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Perception...pretty important if you ask me!

Have you given thought other peoples perception of you?

Online, offline?

I was reminded of this a few times recently offline when talking to local friends, they kept saying to me... "you are always online" ... hhmmmm.

Interesting, why?

A year or two ago that would have been right...huh?

Well the reality is very different to what my friends percieved it to be. The truth is I am not online that much.

I am not online writing this... ;o)

I learnt the hard way how easy it is to waste time online with the forums a few years ago, while great to use they are so easy to get sucked into and hours roll by.

With social sites it's worse!

What you, my friends, see is me being very active when I AM online, that is I try to cram what I can into what little time I am online, I make the minutes count.

You will see this for yourself if you look at my facebook, twitter activity etc, it's all short but usually very acticve bursts.

Something I do is open several facebook home pages in several tabs and no waiting for things to load...while one is loading I am already doing something on another and so on, my fingers literally don't stop for say the 10 mins I allow myself, hopping from one comment to another speeds it all right up for me.

(Social sites are not too bad if you are mainly using a mobile through the day seeing as you can do that anywhere, while in a queue, while on the bus etc.)

So, you see this perception of me in some way is good, I seem more active than others but I am in fact on these sites far less than those who say to me "you are always online"!!

Love irony..don't you? :o)

What I do is spend too much time on the pc... not online, sorting out my pictures, resizing etc takes up time, writing articles takes up time, sorting things takes time, all time I spend on the pc but rarely online.

The internet is one massive distraction. You won't find a bigger one. :o)

If there is one thing these "gurus" and such don't tell you, it's the sheer amount of time that has to be spent on the damn pc...unless you can outscorce everything.

They sell you the perception that it's all push button easy riches!

I digress...

Perception, something I have also pointed out the the younger generation on facebook and such, our friends late teenage kids for exapmle, people percieve you a certain way and that can have a big influence on many things... think future bosses!

Another reason I hint they should write as well as they can, not txt lingo and such, you are not limited to letter count to that extreme (like twitter) so there is no need to write "dnt" instead of "don't"... it smacks of illiteracy and reflects on you.

Face the fact bosses and such DO and WILL always use your scoial activity and such to get a perception of you.

Google my name and you get what I am talking about.

What sort of perception are you putting out there?

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Week of ups and downs...and a panic attack!

It's been a week of ups and downs for me, hence I have been quiet of late which culminated on Sunday when I had a scary panic attack, the only one I have ever had and I hope I never have another one.

Having been taking a step back and looking at the bigger picture from a different perspective it dawned on me that things just aren't good enough really, what I do and where I am going is bothering me alot, not to mention the sheer time and effort I have put into it, along with the stress I have been under.

It feels as though I am swimming against a tide, and failing at it!

Then I thought about it... who really cares?

I am not asking for sympathy, or anything of the sort, I am looking at it realistically...

I am wasting my time with certain things and have already deleted some blogs, stopped "trying" in certain areas of what I do, the niches I have tried to get somewhere with.

This last week I have been taking big action of some areas, meaning I have deleted sites, blogs, lots of crap from my pc and decided to make some big lifestyle changes.

I'm going to come straight out and say, regarding online stuff... all this effort was a total waste of time, time I don't get back, time I should have spent doing other meaningful stuff with. I take full responsibility for wasting that time!

Yet there are people out there selling it as "easy, and anyone can do it" which I am going to tell you is utter bollox!

I talk from experience too.

Yes anyone can start a blog, making it work and keeping at it until it is a success (by way of getting back what you put in) is what they DON'T tell you about...that is the work and the hard part.

Let me ask you this...

If this blog was deleted tomorrow, who would it really impact? Me? You? My friends?
My sons? (who really matter)

This is no A list blog so it's not likely to impact many people.

Therefore if I did delete it and start all over again and making it what I really want it to be, it's not the end of the I say, it's not a A list blog with tens of thousands of readers every day, far from it!

Maybe you see this blog sometime and it will look different simply because I decided to bite the bullet and change it. I know what mistakes I have made and where, which means I can at least pin point what I should have done and need to do better.

I need to be alot more serious about it than I have been if I want to see big improvements, I also need to focus better, I need to narrow the focus of what I do and where.

I am in some way glad this last week was as it was for me, it gave me the kick in the arse I needed.

I certainly want to see my fantastic sons have kids, so first and foremost is to improve my health, after all what if's not a panic attack next time, but a bloody heart attack!

