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Twitter is the new troll magnet

Any idiot can join and it looks like they do just that, with all the publicity it has had online and offline it now seems to be attracting the spammers, porn phone spammers and trolls, racist, ignorance and narrow minded arseholes like pigs to shit!

They don't all last long most of the time thankfully, but do the best they can to get the attention they want, need, crave, while they can.

The trolls of old used to do the same things on forums etc, after being banned they would rejoin under another username, even create a few accounts to start an argument from both sides, usually they get caught out and banned but what a waste of time for everyone involved.

Now they are on twitter, doing the same things and yet still to stupid to do it for more than ten mins, pretty much how long it takes to get flamed and blocked. While it's not hard to spot these dickheads, it's not always obvious from the start as they usually start off seemingly ok, at least two tweets worth, then they simply can't help themselves, they insult someone and get a reaction.

Starting to use the block far more on twitter than I have before as there really are some idiots on that site. If you meet one, don't answer them, just block them. If possible report them too.

We don't need these idiots anywhere and the power is in your hands to block them, so use that power and BLOCK them.
These are the sort you wouldn't invite to a party you were holding, so don't let them into your social space either.

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Earth day

Earth day...

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Twitter...not for some.

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New Portland pictures

Just a quick one as I haven't been online much the last few days, I needed to get off my arse due to it getting a bit flat so went out and took some great pictures. Yesterday I bad migraine all day so did nothing but lay down.

Got the chance to sort out more of my pictures as shown here, these were taken just a few moments apart. These will be added to the new blog as mentioned in the last post on here.

Due to enjoying the sorting out of these I decided against getting online as it is a distraction at times, so much more productive without it. I started sorting out other things on the pc, found some PLR (private label articles) I can use. Re-arranged them to create my own unique articles and sorted them out.

Looks like enough for about 60 blog post. So I have now another blog to set up,feed these into it every other day. Should be 2 or 3 months worth with little effort, and the topic is a reasonable one too. :o)

Glad I did that.

That gives me a bit of a release to post more often here and the other blogs. As I can set that new blog up knowing I have the stuff to use. No effort really.

I could also create another lot of articles from mixing up the new ones, create a new set of post as they are on the same topic, theme.

It's one huge benefit from having PLR products. Not only can you get PLR articles, you could get PLR reports, ebooks, graphics, images, whatever you wanted really.

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Beginners mistakes, but a new opportunity

Good news bad news.

If only I could do the one thing none of us can do...go back in time.  Sigh!

Not only with the fire on my pc did I lose lots of pictures and other things, I just realised many of the fantastic older pictures I did manage to save were useless, because I made that classic beginner mistake when I first took them.

That is, I re-sized the damn things for better use online, nothing wrong with that unless you do what I it then saved it, instead of saving a copy!

I must have cottoned on the second time I re-sized any pictures as I started saving as copies.

Shame I re-sized nearly 300 on that first effort! :o/ DOH!

Many like the one here are too small for big prints really, (maybe postcards) which is a shame as I have now quite a bit of interest and a few buyers for pictures in print.

Well that was the bad news lol...

The good...

Just means I will have to go out and reshoot some more eh. ;o)

I have had enough interest to start taking it seriously along with my blog here it is one thing I want to be doing. With that in mind I set up a new picture gallery blog which is still a work in progress, I will getting that finished this week then regularly add new pictures to it.

There are lots of pictures, some of which I will add to this gallery, you can already see on my shared picture album which is visible here.

Any thoughts on the new gallery blog?

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Social sites and me... as a blogger?

You may have noticed as a few others have, that I have changed a couple of things here on the blog, one was removing the one or two widgets that slowed the loading of the whole blog down, seems to have worked. Kudos for those at friendfeed for helping me with opinions and tips.

Another is to add my email address to the left sidebar, which a few had noticed and emailed was some spammer but that's ok, it's the main reason the email is not a direct link to open your email program, at least that spammer wasn't a harvester. It's the fastest way to contact me but spam me and you get deleted.

