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Why google search ranking matters

If you are like most people, when you search for something in google or other preferred search engine you most likely scan the results shown, usually paying more attention to the top results shown, google knows what people do when they see the results, having tracked it using eye studies, heatmaps, etc...

Scanning the page is the fastest, simplest way you can digest the information without taking in too much irrelevant detail, this is the natural split-second decision making your brain is so good at, it is only when something catches your attention that you start to read the results properly,

This is proof that getting that all important first page result for your site keyword matters and the further up to the left your result are the better.

As you can see getting in any of the slots on the first page will get you eyeballs...whether you get the clicks is another story altogether.

It's a good thing google test these things. :o)

Better still it's great they don't hide the results, here they are sharing it with us.

SEO is an important part of what you should be doing, just the basics is better than nothing.

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Increasing your traffic flow

Creating a website or blog is in some way the easy part for most people and yes admittedly some just find it hard to just start, therefor never getting anywhere, in reality anyone can create a website or blog, it's getting people to see it that's the frustrating part for most when starting out.

Getting traffic is one of the keys to making any website or blog work, whatever the site or blogs aim is, to make money online, get known for something, it needs people seeing it... we all know it's a case of no visits = no good!

Traffic is always good and to anyone just starting they will take any traffic they can get, those little trickles of traffic at the start do an important thing other than give you readers, they give you motivation or added motivation, I say that as you were obviously already motivated enough to make a start.

The motivation to keep at it is important because the truth is a little patience is needed to see it through till results show themselves.

I know this because I have been there myself yet something so important I had to learn the hard way was...

Not all traffic is equal, no matter what anyone says to you that is a truth.

Targeted traffic should be your real aim, you want the attention of people you write for, those are the only people you really want to be reading your website or blog.

When starting out though, getting traffic from a few of the right places can help alot, the issue is knowing where to look and how that works.

You can aim to get traffic from the SEngines right from the word go, which is of course a sensible thing but a hard thing to start with, that is a long term aim really. For now your traffic needs a kickstart to get that motivation flowing steady, keeping you "at it."

So it makes sense to look at traffic elsewhere at the start and where you can fit in with it. That means looking at blogs and sites that are already getting traffic, targeted too in most cases.

Think of this blog as a little bit like the tap in the first picture, much like the majority of blogs and sites out there, all get a smaller steady flow of traffic which gradually increases if you do things right.

You just need to find the sites and blogs like these which are related to your own by topic and get in front the flow of traffic, which can be done by making a great comment on a blog post which leaves a backlink to your blog or site, for an example.

Don't spam the blogs etc, create a decent reply that fits with the post itself...a compliment to the post if you like, or a continuation of the conversation started by the post.

Don't be worried over it, they want you to comment and if you are adding value to their readers they will thank you for it. That is you contributing.

Getting actively engaged in the niche topic you created your site or blog around gives you exposure to the right market of people you aim for and they will seek you out and read your site or blog. Interest them with good content and they will come back again and tell others about you.

Find blogs and sites in your niche topic you enjoy reading as they will show you itself what is working well, it's working on you after all. These may be the ones you want to comment on and engage with the blog owner and their readers.

It so often happens that a big traffic blog or site owner will see you sharing good content through you making inroads in the niche topic via the smaller trafficked blog(s) comment(s) etc, they like your style and may well come and read your blog or site to check it out for themselves and really like what they see.

Ultimately they are owners of big blogs who have traffic flowing like that big tap above, think of the a- listers who have huge traffic and you'll know what I mean, all it takes is for one of them to write about your blog on their blog and you will see big spikes of traffic flowing your way.

Make a point of commenting on their blog and thanking them if it ever happens, engaging with them and their readers will help the momentum already started.

Even if they never write about your blog or site you should still make a big effort to post a good and useful comment on their blog, engage with the readers, people will check you out via the link posted on the comment.

The key thing to remember is to never neglect the smaller flow blogs as they are the lifeblood traffic, the big hitters are the one offs if you happen to get lucky with it.