A big part of that problem is stress, we all know what stress is like and how damaging in can be so I have to get that at a minimum, part of the reason I stopped doing so much this week.

I do feel more ready to face things now.


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Oi, where is my pot of gold?

Interesting response I recieved regarding last ranty post, nevertheless it did get me thinking...positively too which is just as well.

The gist of the email was basically...

I agree with that, over the last few weeks I have got myself off lots of email list (ezines) and stopped reading certain forums, blogs and stopped listening to the crap which in some instances were so bad I can't believe they didn't themselves think it was crap!

I am down right fed up of it, it's daily!

I have been trying so hard to get somewhere for a while and it's endless pitching and freebies if I get on this list or that list and it led me nowhere, just adds to the crap I already have so where is this damn pot of gold at the end of the rainbow they so effortlessly promise?

Well... that sounds familiar to anyone who has been thorough any stages of Internet marketing, blogging, whatever, but that last line got me thinking.

Where is the pot of gold?

What exactly are you expecting it to be?

Let me ask this, what would YOUR pot of gold be? Look like?

For each of us, it will be a different picture, depending on what you want and it takes unique action to get there.

I remember mum saying to me as a kid "go take a walk next time you see a rainbow and see if you can get to the end of it."

We know why now, but it serves a good point here too, even IF there was a pot of gold as you expected, getting to it is your problem!

I mean this in no offence to the person who sent the email, but kind of ironic they missed the very reason we say there is a pot of gold at the end of that rainbow...we say it to kids knowing the reality, you know... the fact you CAN'T get to it.

Thought it was an odd analogy in that sense, I mean you don't want to think you can't get to where you want to because you can, I was thinking, could've used a better one really.

These people who you have gotten ebooks from and such don't care if people don't take action as long as you get their knowledge.

Funnily enough, it makes another good point, you certainly won't get there by simply reading ebooks and ezines, blogs, forums etc...without actually acting on anything, taking steps!

So getting off them list was a good move as long as you act on what you have already learnt, if anything. (depending on the ezines!)

We have all done it, you won't be the last.

Knowledge is good but it's just fuel, action from that fuel is what counts, don't waste it!

Stop looking for a pot of gold that doesn't exist... you gotta create it!

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It's not you, it's me...(maybe)

Bah, did I wake up on the wrong side of the bed today? (rant of sorts)

Or as someone else so well put it... Cornflakes... give over, I eat a proper breakfast... like weetabix!
(get with the program mate!!)

No... I just woke realising I have had enough... enough of the one sided social media, enough of the spammy crap, enough of the bullshit, the lameness of some people, smartarse experts who try to be clever by fooling the sheeple with stupid made up words and gobblygook, something we Brits see continuously with stupid job descriptions!

Baaa ... what a load of bollox! Excuse me while I PUKE!

It's not just the stupid bloody made-up-shit like that though...

The accumulation of so many things that have pissed me off in little ways that I could do without, so I will, offline and online.

But, it's not just this and now, I realise part of this "rant" is the fact I let things build up, and then blow a gasket...a legacy of my teen years and my dad treating me like shit with his fists.

Things can build up for months, even a year or so before I release it...and I have (thankfully not often) let rip in the wrong way in the wrong direction ~ ie what/who started it all is long gone by that point of letting it out.

So... I can stop myself, yeah, but why should I do that? Better to let this crap out, going from my own past experience!

Now I gotta blog instead of a gob!

Hence the reason I am making changes rather than ignoring it, which is just stopping myself being straight and honest with myself...and whoever reads this.

As with anything there are two sides to it, so it's not all bad because of others.

Anyway, part of this I realise is due to some of the recent changes, like the google reader changes for example, the experiences on several of these places have just made my own experience worse and I am filling my head with crap I don't need or want.

I am bored with so many of the blogs which seem to have changed from what made them great into an "old boys" pimpfest, yeah that old chestnut!

I am bored with the constant airy-fairy-shit and spam on twitter.

I am bored with the egotistical "experts" and their bloody opinions, cos that is usually what they are, just opinions...count for shit half the time!

Pissed off at so called friends who can't be honest.

Annoyed at MYSELF for letting this crap happen or bother me.

Yes, I know a big part of this whole problem is ME...after all... I subbed to the crap, I joined twitter, I screwed up in places, I may have expected too much,  I share peoples stuff with no thanks or similar in return, I waste my time!

