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Are you, unknowingly, creating invisible barriers too?

Why is it we keep being stopped by invisible barriers?

More often than not we create our own invisible barrier, we can't do it because of this, or that, I need this, that... *sigh.

There's the goal, you see it, you know you want to get there, your'e a bit unsure so you ask others how, what's needed to get there and if you ask ten people you will ten different opinions, views...

Nine out of ten of them will be irrelevant, maybe all of them until we actually go forth and do we will never know, we can only really learn by our own experience, yet... worse by asking others you put ten potential barriers in front of you which needn't happen, they didn't exist.

How silly of us!
How real though...

It happens every day with...

Blog posts, forum posts and what advice they share, tweets, even the news.
A lot of smoke and mirrors to fog the view.

The only real barrier we should be dealing with in any given situation is the one we create ourselves, that natural questioning part of us throws it up for good reason really.

Doesn't mean it's real...

Doesn't mean it should stop us.

The one constant is we will learn from what we actually do, regardless of what others say will work or not, that may be true for them but for yourself it's just do it, learn from it and move forward.

The barriers we create are invisible, so there is nothing to stop us.

I realise I have been doing it myself lately, but that will change...

I am going to keep fishing for results to build on.

The only way to get results is to work at it, focus, have the right mindset.

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Do you do what you owe to the world?

Doing one thing and doing it to the best you can possibly do so, then sharing it with the world.

Isn't that what we should all be doing?

The only person who will ever give you the real answer is yourself, there's alot to be said for "question thyself, trust you'll know the answer" as in most cases it's true, who knows you better than you?

Nevertheless it seems an interesting notion, what is it we do best?

Do you know what it is you do best that's really worth sharing with the world?
In the sense you owe it to the world to do it and share it.

In most cases doing that is likely to lead to success, as long as you are better than most at whatever it is, in other words you stand out.

Me...I am still trying to work it out...what about you?


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It's good to listen, silly to not think for yourself...

 We all have our crosses to bear, they are always different, what bothers me may not bother you, vice versa... as we all know there is always someone worse off than you, always someone better off too.

I get amazed at what people get bothered by, what they let wind them up and so on, also at what they take for granted and yet it's also odd how so many struggle to think for themselves too!

It matters...

If you listened to everyone on any subject, topic, you will always hear opposing views, conflicting advice and sometimes it's bloody misleading/dangerous/costly/stupid!

It never pays to blindly follow what others say.

It does pay to listen but for christ sake people should make their own minds up.

They take for granted that they CAN think for themselves if they choose to, they take for granted what they do know, then blindly follow those who ain't got a clue!

Sad to see, more so when there is so much misinformation out there.
I have been reminded of it a few times recently, online and offline.

Do you see this sort of crazy stuff happening?


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Going fishing...where the money is

 To make money you gotta go where the money is, we all know that and we all need to make money to live and I am no exception to that rule, which is why I have not posted here for a few days, actually a week! (blimey!) I also need a new pc, and that cost money!

One reason for me not posting here as much is simply due to this blog not being a money maker, I posted recently hinting at good reasons why it's not, the reality is this was never started with that in mind, as shown by the earliest post here, maybe I should have rethought that, back then!

I digress, time is the most important thing and the only thing you do not get a second chance to grab, unlike money, easy come easy go, for some... that is, although it's true ANY of us can get another dollar, pound, euro, can't gain a minute on anyone else.

So the most important point remains, NONE of us can get time back, so spending that as best as possible is more important than how you spend money itself, money is just the means to an end as they say, but you still gotta go where it is to get any of it!

That is what I've been beavering away on, using my time better to focus on the things I should be focusing on.

Going fishing, so to speak!
But clearly, not in the desert!


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The most important question for any blogger...

Penelope of Brazen Careerist did a great post about asking the right questions, the post really got me thinking, actually, it was gold...for me all because of one question it got me asking myself.

One important question, which also led to another for me.

It all come from a part this one paragraph and I quote...

