail."

You know this, we all know why do some get so burned so easy, so fast?

Same reason people but lotto tickets maybe?

They want the easy way, the dream, all at once.

It pushes all the right buttons. ;o)

Do yourself a big favour and don't get "lured in" by the wrong people.

Don't you think that's sensible? :o)

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"Happy new year, same shit different day?"

Happy new year!

While it is nice to see some of us can afford to relax!!

Most people are either nursing a sore head, tidying up a real after party mess or back to work!

Some of us now setting goals or if you like resolutions to achieve in 2009, starting today while that's ok I am not sure it's a good thing in some ways as it can also set you up for a bit of early disappointment depending on what it is, ie: give up smoking TODAY. (Failure tomorrow?)

So I am taking a slightly different route this year knowing it's going to be more beneficial to me over the short, medium and long term, but I will have goals but...

Instead of just setting goals, planning the action to take you forward to them goals then taking the action needed to reach them, most people get bogged down by "stuff" that creeps back into the normality after the new year optimism.

Daily slots.

I am setting daily slots of big action to avoid getting bogged down by the "stuff" normality brings us, you may have seen someone wearing a t' shirt proudly declaring...

"Same shit, different day!"

That is a truth for way too many of us! For far too many days!

I learnt a powerful lesson reading something Steve Jobs mentioned in a speech...(worth reading)

When I was 17, I read a quote that went something like: "If you live each day as if it was your last, someday you'll most certainly be right." It made an impression on me, and since then, for the past 33 years, I have looked in the mirror every morning and asked myself: "If today were the last day of my life, would I want to do what I am about to do today?" And whenever the answer has been "No" for too many days in a row, I know I need to change something.

I have been saying that to myself for the last few months each morning and it has made a difference in a big way. I realise while it's ok to have goals as people do, such and such by 3 months, 6 months, 1 year, etc, it's the daily ones that matter the most as we are only here today, now.

Well for someone working online, that "stuff" that bogs you down is a time and money sucker, after all time is money.
That "stuff" is a distraction and can waste time we can't afford to waste.
That "stuff" is, for someone working online things like forums, social sites, twitter, facebook, etc reading blogs too much etc.

Two sides to it all

But there lies the rub, it is a double edged sword, as we need to do this "stuff" too in many cases, it is finding that balance to make it all worthwhile and fit together for the bigger picture.

If you are to "work" online you need to earn money, you can't do everything for nothing as it won't last, before long you don't even have an Internet connection!

Some will say "well you make the money in traffic and connections from these social sites, forums, blogs etc"...yes it's a part of that double edge sword as a sort of a marketing action.

But without something to sell, or earn from by way of service etc from that marketing action it is useless, because there is something fundamentally missing...

Buy me buttons!
Hire me buttons!

If, as I suspect will happen sometime somewhere given the current economy, someone is to say, "hmmm maybe there is something in this make money online lark"

They will need to grasp that simple fact!

For you to "get" money, you have to give them a way of giving you that money.

A value exchange.

So there you have it, my daily goal, increase what value I can give, and create more buttons to
allow the acceptance of money. :o)

See I am sick of these so called "people who know better" telling us what we should and shouldn't do, saying things like...

You shouldn't be "monetising" a blog, it's against our unwritten code of "ethical" blogging.

Should I highlight the most important bit there? I will, done.

Bugger off, do what ya like with your blog, I couldn't give a toss, THIS one is mine and I decide what goes here! :o)

Cheeky sods!

In any case...the truth is I don't want to "monetise my blog", I want to "monetise my time and business!"

That doesn't mean stopping using social sites etc, it means using my time to better effect, ALL the time, making daily slots of big action that gets results, IE helps me make money online.

That is my aim this year henceforth known as 2009!

The end of the "same shit different day" for me!

What goals and actions have you set yourself for 2009?

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