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Are those horizons yours?

Wherever you fit in with the world... is supposed to be where you feel happiest, it's not always where you are from, (sometimes it may be that way), but for everyone that's home in the heart.

Sometimes it takes getting away from where you grow up to appreciate the good parts of the place you grew up.

No matter where you are from, it will always be a part of you, but it doesn't mean you should stay there.

I find it amazing there are very old people here on the Isle of Portland who have almost never left the island, indeed a few who have never been off the island, yeah, never!

Take a moment to consider that, an island about 4 miles long by about 2 miles wide with a road connection to the mainland, and you spend your whole life there, never going over that road.
Imagine suppressing that curiosity to see what's out there...all that time!


It's not always about broadening your horizons, reaching your existing horizons is good, its growth.
Horizons are there to be reached for... that's natural to us.

It's not all visual horizons in life though is it, we all strive to do better, know more, learn new things, and yet some never even try, shame that really.
That is our greatest thing, to be able to think about it and act, grow in a way no other species does.

We are told we can't do this, that and the other, too often by those who have no idea what you can do.
We are unique, our horizons are unique, our path of life is unique, only you know what is right for you.
We create our ow horizons.

The world really is your oyster, physically and otherwise!

So, where are you going? :o)

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So, what's the buzz about the buzz? My thoughts...

Oh, a new tool toy social network stream, from google too... not one to get my hopes up with the let down after the hype of wave.

Let's see what all this buzz is about, why are people buzzing about it?

Being touted as the facebook beater, even by google, if their adword ads are anything to go by... some say it's like twitter with more to it, and slightly less than facebook without the app crap, has some attributes harking back to friendfeed.

Sounds good... so far.

Plenty has been written about it too, from various angles, geeks and photographers, social network die-hards and the average user.

Some bad stuff was spreading about privacy issues... facebook did the same crap but, with facebook... did they gain a bigger "public" user-base for bet, just as google did, tried, intentionally or not.

They ain't daft, neither of them... gotta give them that, sly maybe.

So, having looked at it and have a little play with it, but not really in depth as such, I can see good potential there, also though I felt it is getting some unwarranted hype... hype just ruins stuff in some ways, we could say the fact google kept it quiet till it went out means they learnt some lessons with wave, avoiding it was probably a good idea, the irony, buzz released without buzz, which gained overnight buzz.

The fact it's in gmail is a good thing, as been said elsewhere a few things need sorting out, no doubt they will be looked at too considering that google are listening to users.

After all they cleared a little of the sharing mess with the google reader contacts etc at the start.

One thing is I'd like see google allow us to cloak our email addresses on our profile pages with our chosen name as seen in buzz... that would be nice, I think these google profiles will become an important and decent central hub for us all who use googles products, it also mirrors facebooks use of real names should we choose them, the current choice of numbers or email is not good, we didn't have the choice to use anything other than our email at the time if I remember right, number or email.

With the cloaking of email address on the profiles we would feel better, and it makes sense considering all these contacts could be stored in gmail, cloaked, it would be good to have list in there and have email permissions, non permission choices with list, or only those you choose ever get to see your email address, and vice versa. The rest, cloaked.

Give us the control to make it the best central place we could have, as it's a great semi private place, gmail, I say semi as it is private really but feels like you have people in is used more than anything too so it makes sense to have buzz in gmail.

It makes sense to make gmail the central for everything google, mind you being able to connect with real offline friends via gmail and such is going to be a better thing for me, just getting them on gmail if they aren't yet, I could describe buzz to those friends as facebook without walls and crap, in fact that's another point, buzz does look similar to lite.facebook, which I already wrote about what they should have done to make that the twitter rival.

I'd like to stop filling up the sent folder with buzz though, please sort that out Google.

Also I'd like to see them allow better use with picassa, it seems like they want us to fill it all up fast so we start paying for storage... who wants to pay for duplicated pics across albums?
If you try to add one picture from an album direct to buzz it won't, it allows you to upload the whole album?!

Odd, we already have them there... sheesh.

