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September...a time of change

Some things are just not meant to be the way you expect want them to be...and summer here is no different.

End of august and I see people moaning saying "chilly now, got the heating on" on the social sites!
Talk about damn good timing. :o)

Wanna make money in simple terms, best start betting on that timing more often, it happens alot, look at sports and stuff to see it's true, like rain on wimbledon...usually a cert it will rain hard at least ONE day...yet it didn't really happen this year because of that roof, you could have laid money it wasn't gonna bloody rain hard this year!

Sods law isn't it? ;o)
There's money in that sods law there!

I digress...

September soon, I always felt it was a time of change, a sense of the start of the real year, must be from that upbringing of school new years, the nights drawing in and getting the coat out, the school starts mean...winter won't be long!
(yes, that too...short winter please) ;o)

Is the year flying by or...??

Sorry I know most don't want to hear it, but Christmas will be here in no time, then new year!!...
How will you be looking back on this year?
We still have a few months to make choices and take actions on influencing that outcome, well some do...

For most it's been a crappy year with the economy and such, but no where near as bad as the media made out at the time, even now they are already changing their tune..."green-shoots and shit" (bollox) but it sells papers!

It don't hide the truth of matter though, it's a crap situation for everyone, the whole stupidity and greed of the banks and such, the incompetence of the thieving expense pilfering government.

It is a sad state of affairs when our government has lumbered the younger generation with a massive debt and shit start to working life without them having the means to pay that debt (money robbedborrowedon the never never by the banks) with no work!

Looking on the brighter side of things, we have had a decent-ish summer here this year after a very nice spring. So, cold winter I bet! ;o)

Autumn first, a nice time of the year, nice skies at dusk, shooting stars, red leaves and almost a constant breeze!
I got plenty to sort out this Autumn and looking forward to doing so too, a great time to take plenty of photo's as well.

Hows the year shaped up so far for you?
Are ya looking forward to the kids getting back to school, or dare I ask!? :o)
Does Sept feel like a time of change to you?

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Real time changes...

What a week! :o)

While I have been a bit quiet of late on here, I have had my youngest over for the week, he is still here too, my nan has been down from "ooop north", sadly gone back home now... but it's been a nice week in all and they all come way before this blog! ;o)

My eldest should get his exam results today or tomorrow, so the week is not done yet and we are confident he has done well. Good luck there with getting the results you wanted son, we are proud of you. Can't believe you are in college in just a few weeks! Time FLIES!

Although I've not been busy on here I have been keeping up to date(ish) with things, seems to be a lot of things changing online this summer!

Facebook buying friendfeed and grabbing some great talent to boot, Google reader improving in several ways, sharing it to several places with the new "send to" set up, other areas include making it more "social" for the users.

Posterous making strides, which I love to use, it is the simplest way to get content online and they are always improving it as we go along, it can only get better.

The web itself just speeded up with RSS feeds and stuff getting pulled into "hubs" and getting pushed out to outlets faster as a result.
Real time web is catching on fast.

But, you know what? I don't care...
I'll tell you why...

Because it doesn't matter to most of you and most of you don't care one way or the other, those who do care already know about it all. ;o)

Change happens, it always did, always will.

What will matter is how it effects what you already use, likewise with me, that's what I do care about, how it will change other things I use, take this blog for example...

I have been thinking of adding disqus commenting on here, still not sure whether to try it, but have seen that they added real time commenting so people would literally be "chatting" in the comments, could be good, but also could get bad... arguments are gonna happen on blogs.

Would I want to have to deal with that if it gets unsavoury?
What about the fact my comments would be somewhere else?

Do I want to lose any comments?

Ok, you may not have a blog, but...real time commenting in facebook isn't that far off, which will effect most of you who I know are on there. Are you ready for the real time web hitting facebook and other things you use?

Regardless about whether you will be ready for it, it will happen.

But any pics or content you want to keep, you gotta own it, host it or whatever.

One reason I tell my friends on facebook...that's YOU, why you should also keep copies of photos elsewhere, on your pc, and free storage like picassa etc.
Otherwise one click of a button from a pissed off facebook employee and poof... all gone.