No one else...

Some of you may notice I hardly use some of the places like I did, partly due to the users and partly due to me screwing up.

What I am going to do about it is unsub from the crap, clean up my twitter, get rid of what I don't want, stop reading so much or refine better what I do read, stop using certain places.

I have realised all that crap has changed how I feel, my mindset, it's has a negative effect on me, which I don't want or need and it effects others around me...for example, why would I want some anonymous dickhead online making my time with say my kids offline crap?

I don't. From now... things change as I am the only one who can do that.

If you lose me as a follower on twitter, lost me as subscriber on your blog, tough... I don't give a toss, you have to deal with that, not me, deal with WHY I unsubbed... I deal with my own thanks.

Not to say it's all bad, just starting to realise I got to the point of feeling like I don't give a shit!

This is the day I make changes, for better for worse, I am doing it because if I don't it will get worse.

No offence to anyone else, I am just sick of things being the way they are and have to take responsibility for that and do something about it.

Any thoughts? Want to share this crap?

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Barriers, break em down, change the rules...

 I've been giving some thought to why we do certain things, even in a certain way, why some things seem hard to do, some seem so easy, what input do we actually put into it rather than it being like second nature, why do we still do certain things that are not really good or productive when we already know it's not.

How easy we can pick up a habit even without the intention.

We grow up with all these narrow beliefs, ideals, goals, fears, barriers imposed forced onto us, in and out of the home, by everyone we encounter, friends, family, teachers, strangers and peers.

Changing these is no mean feat, lifelong held habits, fears and traits are going to be hard to break, for anyone.

That's my aim, break my own bad habits, quash any notion that doesn't resonate with me.

Life's not easy and it's not made any easier by the way society moulds you, not to say everyone is bad, more accurate would be to say... structured moulding to benefit "some other" rather than yourself, it's also limiting in most cases to what yourself truly has to offer.

A big reason "self help" and "self improvement" is such an active area, self education really only happens when you are an adult and it's by choice.

Mindset is everything, as they say, sadly though...

Most don't bother, saying it's all "namby pamby crap" and the like... self education is not confined to "self improvement books" ~ not by a long shot.

Even though it is probably the most important education we's not forced, like school... which is the whole reason school works as it does, they gotta do it!

It shapes us so well for the end means.

You know the score, be a good boy/girl, do as you're told, go to school, get good grades, work all you life to make someone rich, pay taxes for governments to waste, have a child for the next batch of people moulding, die.... and so on!

Living by the rules of others.

The rules need changing making up as you go along.

That's not to say, you should just do as you please, break the law, anything like it... that's daft.

I am saying what rules really apply to you, for example, when I was little being born deaf it was commonly presumed I'd have to learn signing, go to a "special school" and learn to "fit in".

Well they weren't my rules, and I had no problem "fitting in" because I never felt "out of place" in the first place.

It wasn't a self imposed barrier. I wasn't going to have someone else decide how I would fare.

So many barriers we tend to live with, the main ones that need to be dealt with are self imposed but as we all know... knowing a problem is the hard part, not solving it. Recognising which barriers, problems, issues are self imposed as opposed to being due outside forces is where the real focus should be, as they are the most rewarding to break, resolve.

Truth is some barriers we simply don't see, like the one above regarding myself, they only exist in other peoples minds.

Self imposed ones we may miss, initially, but we can see them if we look at it head on and recognise it for what it is... a problem, barrier, you knowingly or unknowingly created and one you can also get over, break down.

I get reminded of this with relationships, you know some gal ya know will post "why are all men bastards" on a status somewhere, yet miss the fact they choose the men they have, they have certain relationship traits which attract a certain instead of recognising it and dealing with it, they blame the men!

The fact is we all have certain relationships, rather then certain partners.

I digress... some are... so are some ladies we could as easily say!

Obviously we are not all bastards!

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Take a step back...

Taking a step back can give you a view you initially miss...Often too late... ;o)

No good blaming anything but lack or focus and foresight.

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Stop wishing your life away?

Life and it's nuances with issues, problems and even pleasures make every one our lives different, it makes our life path unique. Life is itself unique in that sense. Unique but also fragile.

The pace of life these days is scary, everyone seems to be in a constant rush, everyone seems to "wish their time away" and it's plain to see when so many moan about the J.O.B on the social sites and collectively wish for the weekend to "hurry up and get here" so they can

Life is SHORT people.