Emailing a picture as an attachment directly to buzz works better but then I have to download the pic again from picassa, attach, then delete the pic again... no need for that really.

Then it adds another folder! Why?

Although picassa works nice on our profiles, and looks ok in buzz, the pics being what as they are.

Nice to be able to directly import our blogs too, can't help think what blogger have now got up their sleeves... I'm sure Rick will be spilling ideas...oh wait - one good idea right there! (Rick will find this, meta data!  I better keep an eye on you!)

That gets me more excited... I can see several subdomain ideas coming up with blogger on them!

We are the master of our domain, we should utilise it better, I should too.

Buzz... oh yeah, for being any sort of twitter rival, in a sense I think it can, but I also think it's limited... as I have a shade under 100 followers I am not getting a big respoense yet, I follow less then that as well and even then I don't know how others can follow 1000's... it is alot less screen-space than twitter yet twitter gets bad if you follow so many.

Of course, numbers, they matter in many ways.

Having followers is different of course, and though it's better to have more, still there is a limit to what we can deal with.

It reminds me more of friendfeed in the sense of those who have most followers and activity seem to dominate the stream, still something they are working out, actively, so no doubt there will be ways of lessening the noise, with list or filters, make it simple.

Twitter doesn't quite have that issue, it's a different issue altogether. at least on that people who are drowned with followers can live in the @replies tab.
I am seriously having to sort out echoes of duplicate tweets, etc.. I think I will be keeping twitter off buzz for now, having only imported Greader shares and my blog(s) post into buzz. Twitter itself I will sort out over the next week or two...

If you are on twitter and want to follow me on buzz, I'd be happy to hear that... and hope it either adds to what we already do, or enriches one side or other, twitter, buzz.

I think facebook, twitter friendfeed have all different uses, aims, communities, so I don't think buzz will be much different, once they start building up.

So far I like it, but it could be more, then again, there is something else, it can be a time suck, just like any of the others, or a tool to utilise, or simply another social space for community building, that is it adds to what you do if that's what you do. (IE a photographer building a fan base)

So, the question is finding out how you will use it, where does it fit into what you do, rather than just get stuck in and play, waste time, get distracted.

For me, I am yet to realise how I will use it but I do think as a blogger user it looks like a good addition to our armoury, something we can utilise with blogger and such.

There lies something important, that is, it's OUR space that really matters, our blogs, sites, forums, etc, whatever it is you "own" and that is where the bulk of the efforts should go, if not then at least the direction your efforts should lead to it, that is these tools should be helping in getting them from these places to your space, if not it's just a case of spent time... a toy!

I think it's to early to say what buzz means for me, what I will utilise it for and how.

Is it worth looking into?

Yes, I think so, at least if only to see how you can use it to benefit you, if possible, if not, drop it.

You should sort out and format your google profile page, set the privacy settings you want, add your links and sites, blogs to it, use it as a profile.
Then in buzz set up your "connected sites" and add the ones you want, see how it fares.

Also, maybe follow me on there!

How do you find it?

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Pause for thought...

Pause for thought!  A powerful thing, yet...

Do we do it enough?

I know I don't, not sure about you, but I'd bet not alot of us take enough pauses in life, a pause to appreciate the good bits and a chance to break free of the negative thinking, the crap that gets us down, bothers us even when we try to not think about it.

Power naps have now been thought to clear short term memory, pausing for thought may well clear us of immediate thought jumbles that are in our heads, stopping and acknowledging it gives us power to let it go and thus to forget about it.

Just a thought!


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Can I make money online? Wrong question...

Thousands wonder how to make money online everyday, not surprising to know they go looking for answers too...thankfully the kum-by-yah bloggers don't rank for that search term and mislead people, while it's true I don't rank for it, I don't try to and importantly I don't mislead you either.

I had noticed a couple of emails and PMessages on facebook after the recent break where I was asked this, "do people really make money doing this?" and "isn't it just all hype?"

Those who rank for it are the ones who know what they are talking about, that's why they rank for it. (hint: I have linked to one in previous post, Grizz) and if proof was ever needed it's there to see for yourself.