(snipped)..."really about how a good blog is based on a good question. (My question is: how can we make the the intersection of work and life better?)"

The (my question is) part is Penelope in a way asking what is her blog answering for others, as linked above...and the blog does answer that question. it got me really thinking about it, asking... "what is the one question this blog should answer?

I really racked my brain on that, yet it should be simpler then that, in the end...

Couldn't honestly think of it, have you any ideas?

But then something else made me think, what if we were to ask a question for everything we do, each choice we make...ask the most important question for whatever that situation or choice is.

Penelope talks of the importance to ask good questions, after all it's how you get good answers.

I felt it also could go a little deeper than that in a simplistic way, the intent, if you like.

For example, you want to lose weight...when asking yourself why?
The answer is usually something like "I want to be thinner"... is that the real answer?

Is that your reflection of what the real question is, the real why?

"Because I want to be healthy fitter, and feel better inside and out, I want to feel happier" is nearer the real answer, is it not?

So the why is more likely..."because I feel bad, unfit, overweight, ugly, unhappy and ready to change"

That is a worthy value of why, because it is the intent, it gives you the real motivation to give it the best answer, by making that change happen.

Why?... is such a simple question and only one bloody word, yet so much power in a sense, power to change things, if asked well.

So, while I could say, "well, I didn't get the answer to the question of.."what is the question this blog is answering, ie WHY am I doing it?"... I could now say.."what is the question this post itself answering, WHY am I writing it?

My answer, because it will change this blog, thank you Penelope for a such a questionable post, it was VERY timely and important for me, it will change things because I am asking myself the most important question I can ask regarding this blog, by posting it now I am committed to answering that all important question,

What question does this blog really answer?

If I can't answer it, there is something that needs addressing badly, needing changing.

Why? So damn simple yet so...


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So, you wanna get to the top?

How will you get there?

One step at a time eh...

I know every single one of you is smart enough to know that, yet, and I see it quite often, even had emails say as much from people...

"I just wanna get to the top without the hassle, how do I do that?"

That was in reference to blogging itself, they wanted to know how to get among all these so well known names as fast and effortlessly as possible, join the A list basically, no idea why they asked me when I have never been there, I wouldn't want to be there. That's fame blogging!

Do people assume those A list bloggers just jumped to the top? Easily and effortlessly?

If so WOW! lol...

Regardless, you could say people want the same in whatever it is, they want the easy, painless route.

Where would we be if everything was so easy, effortless, we didn't need the pain, mistakes, hassle?
Good luck in finding that!

It has been shown we do learn faster when we get it right but we simply can't just get everything right first time on everything we decide to do, it's gotta be impossible, don't you think?

Of course we all want to do as well as we can and get to the top if possible, the fact we aren't means we aren't doing what it takes to get there, even me, in fact this got me realising what I should have done in some ways to make this blog and my overall blogging strategy better.

Not that I want to be an A-lister...but the perks of being known to them has to be nice, getting them to spread your work would be great, but only if that's what you want.
Let's assume you do want to get to the top like these A-listers, how would you do it?

Well, let me say this, the A-listers don't hide it, it's clear how they did it, what's needed to get there, a few even posted saying as much too, telling you how they do what they do.

I am not an A-lister, so it's also what I didn't do myself...I think personally from looking at it and what experience I do have and what I can see from these A-listers, it really only boils down to a few points, several have mixed these points, some may have just done the one point to a great standard.

Looking at some of the post(s) on these A-listers blogs one thing stands out, they share top quality content, 9 times out 10 it's also evergreen content, meaning it doesn't matter when you read it, it will still be good and relevant, this content will always get shared too.

Maki of doshdosh has not posted to his blog for months (may 18th) and yet he still gains subscribers and readers daily. He is probably also gaining traffic organically and all this is likely now providing residual income for him, meaning he doesn't need to keep posting to keep earning or even for gaining readers.

One thing is he never had others write his content, he does them all, this may be why he has not posted in a while and why they are ALL quality content post.

*My content is not good enough!