Glad to see some readers liked the last post, one emailed me and asked... What does all this social stuff mean for a blogger?

Good question, given that some thought, after all singing and dancing multimedia social sites are where the Internet is heading, some go as far to say it's turning into one giant chat room, in a way that's true, we are all getting connected better in real time.

Blogs were in fact the start of this social media change way back when, long before any of these sites like facebook etc, they were something different to the old static websites, sale pages, etc.

For me, the reason I will continue blogging is because I OWN this and the content, you can't ban me writing here and I enjoy blogging anyway. :o)

There are people who only use sites they have no control over, they write way more than they think all in comments and snippets etc, sharing pictures, even as far to say the only online album they have is stuck on facebook.

It's a fair point to say, "well I don't write stuff" like you or other bloggers, only little comments etc so does it matter?

I'll bet if you look at the conversations you have with others, they centre around topics, niches, etc...adding them bits of conversation together you would have a blog post or two. ;o)

I now look at blogs as a means of also being able expand on things from elsewhere.

After all...

What if you lost that facebook account? Or any other account you have?

I know what that feels like after losing over 5000 post on a forum with ONE click from someone else with a gripe.

But aren't blogs old hat, if they were at the start of all this?

I could just as easy ask...Are books old hat?

In my opinion, no, I don't think blogs will ever go anywhere, much like books, it's mainly the content you read not the platform it comes in. Not everyone is going to write a book, the same as not everyone will have a successful blog, but everyone CAN have a blog and try it!

There are really only two types of blog...niche topic blogs and generic blogs.

They are still evolving overall although I gotta say some of the blogs I did like that are popular are getting boring, they have changed so much from what they started out as. Problogger for one example, I remember that starting out, now it's completely lost my readership, repetitive stuff, I don't blame Darren, it's the nature of the game.

There are other bloggers writing the same things they wrote about two years ago, even on another blog...nothing new under the sun. That right there is a problem with "niche" blogs. I feel generic blogs will stand a better chance for the average person to do.

There are blogs out there you would never think of as blogs.

They both have their benefits and shortcomings, it really depends on the aim of the blog and the readers you want to target.

It's why I recently asked my readers on here what I should blog about more. I took it on board but the readership stats tell me different things. ;o)

Now though the whole ball game has changed with social sites which gives bloggers a benefit in more ways than people give credit for and also gives you a better chance of actually succeeding with it, should you try blogging.

Blogging and getting readers and keeping it going comes down to alot of different things and looking back you HAD to promote your blog and and it was hard work when starting out, seeing 3 readers on one day, 1 the next just deflates you and does make you think, "why do I bother?".

You had to go to forums and such, it was always subtle, couldn't step on toes etc, had to create a good post, hoping others would even notice your sig link.You commented on similar blogs hoping some would visit your link, you hoped someone would blog about your blog, etc. You write an article or two to stick in the article directories with your link box, hoping others would use your content AND link box and then hope traffic came...whenever, IF ever, it was work.

You had to try and understand and apply whatever SEO knowledge you had to please the SEngine's because that is the main source of hands free traffic.You watch the traffic stats and were always waiting for something to happen, over time it is demoralising.....SE traffic was and in some cases still is king. Getting it then was hard work and way above the average blogger.

Now though, you can leverage social sites to get readers almost immediately, instant eyeballs. That is the difference. And there is no easier way to kickstart a new blogs traffic than using a social site. I would say to ANYONE staring a blog, that is your first port of call for traffic kickstarting.

Now the SE traffic cannot ignore the social influence, it's all linked so it has to help overall. With social sites all it takes is ONE influential person to "like" your post and maybe comment on it, or share it, for it to spread massively and in many cases overload your servers bringing your blog down...

(not with a blogspot blog, should you want to try blogging, google host it)

Should that one person like you post, you get tons of traffic, how can google or msn or yahoo ignore that? They can't.

Social traffic feeds SE's and vice versa.