As for hype, it's everywhere!

Whatever it is you want to learn about, use the search engines to find out some things for yourself before asking on forums and such, you are just reading opinions when you do that, opinions that may have no bearing on the reality, the SE's are a filter... use them, they have done some of the crappy filtering for you.

Then you go asking for stuff to back up what you read... then act on it!

So.. how to make money online then?

I am busy working that out for myself, you know... not going asking in forums and such, I am doing things that need to be done in order for me to learn what I need to learn, and hoping what I learn leads to the right answers for me!

No-one has the definitive answer to that simple question, who could possibly know what will work for you?

Only you know what you are willing to do.

At least if you go looking, the free info you find tells you something you can learn from, and there are answers out there freely shared, finding the nuggets in that lot is the work you start with, even then you gotta do something, you know - take action!

You're never ever ever going to make money online doing nothing, while that may be stating the obvious you would be surprised at the amount of people who think it really is that simple...they don't do anything other than post to noob forums asking lame questions like "how can I make 3 grand by Tuesday?" ... then sigh and bitch when no-one tells them how!

When someone points out that there are boring, dull, mind-numbing things to be done, often described by that neat little four letter word "work" all hell breaks loose..."what you mean work, ain't got time to work, just need this money by tues!?"

Crazy, c'mon, when someone just starts turning up your door and handing you money for nothing but a smile, that is the day you find what you're looking for.... till then, gotta get something done.

It all starts with you and what you are willing to do, what effort you put in and where you put it, only you will know the answers to that, no matter what you read you won't find the right answers, just do what you are good at then see what branches off that, what you learn doing it is worth far more than what some ebook says and it's not plain sailing but doing is better than not.

I have started five new blogs in the last few months, I am hopeful at least one of them works out well for me and I can build on that, it's a case of seeing what works for you and doing more of that, sowing the seeds so to speak... find what sprouts and water the damn thing.
Simple as that really, for me.I am aiming to find just a handful of good ones then dump the rest and build up on the good ones as much as possible.

Experience, experience, experience.. do I need to go on? :o)

Who doesn't want to make it pay?

Let's face it, most of us who have websites and blogs want to make money online with them...else it's just a hobby that's using up time, time for pleasure, time we could be with family.

Wasting the most precious commodity for a means to an end...

In my case I have the weekends with my lads, so in the week I can write something, anything, as much as I need to anytime, do anything anytime, read what I need to, act on what I need to, so I do... last night got to bed at 4am, after writing a fair bit, woke at 9.30, wrote more stuff today, sorted a few things out I am working on, had a play with google buzz too for half hour (just cos I go it, and its a massive distraction if you let it be), it's now at time of writing this... 4.15am.

See what I mean?  This stuff don't do itself! (went to bed at this point! lol)

So, another day...

I am living alone, I can do this...for most people that's not the case, with families, housework, and jobs and whatnot to occupy the time.

It's cramming it in at night for these people, when they get a spare half hour, hour, or two, dropping the weekly soap on the brainwash box (TV!) to do something productive... half the time they are to shattered to do anything and those who mange to try...most LOSE sleep, we've all been there - It's mainly about lifestyle, that itself works both ways... we want to do this to create a better lifestyle, yet our lifestyle limits what we can least until it starts working out the balance.

What no shortcuts?

Not really, shortcuts are often seen after they happen, what you may think is one...isn't, but then something else happens, you learn something, do something and later realise that was a shortcut.

The only shortcut of which you could at least say seems to be a shortcut is mixing with the right people and helping each other out, this is present everywhere, people say tribes, cults, whatnot are bad with the "us and them" mentality and indeed I have said it on here... the problem is you or me, or anyone else is never going to make it all alone and manage to do all you need in order to get where you want.

The problem with this us and them crap is it often excludes people in the wrong way, like mods on forums often single out certain becomes an "I don't like that person" situation... even if that person does contribute, help, and is an "ethical" person by most peoples standards, it becomes "personal"... not good.