If someone is in the position of wishing their week away (5 days) to enjoy their weekends (2 days)...something is wrong!

If that sounds like you or someone you know then the best thing you can do is change it...

They say you "work to live not live to work" and yes that seems to fit with people saying roll on the weekend... but you don't just live at the weekend and if you wish your weeks away to get to the weekend you need to address it, if it is because you don't enjoy your work, do something about it, change it.

This is the reason those who work online say everyday is like the weekend, they likely do this at the weekend too.
Doing something you enjoy is not work.

Everyone has something unique to give to the world and that is what you should do, you owe it to the world to do your best at what you are best at.

Not everyone will even know what they are really best at, nor will they care, they may be happy just doing their J.O.B. if so, that's ok but will you still feel that way when you retire?

Will you wonder?

What if?

Those who do what they are great at look forward to Mondays as much as the weekend.

Your working years are a huge chunk of your life, make the most of it and do what fires you up.

Any thoughts?

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More changes...but not here

Things are continuing to move forward, admittedly after a few hiccups.
Having not had my lads this last weekend of their holiday I have been busy with several things. It's all good. :o) (so far!)

As you know from previous post I had been trying to move this blog off the FTP system, but not sorted that yet, as you know I use blogger and I love to use it, alot of stuff going around at the moment about WP (wordpress) security online so it no doubt gave us blogger users a little smile after all the WP lovers bashing blogger for years, at times justifiably too. ;o)

Anyway, as a blogger user and with the improvements rolling out I decided to get a domain for one of blogspot blog I have, I only like to get domains if the blog is worth keeping...this one is one, but up till now I'd only done FTP set up so I hosted the blog itself.

So I decided to try the custom domain set up bypassing the FTP set up.

Having been doing the postland blog for a while I decided to get the domain I had been meaning to get, it is now changed to portland bill and one reason for that is anchor linking is better using a keyword domain.

That means any backlinks should also be better, because most people just use the url, which is ok, better now though. ;o)

I also now own the blog really.

There was a few years ago some perfectly ok blogspot blogs being wrongly deleted, think it came down some hair-trigger fingered worker, thankfully it's not happened since as far as I know but blogger are cleaning up their database.

Splogs (spam blogs) and dormant, empty blogs are being reclaimed, I know my portland one was ok as I actually use it like many I have, I still aim to get domains for the ones I want to keep ~ for whatever reasons. ;o)

I have to say it's probably not so straightforward for someone who has never registered a domain, I worked it out because I have set up my own sites and blogs on own domains and hosting, so I am a little familiar with DNS and domains, but...

I do think if the registrars themselves had a set up page showing how to set their new customers domains up with blogger, they would gain a better user experience...then again they are trying to sell hosting too, so a doubled edged sword there. If it was me, I'd say do it... blogger has how many millions of users?

Overall though the registrar I used I am pleased with, it was a good service and I did need to ask support a question, got a reply within an hour...on a sunday too.

Should you use it and want to get the blogpsot blog you have moved, it's simple once you know, if you have any issues just ask, I am happy to help, if I can't or I am asleep (sleep?) and you need help I am sure they will help you.

The links and such from the old blogspot will all work ok, nothing is lost as far as I can tell, possible a bit of PageRank, but that will improve again and should get better, I don't place to much importance on that anyway.

Also on the Portland bill blog I have made a few changes, having decided to take it another step further and improve it all round, I know the users/readers experience is the most important part and hopefully changes I make will reflect that. :o)

I would love to hear any of your thoughts regarding the Portland bill blog and any changes made, or changes you like to see.

All in all, a good weekend, how was yours? :o)

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Forge your own path for success, happiness...

It's not all a bed of roses this thing called life...
...for some most of us that is. ;o)

Ever got to wondering why everything seems easy to some people, why things seemingly never screw up for them, why they can do something, it works out and you can do the same thing yet it goes wrong.

Why everything they do comes up smelling of roses, as they say.

It's funny but I seem to think some people will have success in whatever they do, no mater how they do it.

You know what they say about looking at what real successes do in order to copy them, not literally but the way they do what they do and why. Getting to the core of why they have succeeded in doing what they do, you know... the reality of what you want to do.

Makes sense, you want to learn from those who have gone before and know what they are doing, how they did it, then do it yourself.

Only there's one problem with that...

You are not them, more importantly, they are not you.