For me the social sites are a huge benefit not only because I interact in them and I do love that aspect, or the fact I get readers from them, but in the quality of readership I am now getting. The readers stay on my blog longer now than ever before and I don't think it's due to just these few long post I have done.

I feel it's because social sites have changed peoples attention span in a few different ways.
The old way was boring, looking at static sites etc, your attention was fixed for the time you were on there, like reading a forum post or a sales page, or similar.

Now with the more real time sharing process it is morphing our attention process into RSS style attention process, we tend to scan more, we tend to have no fixed expectation of what we will see, choose to read, look at etc.

Therefore more diverse topics catch our eye. Generic things. ;o)

We "snack" on various different things throughout our socialising experience.

The more we socialise the more we socialise with the people, rather than what they do, write, share. It's human nature.

Proof of that is two people can post the same thing at the same time and get vastly different results. Because of them not their actions.
Therefor it stands to reason we start to read people's stuff whatever they write, rather than reading it for the topic itself.

We are diverse, not stuck into one "topic" of thought, or being.

So for me I know what I will be blogging about and will continue to use social sites as they are full of diverse people with a broad range of interest, rather than one theme/topic.

Quality of traffic is more important then just traffic count alone.
The social sites give you a different type of traffic than anywhere else.
Should you want to start blogging then utilise social sites.

The old days you had to go everywhere you need to go to promote your blog, now you can ping ONE place and get your post out to lots of places.

Your post can be expanded on in these social sites too, a conversation grows around it.

What do social sites mean for you as a blogger?

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The state of my social life!

Having been ill, I have not posted for over a week, not easy trying to write something worth posting when you have the flu, not something I am too pleased about although just to look at it positively I got busy in other ways to take my mind off the sickness including trying something new, namely tumblr, which is a neat little blogging style platform anyone could use, which I will post about another time. ;o)

The main thing these last ten days being stuck indoors missing out on the nice weather (I did grab a few quick pics though) is that with the added lack of sleep, it gave me plenty of time being "social" online. Nothing new to me being social but I got the chance to look at things on a deeper level in several ways, with stats on traffic, the quality of that traffic and the general feel of being social on these sites, the community feel etc. I found a few surprises for myself and learnt a few things I would never have had otherwise.

Facebook for me has always been to connect to the people I genuinely know offline, old friends and people who live near me etc, as it is with most people, after all it's what the original intention was with facebook. There has been some cracking pictures popping up of us in our schooldays and surprisingly from old school friends I never expected to hear from again. This is the beauty of facebook for me, it's memory lane and I get the impression from my friend there it's like that for them too.

So facebook I am still in two minds about, I won't stop using it as I love the fact I can socialise with old friends living elsewhere and local people I see anyway offline. I don't use it like some use it for business or other, using it the way they use other sites by which I mean connecting to anyone and everyone, as happens with myspace and having more followers regardless of what they are like is seen as being "better" than having fewer.

That could change with the friends list function now added as I could create a new list for the friends I know online from other social sites and see how that plays out. I am always one to try, test things for myself and see what happens. The one thing people have to get away from is taking what others say as being "gospel" or "the right way" and test things for themselves.

It's the "marketers" I never really wanted to add to my facebook list as I know what will happen as it does elsewhere...they game it and non stop promote whatever they are promoting at that time. In one sense they ruin it. I had enough of that in the forums thanks. :o)

The recent (stolen?!) changes to facebook have made it far more interactive although it can still be improved in some ways, which it probably will over time. One missing thing is the real time updating which would stop us having to click "home" to refresh the page...even then the one problem is everything is buried way down the page which means people will miss things added to that item, over time it gets worse.

For example I post a link, two or three people comment on it within minutes and it's getting soon dies down and gets buried and weeks later I comment on it again, then the notifications show up on only those two or three that commented on it originally, they will be the ONLY ones to see it, everyone else misses it as they will should any of those two or three comment on it again. A flaw there.