Help those who help you and it grows, expands with reach, people prefer to help people who also help themselves, no-one wants to waste their most precious commodity (time!) helping someone who does nothing with it or throws it back in your face, on the other hand, if you are seen to be helpful, decent, others not only do the same for you but they will tell their friends about you too...that's the way it goes.

You could help others make money online and you make money online, that is if you know how, there lies a problem you see all to often, people teaching what they don't know rarely works!

But also don't do it the way the A-listers tell you, they only make money by being an A-lister.

I'll say here and now, it took me a while to realise that, I am in a way a social blogger with this blog, yet this blog makes squat really, because that was never the main intention as I had other blogs set up for that,  that's something these A-listers don't have, they talk crap because they don't care if you long as they succeed and half the time they pay someone else to do all the shit I have to do, you may have to do, they do the "self praising" and take the glory while preaching to do something they don't even do....

Chances are you or I won't ever get to be "known" like they are (not that I'd want that, misleading people and milking them, no thanks) so, we have to do things differently.

We have to do it the way it's known to work, they way others clearly show us works...yet they are still too many variables to be absolute.
Simply put there a million and one ways to do it and you have to find what works with you, then rinse and repeat, or go wide or deep.

Whatever means you aim to go for, find those who really know what they talking about with that means.
That itself is the best "shortcut" (if there is one) you will have.

All common sense... that is the best thing you have, use it and it will help, sadly common sense ain't too common!

So, what's the answer?

There isn't one, not to mention answers don't do squat... only taking some action gets results, the real question is what action should you take to get some form of result?

That depends on you, what you can do, what you are willing to do, then doing.

In my opinion the question itself is one that everyone has to answer for themselves.

That is what I am working on, answering it for myself.


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An unexpected break changed my path...

Instead of banging out articles, researching using the system of videos and the tools they help with, doing make money online stuff, working on the other stuff like back-linking that has to be done, I've been awful quiet lately, - some would say, "damn, makes a change that!" - not just here but in general, I hurt my shoulder and muscle in the back of my arm, it also hurt my neck a bit and the back of ribs - typing and using a mouse doesn't help.

I also need to sort out my seat, change a few things, revamp my workspace, one interesting odd change is to take my damn wallet out of my back pocket, it makes me sit crooked... not nice.

It was also half term so my youngest stayed over for a few days which was, as always, great, so it was good to have a break from all this online crap, typing and whatnot, let's face it when you do it most of the time it gets tedious and can't be healthy, it's made me think about it all alot. I am so close to kicking the smoking habit too, which is the most important change and one I must implement asap!

The break did reveal some interesting insights for me.

I stopped checking mail, social sites etc, everything really, just logged off and slipped into forget-about-it mode!

Coming back from that break of sorts revealed alot, mainly the build up of crap I usually spend time going through, using, reading, sorting, etc... all those emails, RSS feeds unread, buzz's unread (buzz is for another post, on second thoughts, I won't bother till I have used it more!) all the spam to deal with, all the tweets, facebook stuff, blog posts, comments, among much other stuff that I have...

I realised what a sheer amount of time it wasted and did I really need to be wasting that time?
It stressed me out bad, I had a migraine the other night thinking about it all... crazy I know!

Couldn't I use it better?

If we are to spend any time doing this stuff we should be maximising it, getting the most out of it.

I am in this for the long haul so that also means staying in better health while doing it, which means spending less time doing it for me, as too much if it is not helping my health, the main plus is it's making the focus tighter, a good thing.

We have to compromise with anything we do, whatever it is we do, a balance between health, safety, happiness, sanity, and time.

Sitting on my arse looking at this screen all day, not necessarily online either, writing, reading, researching etc...only punctured by eating, getting out for air and sleeping is not good.

Without health you got jack shit.

Doing too many things is driving me nuts, not doing enough of the right things is driving me nuts, I don't fancy being nuts so I have had to give it some thought and decide what I should and shouldn't do.
Whether I get it right or not remains to be seen but I have to try because I ain't happy at the moment.