We have already seen people moaning about losing content etc...something I learned a while ago was to not give a rats ass, because the only way to keep it all is to own it... host it all!

Let others own it and you could always lose it.
I learnt the hard way in the forums.

Change happens, the only change you can control is what you own and influence.

Are you ready for the real time web?


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Crap job? Dump your boss...slowly!

It amuses me when I see people complaining about their jobs, more so in this current economic situation yet they continue to just do the job, regardless. Most of us hate being told what to do, when to do it, but that IS part of having a job. I hated it in many cases, depending on the job of course. ;o)

But it doesn't have to be that way with most of us, we all have some unique value which we can build a business around, or turn into your paying expertise, whatever.

I just read an interesting post, in some way it shares how you can blur the barriers, why not act self employed while employed, just because you are in a Just Over Broke now it doesn't mean you have to be someday in the future.

This could change your mindset which in some sense prepares you for the next step (leaving that job) while making you think "wtf was I doing making others rich with that crap job?"

I think we ALL have this entrepreneurship in us, although of course, to different degrees.

Who hasn't thought, while looking at boss out of the corner of your eye "Id rather have my own bloody business"? :o)

The main lesson I learnt from my dad, who was nearly always working for himself after his early stint of working in docks here on Portland then sea diving abroad... was it never pays to have all your eggs in one basket and there really is very little that stops you, when you want it bad enough.

I have no doubt he was already planning to start his own business while employed!

Most of you locals will remember his old ice cream van business, and yes it was a good summer business until the ice cream wars started which put us as a family at risk... yeah that bad, crazy non local ice cream van owner (from Dorchester) actually tried to run my brother over! It was in the local papers too.

That put an end to a good business, did it stop him?

No.. not one bit, did he go get a job? No, did he heck, he started another!

What barriers are there, in your way?

Whatever they are, there is some way to overcome them, there really is only one thing stopping us, ourselves.

Do you think you could sack your boss...slowly?

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Facebook, on the way to rivalling google!

There has been some interesting changes lately, namely facbook buying friendfeed, while also creating a new lite version of facebook, not yet rolled out to the masses but looking interesting though, from the screenshots I have seen it looks better on the eye, more of a "facebook looking twitter"... or what twitter would have looked like if facebook bought and integrated it.

Instead they leapfrogged twitter and bought a far better product and team with friendfeed.

Facebook are banking on more people making their profiles open, public, via the privacy settings which I feel they should have started thinking about ages ago, most people don't want public profiles, they take advantage of the "walled garden" set up, which is why most people only use it for their real friends.

This is the double edged sword left from the original "college campus" set up from which they started, people saw it as a more private place to share and connect. The fact people used their real names played a big part in the growth and knowing it was private... yet it's something I feel they have left for too long, people are using facebook differently to any other site they may use and many won't want their stuff being public, being indexed by google on other words.

The new search facebook implemented is another step towards the opening up of facebook. They know they miss out on a ton of traffic from google, which means targeted traffic and that means better monetisation.

With the real time search added they are in fact positioning themselves to rival google, with googles help whether google like it or not.

The one thing they have to sort out is the lame limits, if they ant facebook being more open then they should bank on people being more social, meaning commenting on more, sharing more. If they keep these lame limits and bans that are so vague, they will make people less likely to be open with their stuff, which is not helping facebook at all, the more open and social the users are the better off facebook would be... it's a two way street. Show a bit more respect to the users and they will act accordingly.

Facebook are also making changes to their email system, now they have the smart guys from friendfeed who also created Gmail while at Google, just maybe big improvements will be made. Their current email system reminds me of the crap AOL... you leave them and you lose the lot.

So what does all this mean for you, the facebook user?

Will you open up your facebook to the masses?

Please share your thoughts in the comments below...

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If you lost your job, that's good...

Even if only for the ...
Everywhere you look and nowhere to be found... Depending entirely on your perspective!

Sad to see quite a few of my friends losing their jobs recently, and having been in that position myself a few times I know how demoralising shit it can be, although in some ways it can be a godsend, a push for change, improvement and growth in other areas.

So it can be good you get that opportunity!