By continuing to build the relationship with the smaller traffic bloggers and site owners you collectively increase each others traffic and reach which over time can lead you to become a big traffic blog owner!

There it is, build good relationships with other bloggers and their readers to give you a good start in creating the valuable traffic you seek, then if your aim is make money online doing it, you will be on the right path..

Does it make sense?

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If you can't yet see the bridge, you can't cross it

Someone asked in a forum when he should attempt to make money online by monetising his blog as he has now built up to an average of 50 readers a day, no mean feat for a 6 week old blog and being the first one they have created.

I was amazed at the forum "newbies" giving what is basically a bad version of simple advice much of which is just something they read on the forum earlier by someone else who has more experience of the truth, but they explained it all in more detail and it was more relevant to the thread the "newbies" originally read the advice in.

How can you know how to cross that bridge if you have yet to even see the bridge yourself?

Those spouting bad half-advice should take a step back and see what they are doing and how it looks to others on the forum, it makes you look

Saying "slap adsense on it and you will easily make money online" when they have only 50 visits a day is just plain ridiculous.

Yes googles adsense is the worlds biggest advertising model and it is worth using of course but...

With adsense you will need the one thing it relies on to make it worthwhile and that is big traffic, you know something like 500 hits a day minimum to even start thinking about it being a decent earner...OR very targeted traffic.

The key thing really is to have mainly that ONE monetisation method on your blog for best results with adsense, not mix it up too much with affiliate stuff or banners, this will only hurt the revenue itself by giving you the lower paying ads.

Makes sense doesn't it?
After all why would google put the better ads on the lower traffic sites or blogs?
The advertisers wouldn't be happy either.

Way better to wait until you have enough traffic to make it worth your while, a lesson I only recently realised, partly due to the same bad misinformation and the lack of really testing it for myself, which I have now done a bit more of and found some really nice results I can act on in a bigger way.

So if not adsense now what should you do with a low traffic count like the mentioned example?

If you only have 50 or so visits a day, best to just spend more effort getting more traffic while continuing to post on a regular basis.

So how to best do that is the next question I would assume they would ask, that really depends on the blogs content, the market and where the people they needed to reach are.

That's the bridge you need to cross, not the make money online one.

Don't you agree?

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Is Twitter is sitting on it's hands?

Is twitter stagnating?

Are they sitting on their hands?

Are others improving the usability of twitter while at the same time taking people away from the actual twitter site itself?

Tweetdeck and other clients are those I talk about?
While I have not used these myself as they are desktop clients which I would rather not use, I have seen that many people use them for twitter and they recommend it to others.

I prefer to use friendfeed myself, although not a desktop client but a website I feel it delivers so much more than twitter alone, or the clients who improve twitter.

Friendfeed has the ability to add so much more than just the twitter feed, but even with just the twitter the conversation is kept so much neater which is easier to follow too.

Friendfeed is the conversation catcher, also a conversation expander simply due to friendfeed users being able to add to anything said elsewhere, like on twitter for example.

Those who only use twitter are actually missing on on extended conversation around what they started elsewhere.

On twitter I would have to look for each reply in the "replies" tab to this tweet to make sense of it. :o)

Looking at my friendfeed real time stream you wonder why twitter has yet to have their service auto-update like that!

Friendfeed has a great way for you to "bookmark" things using comments and the "like" function which twitter has in a crude way called "favourites" which are starred tweets yet I never use it and know of few others who do either and those who use friendfeed would rather "like" it on friendfeed than star it on twitter.

It is also so easy to share things of interest on friendfeed and not miss it like on twitter.

You can create list for different people even create one for people who don't yet use friendfeed which is what they call the "imaginary friends."

Let's say you know someone on twitter and their username is @randomusername... you go and add this username to your friendfeed "imginary friends" list and it will import that persons tweets into your list so you can follow them without them even knowing, yet you can do this with their blog feed, twitter feed, any feed that you know the RSS or username of.

There is so much I have yet to learn to make the most of with friendfeed but I am enjoying it alot as I feel it's a great central place to do your social activities.

If you have yet to try it, go join up and gve it a go. Don't forget to add me by subscribing.

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