No matter what you do you will never replicate someone else's success in the way they did it. Work, love,, every single one of us has a unique experience with it.

For example... with love you may envy that special persons relationship with their current other half, wish you had the same, yet every relationship is unique, you will never have a relationship with someone like another person had with them, no-one will have a relationship like you had with any person. Every two person relationship is unique.

Much like success, the path is ours and ours alone. You cant tread someone else's path, nor they your path.

Your success, happiness, whatever, is yours alone, what's really special is no-one can replicate that either.

Not forgetting it's all subjective. ;o)

"Ok, what's with all the philosifical, philosophical shit and what ya done wrong?" you may be thinking. ;o)

Well, as I said in earlier post, been busy on things, but really I have been looking into this particular thought over the last few weeks, maybe a month.
So, I threw any notions out of the window, battened my hatches, got stuck in.


In a way, you could say among a few other things, I have been looking at those who have good success at different business models, there are people who just want to make money online, some want to build a business, others just want to have something happening, many don't care...just dream.

I wanted to see where I could improve things for myself, the one thing I don't do is blindly copy others, or do everything I read about, i read it, learn it, see if it fits and make up my own mind.

Something odd struck me though...

Looking at successful bloggers, successful affiliates, successful article writers/marketers, successful ezine owners, successful forum owners, successful ebook creators, successful direct sales site owners, I noticed something.

Notice it too?

They are all standalone business models, that is you could do any one of them, most successful people started with ONE and perfected it, then plugged another into their existing one, where and importantly when it mattered and it all grew. If they didn't know how to do it, they got someone who did and got it done.

Some have all the models plugged in together and make thousands or tens of thousands a month...easily too.

There is something to learn from it all.
Especially for the newbies or aspiring online business starters.

See most people when they start look at doing everything, thus getting nowhere.
Perfect one business model, strategy, then expand from there but it must fit with what you have perfected just want to plug it into what you already do.

Where most new people (newbies) go wrong is they decide, "I am gonna make money online" then set up a blog trying to teach people how to make money...when they have only read how it's done, not actually done it themselves. Bad mistake and a hard way to get started.

You see them on forums galore...sadly.

Far better to concentrate on one business model above centred around your own passion, or a profitable passion you know you can write about, or your particular expertise.
Build that up then learn one of the other models and plug that in.

For a simple crude example, you may start article writing, decide to then set up a blog to share some articles, as well as having the blog for the articles on directories to point back to, after a while add email list building so you can start an ezine.

The main point being don't do to much at once and stick to perfecting one thing, leverage that after you get somewhere. If you are determined to be in the teaching people how to make money niche, learn to make it first, get to the point where the making money niche IM niche itself can't ignore you. ;o)

It's a small competitive niche yet it can be hugely profitable as we have seen over the years. (John Reese making a million in a day was a good example)

Far better to make your passion work for you and expand in that niche as best as you can.

Leverage, that is the key to it all.

So, while I respect and admire what alot of these successful people have done, and most of them are probably great people too, I can see and understand no matter how often or hard I would try I could never get the same results. (If I was to try that is)

I will always learn from them, simply because there is always something of value to learn.
It pays to watch not only what people say, but what they do and how they do it.

Whatever happens, the only way anyone can succeed is to forge their own path and be clear on how they define success for themselves.

Any thoughts?

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A few subtle changes made...

Seems to be I am seeing the moon more than the sun at the moment!
Yeah, another late night...and a moment of reflection outside when things got a bit much.

Might be asking why the hell I am up so late doing stuff and what am I doing...

Normally writing stuff, tweaking things, checking stats, that's after being social when everyone else is online during the busy times.

Not having to conform to certain hours to do things, I like to do things late at night, it's quiet (ok, no sniggering, I know it's quiet anytime for me lol) the point is, I can get things done, my body and mind works better on that later in the night.

But lately I have been making changes to this blog and a few other blogs, also been looking at and trying to change this blog over to blogger custom domain set up, if you have ever used FTP to blogger you will know why (damn publishing) so, awkward busy and getting stressed at that! It won't work for me how it's supposed to. So, looking like I am stuck with this, for now.

Getting to bed at 5am. Waking at 11, back on the machine...(still not getting it right) *sigh... the life of s single guy is not? ;o)

I digress... what did wok out was worth the learning curve, as always that valuable part is the learning.