One other thing is when some app has been used by a friend, ie a "quiz" they will often do another one while on the app page, I then decide to "hide" the "quiz" when their post shows in my stream, great, except they did another and that shows and I have to hide each one, then someone else does a quiz and it happens again, it really should have been "hide all quiz's" rather than just that one.

Overall I feel I am still testing facebook out for what else I can do with it other than connect to real friends but also feel these changes were a huge step in the right direction. The fact that facebook has doubled it's user base in less than a year from 100 million to 200 million is astonishing. Just beware of what you post there, assume the world IS watching...with tagging on pictures etc you can easily have something seen by someone you would rather not see it.

Twitter, although still so simple it's now so frustrating and so... dying! Before you twitter fans bash me hear me out...I have been using it since march 2007, so a fair while and long enough to have seen the changes, of how it's used and also the people who use it, without stereotyping anyone to insult or otherwise, it has changed whether we like it or not just due to those who use it.

Not so long ago it was such a diverse range of tweets going through the stream sharing great stuff and with a great community feel to it...but with the recent worm issues I am loathe to check out any link on there now. The lack of security on there means it will be a target for spammers and idiots.

The recent celebrity twitter craze due to the mass media coverage twitter has had, (priceless coverage too, triggered by celebs no less!) had quite an effect both good and bad in my view. It's great when you think how it's connected the celebs to their fans in a way there has never been before, and as often as the celebs chooses to be connected, whenever and wherever they are.

The bad side of that is the fact there is now so much "celeb stalking" going on which has lead to some people ignoring almost every other tweet on twitter, I have unfollowed people due to every single tweet they make being to a celeb...not what they did when I first followed them so there is no need to follow them anymore and it is getting worse with even more celebs getting on twitter.

Like I say it's great they are on there but they will for the most part due to sheer numbers never see your tweet buried among the thousands, so if you are a celeb follower, don't forget to connect to others you follow else you end up losing more followers. With twitter it seems everyone say's it's a numbers game, so I am sure you don't want to lose your followers. ;o)

For me, I am happy to follow most on twitter giving anyone a chance to be in my stream but if you tweet crap, spam, etc I will unfollow you as I don't care for that really, whether you follow me or not, don't assume I have to follow you just because you follow me as I decide that. Yes I do follow a few celebs on there too, just those who DO interact and use it well.

I am getting away from posting on the twitter website itself as I see the damn fail whale (over capacity) page more than not! Another problem due to it's sudden rise in popularity. Along with the all to often small problems twitter seems to have like the missing tweets etc. I don't feel I am using my time well ON twitter, I feel it's better spent elsewhere where I can also post to twitter with ease. (tumblr as mentioned at the start allows this)

Twitter for me is on it's way out due to it's limited use and functionality. It needs more than it has to be really useful and beneficial. Only time will tell us if this changes in a way it matters, I see they are adding search etc but it's still so little.

I am a little dissapointed to see the problems they have had over the last week or so but then I think they could have even dealt with them problems better than they did, the worm was never even noticed by twitter for a while, if it was they never mentioned it for about 12 hours, it was those ON twitter who spread the message that it was infecting twitter users. THAT to me is lame.

I am using twitter less and less now due to it all, although I will still use it because I have made some friends on there, I will just use the actual twtter website itself less and less as other places allow me to do that and gain so much more at the same time.

Friendfeed on the other hand looks to be the real gem of the three here in many ways, for me that is, no idea what would it would be for you...but from my time there it seems to be the one that the others want to be. The place is simply head and shoulders above twitter and facebook are almost stalking friendfeed as a lab! (which should say alot)

Facebooks recent changes were taken (stolen?!) from friendfeed as I have mentioned in an earlier post, written around the time of the facebook changes themselves. Friendfeed has recently rolled out a new look in beta which I have to say I much prefer to the old style and smartly they did it after facebook made their (stolen?!) changes. ;o)

The biggest benefit to me is the fact it is more interactive with more commenting going on than it seemed before and it's the commenting that matters to me, as that is the interaction going on. It's easy to sit there and just "like" everything to build up your likes count...quite another thing to be commenting on everything.