None of us want to do shit that doesn't make them happy and I am no different.
I need to cut down on time wasted, use it better and on crap that works.

I see the main two ways it breaks down to for's now understanding it better for me, meaning what best suits me, then making the choice and going for it big time putting all efforts into one path.

I envy those who have only got a few blogs or sites, (say 10 at most) and they make a good living income from them, I envy those who have lots of sites (100's) earning a little each and it mounting up to alot in total, either way works, one of these paths is what most people take, or try at least...

The bottom line is they all do it to make money, nothing wrong with that, as we all have to make it somewhere...

Both take bloody hard work, lots of hassles, trials, and frustrations along the way, and time... like almost anything in life worth going for, none of it is easy, but it can be easier depending on us, what suits us, what is most likely to work for us and that is where I need to get it right, choosing the better path to take as I am not likely to try and do both, though some do... and it's right money should be made, all that effort.

The degree of it all depends on so many factors, the effort put in, where it's put, the niche it's in, the type of content, the angle you take, the marketing of it, the connections it makes and whom of them share it, the conversion of people to buyers, you know, so many things can make the difference, trying to analyse all that is a nightmare!

For me, I am not getting the niches right, not getting the right keyword phrases to target, (open to any advice or keywords, in confidence of course! )
I am spreading myself to thin in some ways too, also using up too much time socialising, things I have to address.

This blog itself is one I want to spend effort on, more time spent making this better, so I should maximise and monetise it better, with the upcoming FTP (self hosting this blog) cut off and having to move this to a subdomain, or even use WPress, I will have a chance to make changes, and that I will do.

But in order for this blog to make me any income it depends on me doing better content and it depends on you buying, sharing, linking to, helping, or whatever...after all, it's link clicks that get sales and someone has to click them.. and on this sort of blog adsense is never a good income generator, to be honest it's crappy.

I don't have blinking ads all over the sidebar, big adsense blocks, affiliate stuff, or much else, so no wonder it makes little, even if the content was great (not that I think it is) it ain't set out to make money from anyone...

Other than a few links in the sidebar on the top left, and the odd link in the post as I have done in the start of this one, oh... and the beer icon which is for anyone wanting to tip me a beer (cheers!)'s not much.

Even then, with these links they are good products from people I know well, and the money paid goes to me, likewise once you have them, you can also link to them on your site and earn 100% of the income from clicks... yep, you would be helping me out, and would only need to sell one yourself to have got it free.

So, as you can see, by not having the "money maker" links on here it's unlikely it will make any!

But I won't just promote any old crap on here and never have, so anything I do promote I either have it, or I've already tried it and know it is ok, worthy, useful, whatever, if I am to make anything myself I have to share them with you, obviously.

So, just a little about why I have been quiet lately, now I am feeling a bit better and more focused so, it's been a blessing in disguise really.

It's made me think about the path to take, where to put my efforts and spend my time, while making changes to improve life in general, and part of that is to do better in the effort to make money online with this blog and a few others I am definitely keeping.

And should you buy anything here, thanks.

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A-listers? No thanks, what I read and you should too...

A few interesting things to share today, get a cup of tea or coffee and let's get stuck in...

This blogging lark is good fun and it should be, it's not all tedious, depending on what and who you read, lately I have seen some interesting stuff and met a few new people who tell it as it is, not kissing ass and we all know asskissers are a pain in the ass!

People making out it's harder than it is, write, promote, backlink, get involved with the community, mix it up... all there is to blogging, the important thing is bolded, it's not a case of this or that, it's a mix of everything.

As for making money doing it... well, there is plenty of great advice out there on that, Grizz himself has posted thousands of words for you to digest, if you really want to know go read his whole blog, I mean the whole thing from back to front.

One FACT is it takes work, no-one gets money for nothing, except maybe the third turd tribe who IMO already scammed over 2000 people who paid to play in an empty space.

Grizz did a great and revealing post regarding traffic stats the A-list wont tell you, which he also gives the answers to in the comments, be sure to check them out too, some of it didn't surprise me, after all I know RSS feeds are inflated by various means, means the A-listers wouldn't admit to, they just like to pretend it's all real.