Sticking to one topic means better focused traffic, more targeted readers, as well as building some authority which is something that should be taken into account from day one.

Darren Rowse of problogger sticks to the one topic, blogging for a living on the problogger one as you will have guessed, sticking to this one topic and also having great content means readers know what to expect when they check it out and come back for more.

Darren does have guests post which means he can also keep the blog freshly updated and not have to do it all himself, the downside is many may prefer to read his writing style.

*Mine is not on one specific topic!

New blogs need big action to get going and the only way to really do that is to post often, as often as possible without diluting the quality of the content. Doing this means your readers will come back knowing you will have posted something new.

Pete Cashmore of mashable by his own admission was posting like a madman at the start, you know, 10 times a day or something and it still gets posted to alot but now has posts also written by others, not surprised at that to be honest!

It is something you cannot just keep doing unless you really are a prolific writer, it will wear you out and more so when on one topic, theme.

You don't have to post like a madman, one a day would be ok if you were doing it yourself and stuck to it because your readers will know and expect it, mind you after a while if you suddenly post twice or 3 times one day it would make your readers eyebrows go up, simply because it's not expected.

Looking at your visitor stats you will soon find a rhythm to post for best results, you could easily post to often or to little (if you started posting alot then slow down to much that is)

*I don't post often enough to this blog!

We all want readers don't we, no matter what it is you write you need and want someone reading it and when you start out it can be pretty frustrating, so you have to show someone... this is why family, friends are usually some of the first readers of your blog, nothing wrong with that as it gives you the confidence to go on from there.

The faster your readers turn into fans the faster you will grow, it makes sense and in reality you do not need 100's of 1000's them either (though I wouldn't say no to that many subscribers!), depending on the topic etc, you could hit the top with 1000 true fans, what matters is who they are and what reach they have.

Leo Babuta of Zenhabits I think has done this right, with over 100,000 subscriptions I don't doub't he has some true fans there. Fans that acted on his content and probably made changes in their own lives.

Why wouldn't they be fans after that?

These fans will continue to read his blog, buy his books and share his work.

One difference I noticed with Leo is he un-copyrighted his work which is empowering the fans to share it more, building new fans.

Getting readers is great, they are...readers, we all need them.

Having fans is better, they are readers with a (promotional) voice and they use it.

I love you readers, are you fans? :o)

*It would seem I don't build fans and empower them! (Do I?)

One thing that is a must, marketing and sharing is marketing, viral marketing, the best and cheapest form, if the first point is covered people will want to share it because it's quality content that is shareworthy whether on twitter, facebook...also whatever platform your fans use, you ought to use as well.

All these bloggers get their content shared and they share it too, we have to get it out there for others to share so it makes sense to utilise these sharing opportunities for the fans, then share with them.

A-listers will often ask you to share them, whether directly in the post, or as they share them on sites they use.

I don't think you need to do anymore than this really, get all these points right (I must get own act together!) and you will get least be on the way.

So, I will ask you nicely, please share this if you think it's worth sharing, using the button below, or whatever method you use.

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Taking action, hard yet without it there are no rewards

 Having a bit of a chain reaction at the moment and making the most of it, that is one thing is nicely leading onto another...

In the last post regarding the system my friend created I also mentioned the private blog to go with it, which is up and I have already started posting to it and it's fired me up a bit, lead to a couple of very late nights and something I was starting to do less of, but it was worth it!

Originally I considered it to be a good addition and somewhere those who grab the system could ask questions, get some opinions, share thoughts, tips, what is learnt along the way and yet I thought I'd do something a little different too, I decided to use the system from scratch and document it on the private blog to share with the readers, warts and all!

But you can't follow along unless you take action.

So I got cracking with it and started the blog and used a few of the videos, tools, sites for researching etc to find a new topic, niche.

Didn't take long to get some ideas.
I even underestimated a few things myself, easy to overcomplicate things as I've said before.
KISS ~ keep it stupid simple, as they say, or when talking to yourself, keep it simple stupid! (working for me!)