There IS a tendency for some of the known names to shout out when possible how much they have "liked" things, as if that makes them some sort of "better user" than others, this is now leading to others "liking" everything just to get their own count up, sadly...while it also in a way does have some form of bookmarking and searching benefit I feel it has alot less merit than the amount of comments made.

It's comments and post that show you are interacting there and being social, not likes alone. Don't get me wrong the community there is superb, way better than the feel on twitter, facebook is different for me just due to them being the community I live with offline.

Friendfeed users share some great stuff and I often see things first there rather than anywhere else due to the sheer range of different style feeds that it allows to come in, even if it originates from twitter I will more likely see the tweet in friendfeed.

It is almost becoming my RSS reader in one sense, although I still use google reader to read feeds, I tend to scan more nowadays with so much crap posted it gets harder to filter out the good stuff, whereas on friendfeed the good stuff I often read in my RSS reader is already shared and liked by others who may also subscribe to the same RSS feeds as I can filter them on friendfeed easier using the search with set criteria of number of likes or comments.

Another great thing is the ease in which you find other interesting people to subscribe to, as they make comments and like on other peoples things I would never see otherwise I can check how they interact on here and make a quick choice.

Because of this this your experience on friendfeed is better quality than it is on say twitter, as on twitter you have to follow someone to get a feel of how they tweet and then every so often "clean up" your following list to trim the people you don't rate worthy enough to follow. You are constantly following and unfollowing to refine your twitter experience while still trying to gain followers overall.

Twitter IS a popularity contest in that sense. You want more followers, just as I do of course because it does matter in the sense of reach.

On Friendfeed it doesn't.

Quality over quantity for everyone on friendfeed. Less is more as they say. I subscribe to more people on frienfeed than people subscribe to me and that's great as I get the stream I want. I am not fussed if they don't subscribe to me, if I want them to subscribe to me I need to be worthy of being subscribed to, but it's not that important as it doesn't take away from your experience of friendfeeds great community or the great things you will see shared and posted.

Friendfeed is still in beta and knowing how the team of just 11 people who run it have interacted with us there regarding the feedback etc I won't be surprised to see things improve before they roll it out of beta...a lesson the twitter owners could have done with taking notice of.

The friendfeed team consist of a few ex google workers who while there worked on the Google mail or gmail as it's known so I feel we are not seeing the best of it just yet. If things carry on the way they are going it's going to be a good ride.

For me friendfeed is really turning out to be a great little place that has so much usefulness as well as some great users who make the place what it really is, a great community.

How about you and your social activity?

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Twitter, text messaging for grown ups?

Look at twitter like the "grown up text message service with a twist" and it soon makes sense.

Twitter is a funny thing, so simple and so effective due to it's simplicity, yet it is baffling for most of us at the beginning, including me!

I wouldn't be surprised if most people's first "tweet" was a "hello, anyone there?" then sitting back and waiting...waiting...then tweet again "I don't get this, wtf IS going on?!!"  ;o)

It's ok to admit it lol, I did that! 

It took a few hours and I started to think... "Am I wasting my damn time here or what?" 
Well, talking to myself weren't I?!!  ;o)    (not healthy most of the time!)

I clicked the what was the called "public timeline", now called "everyone" and I couldn't see MY tweet anywhere, the stream was moving so fast too! (it's WORSE now, don't bother).

What started me "getting it" was once I started to follow someone, them following me and seeing "how" it worked ... at basic level mind. That is the way to get to grips with it.

So we do that... ;o) 

Got your twitter account, now go to my twitter profile and click the "follow" button so now MY tweets will show in your stream.

Now type into your box @robsellen "OI, here I am" :o) which will show up on my @robsellen tab on the right side, yours will be @whatevernameyoupickedbutmakeitshorterthanthiscosyouonlyget140!! I.E ... you can't type much else!