I am annoyed a little at the fact my own eldest son has just left school and the economy is crap, leaving him with far less opportunity...Timing!
It happens though, and I don't doubt for one minute it will happen in another 20 years time when my grandchildren leave school.

They say nowadays people will have had an average of 14 jobs by the age of 38! I am 37... and yeah I have had about that many! ;o)

My generation had a harsh start to the reality of "job security" crap with the pulling out of the ERM almost 20 years ago!! (Was it really that long ago?) Which led to alot of us being laid off almost as soon as we qualified at our trades. It happened to us in the stone industry and we were told these job were for life, indeed many of the older masons had been there for life.

Some damn "job for life" that turned to be... and yet what a blessing it was too, because they don't really exist! :o)

Although it is a crap thing losing your job, and I have felt down after being there a few times, my best lesson learnt was, that the first thing to do is to simply... get over it.

Now I don't mean that in any harsh way and I know with families to feed etc it's not that simple... yet I say that because experience tells us once we stop looking at it a certain way, we gain in another way.

Like people advise with relationships... "never mind, you'll get over it, plenty of fish in the sea"... (except there aren't right now! lol...blame the fishermen!)

The point is, we need that change at times and if we don't get "forced" into it, we don't have the opportunities that arise and we settle for what is. That's something people often regret later in life, so it's all good whenever crap happens... obviously losing a job is not like losing a member of your family, perspective on it all does help.

I hope those friends who have lost work recently see plenty of opportunities around them to take advantage of and there are opportunities out there for every one of us, if we look carefully enough. :o)

Really ask yourself what opportunities you can utilise your skillset or knowledge with....or FOLLOW the damn dream you have had so long... whatever it is.

Every coin has two sides and all that jazz. Look for the biggest and best positives around you... don't dwell on the negative.

I may not hear as good as you, but you sure as shit can't lipread a pretty face on the other side of the room like I do can!

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Do blogger actually intend to make changes, or are they stalling?

Starting to wonder about blogger, have they missed a trick in taking so long to actually act regarding the blogger changes I looked forward too?

I wonder how many have moved already in that time from blogger to wordpress?

Or just picked wordpress because it was better when they actually made the choice to have a hosted blog.

Blogger asked users for suggestions, notice that post I did there was 3 months ago, I was seriously considering changing it then...but thought I'd wait until I see what changes / improvements were made and yet nothing has happened really, I am starting to wonder if anything will happen at all, even if it does will it benefit those who use their own domain on their own hosting as I do here.

I am now thinking about this whole thing again and wondering if I should just go for it and change this to a wordpress one.

If I do, it will look a bit different to what it does now, seeing as this is a unique look I created from a basic template, what I am slightly nervous of, is the loss of backlinks already out there, because I thought about using the blog on a subfolder, ie.. or a subdomain, ie. so I could do more with the main domain itself.

The benefits of wordpress do seemingly outweigh the cons of sticking to this blogger platform with this blog.

I will still use blogger but only for blogspot blogs really.

If the wordpress is better then it's likely I will use it for any new domains, I mean... why wouldn't I? ;o)

I think blogger need to get cracking really if they want to keep more of us using it.

There is something about the sheer ease of using blogger that does make it appealing in ways but it needs an overhaul and the improvements can't come soon enough.

Anyone have thoughts on that?
Any tips for the move, if I do it?

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If you have to even ask...

.... wtf am I doing??

Then you gotta start to change things

Yeah I ask myself that at times! .

A few lies here and there from others start to make me question things, well yeah I have "moaned" (in their perception) about friendfeed, facebook twitter etc over the weeks and I am not the only one to do so, the thing these liars miss is they prove the point by doing the very thing I supposedly "moaned" and "attacking"

Listen up you that lie about me, spread crap, I have never "attacked" anyone on these sites.. show me where I have... take your own advice and back ya shit up.. ie, man up or shut it.

Let me get this straight once and for all.

The ONE and ONLY reason I have written complaint post on here is because I CARE about it, I USE the places. I contribute, so want the experience to be as good as possible.. who doesn't??