Are you along for the ride?

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Well I damn near gave up with it...

Just when it seems there's...

Something comes along to make things a little easier, better, bearable, often it's just a new day!

It always happens, yet we manage, everything bothering you today seems so trivial next week, you wonder why you let it bother you in the first place.

Something I thought we get better at as we get older, I mean we know these things yet still it gets under our skin, we should know better...I must have been mistaken!

Then again, knowing and accepting are two different things!

As some of you know I started writing an ebook, digital report, (whatever you want to call them) I had wanted to write for a while hoping it would help some of my friends and others if it interested them.

Obviously I didn't want to put out crap, no matter if sold or free, I wanted it to be worthy of the reader.
I at least wanted people to think it worth reading like the last (free) one I did for a forum community.

Yet I knew it would never be "perfect" as they never are (is there a perfect book?) but I just couldn't get to grips with it, not in a sense it made me comfortable putting it out there. It plain stressed me out, obvious as I posted recently it didn't help.

I kept rewriting it, rearranging it etc, never really getting it to sit right.

So I stopped, sod it, but then...

Something happened just a couple of days ago that made me rethink it all, now I think I have a better way to make it work for the user.

Here lies a dilemma ears!

I'll matters.

A great friend I have known online for several years now has come back into action after a short period of absence, I don't blame her to be honest... having started online at a similar time and walking this path along with her to a point I can see why the break was needed...being hunched over the damn pc night after night does take its more ways than one, but now Kim is back.

No doubt back with a different perspective, a fresh vigour to do the things the way it should be done, that is utilising the knowledge and experience gained over that time "doing it all" night after night.

I know that feeling!

I forget what I know...and yet assume others know as much about whatever at times, when we all know better than to assume!

I realised that no matter how the book I was doing turns out, it will never please everyone, it will even bore some possibly, depending on them and what they already know.

In fact it's my friend Kim who I host this blog with, well Kim has created something I felt was worth grabbing...and yes I grabbed it the other night and I tell you this much, it's a product I would normally get last, or second from last at least...of all the digital formats, given the choice I prefer to read.

As with anything you follow the system itself is what matters, and the fact people will be able to make sense of it, understand it and follow it through is the value of it.

The system is a set of videos, by which I mean screencast style videos showing you exactly what is to be done, how and where while Kim or whoever speaks explains the "action" while doing the action.

There was my dilemma...I can't hear the damn things!! *sigh.

But you know what? I didn't need to hear them to see the value of them and understand them.

Granted out of the many, I have only looked at the ones that I needed to look far, that is ones I knew I could learn something from as some of them I know about anyway through my own experience, although I will watch them all!


It got me ripping my book/report apart again and the reason for that was the videos show alot of what I wrote of, but watching the videos with no sound was an eyeopener!

I could guess at some of what Kim or whomever spoke talked of during the videos but even then it would be a guess...instead I got a completely different perspective of the videos themselves, the whole experience was strange yet interesting.

Sometimes it's a blessing that my ears are crap!

So now I got started  thinking about writing a complimentary style report(s) to go with the videos, depending on each video I could do a short report, or maybe a bigger report covering a few videos at once, just some thoughts, tips, ideas, even added resources etc, no idea if worth doing yet.

I could send each to Kim first, see if they were anywhere near what the actual narration is... that will be interesting, for both of us no doubt, after all there are sites on the videos I have never heard of, likewise I am likely to know sites Kim has yet to know of.

It may give Kim a new perspective on the videos.

See, Kim has gone way further down the path of online success than I have, so I knew I would get value from what I needed to see, learn...thankfully I got that too.

Kim has been at the other end of the scale I have yet to (not sure I would like to now) go, that is being a boss of sorts, hiring others...others who as Kim put it "dream of sacking their bosses" know, pretty much everyone in a job, do people envy bosses?

So, not so long ago Kim sold all her business, online business that is, Kim is a nurse by day but Kim is also a family person and I can see why that hunching over the pc would affect family life, being single that is living alone, I guess for me it's not the same. Understandable when family comes first.