Now I will, when I can (soon as i see it), reply to your tweet by typing @whateveryoupicked yeah you know... and my tweet will show on your @whatever tab.

Your home tab stream is ALL tweets of the people you follow. Follow these people too... 

@mabb @funkonline (local to me) @miege (ex-local and new to it too), @linnetwoods watch how she uses it... ;o) catch her in eves my time. @stephenfry ... do I need to say much there?

DM's known as direct messages, these you can get from those YOU follow, they have to follow you for you to be able to DM them... I know, stupid, the wrong way round in a sense.

Favourites are the tweets you bookmark, do this by hovering the mouse over the bottom right of each tweet and clicking the star that shows.

The arrow under it THAT is the "reply to" link.. try it after someone tweets you, its just a short cut to do what I told you to do in the start here...type in @robsellen, just means it's easy to reply quickly.
On the bottom of  each tweet is a "in reply to" link, showing you what that tweet was in reply to. :o)  Keep clicking it and you go back through the conversation.

So why did I call it texting for grown ups with a twist?

Well it's 140 characters, text sized on most phones and this was the original intention of use from the main idea. The twist is you use it on the web, add pictures, links, and you can do all that with your phone if inclined to do so. ;o)

Grown up though? The majority are 30 and over, so there is none of this txt tpe stff, u know. ;o)

Over 30... hhmmmm... explains why we get baffled at the start! ;o)

Look at it like that and see how it goes, have a play about with it. Don't forget to tweet to me!

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Not all friends are equal

Given the diversity and sheer size of the Internet this blog is one of millions, like a pebble on the beach, buried among the numbers lucky to be seen at all, a battle every blogger has to deal with over time and knowing what work goes into getting readers we appreciate every reader we have. Yeah, I appreciate you being here, all everyone of you.

My 5 years blogging!

In the 5 years I have been blogging things have changed alot, for the better and worse in some cases, at the start it was a different ball game marketing your blog and getting readers was never a sure thing, the build it and they will come myth* is just that, a myth!

*That was the downfall of the first "dot com bubble burst" with big companies paying stupid amounts for a flashy website that got NO visits!

Everything has moved on so much, grown up if you like and it was in a way what I was waiting for, see when I started blogging hardly anyone locally was online or if they were I had no idea how to reach them, so most of my readers were from places where I did market my blog which at the time were forums and reading and commenting on other similar blogs of friends who are now all doing well too.

While I was getting traffic, readers from them they weren't who I wanted to connect with in reality. Don't get me wrong, I liked being connected to them and have made some great friends from these forums, friends I value and respect and listen to. They were in the same boat as me, like minded people trying to navigate the same path, learning from each other.

I wanted to also be connected to people I really knew. They never hung out in these forums for sure.

Forums were like the first wave of social media, very web 1.0 as were blogs when they started, being in their purest form, clean uncluttered and all about the content. Forums were limited in a way that modern social sites aren't, very linear too. They weren't used like an "outpost" in the way the modern social ones are, by this I mean social sites like twitter, friendfeed, blogcatalog, etc.

By outpost what is meant, for an example, I write this post, publish it, then the RSS feed from this blog updates this post to the social sites automatically, I don't have to go to them and share.

(Hope that makes sense) :o/  

Glazed eyes as usual.

An important thing to consider no matter whatever anyone says every forum has an "old boys club mentality" thriving in the backround, IM forums are the worse for it and I am glad to have stopped going to some of them. The one thing I can say is if you stop going to the forums you will lose traffic to your blog, but some who are genuine will come back and do.

Incestuous places!

Which is why you lose traffic, you ended up relying on it and that's a bad thing.

For those who still use them forums, learn what you need from them and implement it elsewhere, where it matters, where it gets you results.

Ask any blogger what it was like to talk offline to people about it back then and they will all tell you their friends eyes glazed over, it still happens at times but less often now. That is down to more people being online and becoming familiar with terms like blogging via web 2.0 social media, like facebook etc. 