If I never cared, I wouldn't say anything about it, I'd let you get on with it and say jack shit!
I care... so if I feel a point should be made which may improve the overall experience for everyone, I will make it... and I don't expect to be attacked for it.


YOU that attacked me and told lies are hypocrites, by attacking me and others in the very threads started about the post made complaining about it, not only mine, others too. THAT makes YOU the stupid one.

I like these sites but doesn't mean I can't also state my opinions on them on my own blog... be they good or bad, if you are looking for 100% positive fluff, look elsewhere, life simply isn't like that.

I can't believe the idiots and they are in the minority, and yes they are a bit of a different "mob" to the worse places, but they are still idiots. I'd rather not bother with them, but when they attack you personally with lies... you gotta say something.

If any other these post, threads whatever improve the place isn't that a good thing?

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The pace of life...

... funny thing isn't it?

Looking at how many changes we have had in the last 30 years and how everything seems to be speeding up, not just because life speeds as we age but in general, technology and science itself is progressing at a rate we could not have imagined 30 years ago.

So, to think of the next 30 years and how life will shape up for the generations below us can seem a bit crazy to most of us, we don't really know how it will go, it reminds me of watching tomorrows world in my childhood, or star trek!

I saw something posted on someone's blog, it is in some ways quite a shocking yet amazing video, it made me think about the growth of things and how things will be in the future for our grandchildren and so on.

Any thoughts on that?

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Scaling down the conversation...or why friendfeed annoyed me!

Recently I have talked about friendfeed and some of the pet peeves I see with the "mob mentality" there and lack of interaction in general unless you are one of the "crowd" and yes there is one, I don't care what they say, my experience tells me different.

Friendfeed is still full of geeks really, I am not a geek although I do love to learn new things... like I jumped into friendfeed via twitter.

It is not an easy place for some people to get to grips with, more so if they struggle to use twitter, or only use facebook etc but with facebook stealing ideas and features from friendfeed I do think more facebook users could use friendfeed without so many problems. But I'd not want to lead them into friendfeed as it is if my own experience is anything to go by, I am not saying I had a bad one, just I have seen the ugly side of it and it's not good.

Lead my real mates to a pack of wolves? No thanks...

Not to say they are all like that, far from it, but the wolves are hunters, they are trolls...

Yes we can control alot of what we see there and such, but new users wouldn't know that or know how to do it without being told, helped.

I do think some of my real friends would enjoy the features of friendfeed and possibly enjoy it as I did when I first started there. Granted, some of my own experiences there will be my own fault, no problems saying that, I am not perfect but what I do know is that I am perceived very differently on frienfeed than I am on twitter and facebook. That is partly down to the other people, I reacted differently because the experience itself was different.

No-one can deny friendfeed is different.

So, spending time with my youngest son here, having less time online writing and socialising has given me alot of food for thought, I got to looking at a few stats, thinking about how the places made me feel, how they impacted on me, who made me feel good and bad.

I recently scaled down those I follow on twitter and it made a big difference although I have been quiet there of late like I have everywhere it's still made an improvement, less noise and a better flowing stream.

I didn't like what I saw regarding friendfeed to be honest and now it's the main reason I decided to make big changes which should help not only myself but those real friends who do join friendfeed.

See I love the way friendfeed works and do think it is a great place to be, it has many more good uses than bad shit, you find interesting things there and have some good discussions and there are some people there who I will always subscribe too.

So last night I decided to scale the friendfeed experience down for myself, using filters to separate those I know I will always follow and those I am not so sure of. Some are just being blocked cos they are arseholes and trolls.

The point is to make it an experience I can enjoy and share with real friends who are willing to try it out and not just "put up" with the experience I am having there now. I don't give a rats ass if this bothers some on there because they contributed to me not enjoying it so much. They are not real friends so sod them!

With the ability to have rooms and filters there is no reason for me to not have a "local" set up where us locals can participate and create our own little community... like facebook gives us but with more control and less hassle!

The small is the good... the big is just noise!

So to the real friends of mine, should you want to try friendfeed, sub to me once joined and I will sub to you too and we go from there.

Those who already use friendfeed, how is it fairing up for you?

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