As I said, Kim is back at the old passion...yet keeping it simple, effective and manageable no doubt.

Kim has gone back to the basics she knows works, stopped all the madness and back to what got us into it in the first place but with the knowledge of what works, how it works, stripped it bare... plus created the videos showing you just that, no shortcuts to success, just following a system and do it right, work at it until it pays off.

Rinse, repeat until you have more, no less, to much is too absurd.

Residual income is the aim really, the holy grail of wealth isn't it? Not the money...the freedom.

There lies the reality of what people strive for, repeat payments for one time work and daily freeing up time to live, to enjoy.

One way to do this is online with internet being the biggest marketplace of them all there is always going to be ways to create value, if you know how to, where to and the why, and there are many different ways.

The videos go a long way to helping with that and cutting out what huge amounts of time it takes to "learn it for yourself" at your own pace, you know, by experience, and I know from my own it will save time, not something anyone can afford to waste.

In effect these videos are your shortcut on the curve well trodden by many of us, still being trodden for many.

I also know some of you will probably be that new to it you need a little more in a sense that both myself and Kim can easily forget what we know, we forget what it was like before we your position maybe?

We know how easy it can be to overcomplicate things too, leading to not doing.

I hardly ever promote much on here and what I do I have usually tried it, used it, liked it and would recommend it to anyone, most are evergreen, yet as I already said, I cannot hear the words spoken so I obviously can't comment on that, or voice or content spoken! (Sorry Kim!)

These videos are Kim giving great value, but I also want to give all those who grab these videos through this system link added value, by way of the short reports, whichever I do or which are needed...freely, that I hope will help with getting going utilising the videos better, faster.
I send these to those who buy through that link as the payment goes to me, so I then know your email to send you these...

See Kim has set this up so I get paid when you buy... now you maybe asking why the heck has she done that and why not just buy from her directly?

Good question and in a way it shows the point exactly. (Reading between the lines on this post I mean).

This is affiliate marketing in action, something you learn of in the videos. yet this is affiliate marketing with a small difference, instead of getting a % of the payment like most affiliate set ups I get all of it if you use these links, so you are also helping me out in a big way.

Yet, as soon as YOU buy these you can also then do the same as what I am doing now...earn 100% from anyone else buying through your link... if you think it's worth doing which is likely.

How does Kim gain and why the hell would she give it all away?

Because Kim is doing one of the most important aspects of all, building an email list, an ezine list, newsletter list, you know the type and Kim does what's right with that list of people, builds a relationship with them.

Kim values it highly enough to let me, you, anyone profit from those who end up on that list via any products...tells you something right there.

No bullshitting anyone here...likewise Kim is not to take anyone for a "numpty" as she likes to say, I am on her list already and I have no doubt Kim will also share a few nuggets with you too once you receive it...after all she has plenty to teach us, that includes myself.

Simple transparent honesty is right is it not?

You get way more value than the price you pay, Kim gains great people (you) to build a relationship with (she loves helping if she can) and I gain from your generosity too, not to mention you can also promote the system too once you know it works for you, (no doubt you will want to show others by then!) and get the payment(s) from Kims generosity as well.

Then I thought I would try to take one step further...I thought it would be an idea to set up a blog, have it private so only those I choose, IE...those who buy through the link above or this system link can see it, post a comment, ask a question etc so it would be a useful bonus for those who buy it from here to go with the videos and any mentioned reports I do. (Sod it, set the blog up already, will just email the link as people buy)

So what next?

Grab the videos, (right click to open in new tab) save them to a folder on your desktop (videos are separate so smaller downloads), when opening them, extract to the folder it shows, watch the chosen video by clicking the Browser icon, IE...Firefox, Chrome, whatever you use in the folder... don't over do it by watching all one after the other and take notes!

Also expect an email from me with private blog link for you to decide to join or not.

Then take action. Any thoughts, when you come back from buying that is?

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