On this blog... the main thing you notice will be the new link to ...continue reading the post, not all post have this, only the slightly longer ones but I think it will keep the main page looking neater.
It drove me up the wall sorting it out as it's a hack really, couldn't move the "labels", but in this post here I am going to add it by hand to the post itself, see what happens. ;o)

Hoping you prefer it, also on the blog...

I have made some changes which, I hope, will improve things on the interaction front for you as well as the valuable benefits I gain from seeing what works for you, what doesn't, which means improvements all round. :o)

There are some limitations to this blog so adding and changing it is needed really, the main reason I added the "star rating and post you may like section" that shows up on the bottom of some post, only post which have related similar post(s), and the "continue reading" link on post(s) is because I have no popular post widgets or likewise to show of these types of relevant post, only archives which show the whole month, no idea which of those in that month people read or not.

It's first a benefit to you the reader, as the post are likely to be relevant to what you already read, then a benefit to me. :o)

I will have a better idea which if any links get clicked, I also tidied up the main pages at the same time, while having more post show on the home page.

Another thing you may or may not have noticed is the google friend connect bar across the bottom of the blog, had to raise the footer as it hid. I removed the small one under the box on the sidebar a while ago, much prefer this one.
Simply put you can comment on there using you google account log in, if you are logged into gmail in the browser at anytime and haven't closed the window you should be logged in now. :o)

I am considering disqus for the main comments, just as an addition but I'm really undecided at the moment.
The one benefit to that would be having people able to post here using their facebook profile.
Or twitter. ;o)

There are several things I would like to try out, improve, test... it's finding that balance to doing it without screwing it up or annoying everyone as well myself! (toooo easy done!, if you are unsure, right click on any blog or site, choose "view source" to see the site or blogs code, where I been spending my time!)
It teaches me more than widget drag and drop does, that's for sure. ;o)

Part of the issue is I been stuck in this mode to long, the code on the blogger layout style is different. I am now aiming to get more up to speed on that.

I mentioned I tried to move this blog, with blogger I have only used blogspot, or FTP, never set up custom domain and such, so I am going to do that...get a new domain or two and test it out.
I may do one with the classic set with the layout style, learn to create complete templates/widgets as well. ;o)

Above all I will learn fast and that's always a plus.
Dig in learn, the best way to learn is always to do. ;o)
I am keen to try these as they are almost the cheapest way to get started online...yes free is ok but a domain cost is the least needed anyway and it IS needed.

I am tempted to do this now as I had some interesting ideas stemming from a chat with someone, in a sense it was a wake up call so I am all'a buzzing to get doing.

So, busy but it's all good, alot clearer on what I am doing and where I am going with this blog, until it's a seamless move and I know what I am doing should an hassle arise...I will stick to this blog as it is.

The new domains will be a better option, and I hope blogger keeps improving the way it does, just a shame the FTP is a bit annoying, and that's not their fault as I understand it.

What do you feel about the changes made so far here?


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Another test post, trying show/hide post

Another test post...

Update: It works... but there is no way to move the labels?

After these words... it should cut off, like the last two post did... but the link YOU need to click is under my sig saying... continue..
I can't seem to get the labels or signature below the damn ...continue reading link to open the post page itself! *sigh... try again.

Well, I got a bit lucky getting some of it tweaked, but looking like I will have to not use labels to avoid it. *sigh


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'); } memory = number;

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Just hacking at my blog, testing...

Busy making small changes on the blog, just to test out several things, you will already have noticed the new part at the bottom of each post with "you may like" links to other post as well as the rating by stars.

I would like to increase any interactivity here but it also helps me to tune to blog to better fit what you the reader like to see here, so I can improve it over time for you, a self feeding circle if you like. :o)

I am not keen on some of the blogs out there plastered with ads, flashing banners all down one side etc, simple is better, I like the cleaner white style, so will keep it that way.

After all, the only part that should get the most of the bloggers effort and your attention is the content.

As with any blog... if the content is ok then you will read it all, the content is the reason you read a blog is it not?

Better content is the only way to really improve what matters on any blog, the readership and I believe to improve that in a significant way the content must get better and more in depth at times if needed, so longer post may pop up on here... one reason I am testing out the new "full post" link here, possibly leading to have more post available on the main page, so they will all take up a bit less space. Something I like about some wordpress blogs, but hardly see with any blogger blogs.

So, it's not ideal but worth a try, not sure it will work properly to be honest!

Update: Nope.. crap, didn't work :o(


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