Then the ball game changed and the goalpost moved into view for me in a bigger better way, what I had waited for had happened. Locals got online and in a centralised way on facebook where it became easy to connect with them. I have previously said the reason facebook is a real success is due to everyone having to use real names. (Try finding an old friend on myspace!)

I found my voice.

The last 5 years have now lead to this point in time where I can see the reality of what I wanted back then but couldn't get, local conections online and locals reading this blog. Part of what I love about the Internet is I am not deaf on here, per se, so way back then in the forums people understood why I liked being online and having a "voice" aka as a blog and what I write elsewhere.

Now the locals can hear me and I them, online better than offline! :o)

I knew I would lose traffic ages ago after the forums and welcomed the change as it was needed in order for me to go in the right direction for me and my plans. The truth is I haven't changed what I do that much, just improved it over time and learnt things from my own experience as well as what I can learn from others, I now just do all that with a better audience. ;o) 

The connections going on in the backround via facebook inbox, email etc, are interesting mainly due to people wanting to learn more about the very things I already know of and have learnt over the years.

Now together we act on what the core of social media is all about and based on, meaningful relationships, being connected to people you really know, not strangers who just "added" you as a friend in order to build up some following, via fake friends.

That is why I won't add just anyone as a friend on facebook, I have twitter and other social sites for that, used as an outpost and to connect with like minded people rather than "real friends."

Facebook for me, is for the real friends I know and it is there you can't fake crap because they know you all too well. Not that I fake anything anywhere, nothing to hide here. :o)

It's not a popularity contest.

Being a blogger it would be daft to not have a presence on the social sites, some more so than others, with the publicity twitter is getting everyone and their dog will be using it before long, just use it a way that works for you rather than how others tell you how to use it, don't be a twit.

I use twitter, but more of an outpost now than before, although you will see me on there being interactive as without being there how can you have meaningful connections? And I get a fair amount of readers from twitter so it does pay to be using it for me and there are some great users on twitter, funny, educational, interesting and more. 

It's sadly losing some appeal overall for me as the more it goes mainstream the less social it seems to become, it's turned into some "followfest" sadly, also another thing to be aware of on twitter is the amount of crap links that get shared at times, spammers and general idiots posting things willy nilly on there, be careful what you click at all times.

I will follow you on twitter if you are worth following, or follow me and don't take the piss.

I won't click everything you share or reply to every single tweet although I do try and reply to every person who connects with me. There are some ignorant people on there, there are others who just follow way too many people and could never answer everything.

There is a reason facebook limits your friends list to 5000, be serious, can you really have that many "friends?"

How are you using social media sites? 

What do you see as a "friend" online?

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Social experts are as fake as they get!

How hard can it be?

Be social, interact, connect with "like minded" people, share good stuff, be part of it rather than use it.

These so  called self styled experts are so fake it's unbelievable. They BORE me!!

It's like the second wave of "Im gurus" spouting nothing but common sense and charging people for it, just to make money online for the sake of it.

"Wanna but my shit ebook on how to get 1000's followers on twitter"

Great... that's 20 bucks please, you open the ebook, it says... follow 1000's  and most of them follow you back!

Be interactive and get involved within the conversation. Share good things and RT (retweet) good things others share.

Well DUH!!!

Excuse me while I laugh! 
Most don't even follow their own advice! 

Look at some of these "experts" way of doing things and read their blogs etc and they are just boring most of the time...same old same old.

That includes some of these so called bigger names.

Stop wasting money lining these idiots pockets and just do it the ONE way you should, what works BEST for you. If you must spend money, stick it in the beer on the right of this blog and ask for my view on it. lol ... could save 19 bucks at least!

That is the only way you will ever get anywhere with things, get stuck in and LEARN what's best for you, same with anything you learn in life, your experience is always different to everyone else.

Your way IS the right way... for you.

The biggest thing is to just be YOU.

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