Trust agents... whatever, Brogan is that guy, bitchslapped by a pot smoking dude... (good man!) I know who's opinion I'd trust, and he ain't no agent!

You might feel John (linked to above this) is a bit brash with it, you'd be right there, that's his style, I like it, he is straight up no bullshitting you, telling it like he sees it, don't let that put you off though because he talks some truth, well at least you've been warned... ;o)

The bottom line is these A-listers pick and choose the airy-fairy-you-are-great types of people to converse with, not people like John who tell it as he sees it.

I had some punk telling me (anonymously) I shouldn't be linking out so much because I am "leaking" page rank... who gives a toss?
Not me, page rank means squat in the big scheme of things, this blog is PR 3, was 4.. do I care it's dropped? No... I linked out a few times the last few post because they were worth linking out to...and I want people reading that stuff because it matters. (Think maybe it was a turd tribe undercover agent slyly said that to me, if so, lame, piss off, this is my blog, I link to who I like and when I like)

Linking is the currency of the web, every blogger should know that... if not, well, look here...

Allyn wrote a superb detailed post on everything you need to know about backlinks, something every blogger should be doing, even me and I don't do enough of it, but I know it's important stuff, after all the Internet is built on links, I am lucky and grateful Allyn writes about it too, seeing the hassle I have with videos with my crap ears... be sure to watch them though, your ears work, use the damn things ;o)

Just get the basic understanding of links and how they work, why they matter, then check that blog out when Allyn does the follow up's to this post because it should be interesting.

I share these with you for one main reason...

It's important to be careful who you read and mix with, that's an obvious thing to say but online there are some right idiots who only care about themselves, what they can get out out of  you, they will slap you down in comments when anyone pipes up the truth, I have seen it plenty of times with copyblogger copybragger (good one John on that name) slapping people down on other peoples blogs... it's lame, it's pathetic and it shows them up for what they really are.

These kum-by-yah bloggers are not doing anyone any favours, only themselves.

Grizz will tell you social traffic is crap, in the case of making money it probably is, though there is nothing wrong with being a social blogger, if you are social with people and interact with them in a way it works for you, by all means do that... just don't expect to monetise it.

So, go read these post and think about what they are saying... it's not all as it seems... mind you is it ever that way in life?

The best advice I could give anyone who is blogging or thinking about it is to be yourself, read the right stuff, listen to what your own head tells you, then act on it.


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People need people, the benefit of comments...

 ... in my back yard, but you are always welcome to comment! :o)

Comments, the community around any blog is built there, nurtured there and in some cases censored too.
Those that seem to censor the comments, there are a few, also say transparency is important to them... yeah right!

Anyway, reading feeds in Greader I am missing out on some great communities in the blogs comments, far to easy to just read the feed and move onto another...

While it's ok to keep the noise level down to a manageable one it's a shame to miss out on the communities on the blogosphere and the great characters within them.

You don't need to join a cult though.

For this reason I am starting to choose the RSS feeds to read in the reader and visiting the blogs I feel have good comments and a good community to them, like one puts it... why your comment section should be like a forum

People need people.

That's the bottom line, sitting here all day typing shit and doing this that and the other can get pretty boring and at times lonely, may sound odd with the millions within reach...but it happens.
People need people to have any sense of connection in the world...
Being deaf I know what a great thing it is to be able to do, if you can't use a phone this is the phone!

If you have a blog do what James does and interact well with the commenters, after all, it's your blog! :o)
If you're like me and naturally social online then it shouldn't be hard.

I'd swap all my almost 2000 twitter followers for a regular 100 commenter's on a blog any day of the week.

What about you?

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The third tribe suckers

Yesterday was interesting regarding the useless third tribe, saw a few other blog's post after Grizz opened a can of worms that needed opening, Grizz also linked to a few, me included, (thanks Grizz, now hurry up with the 10k post, ;o)) - then go back to your make money online antics.

Interestingly, I have to say here, I have NOT seen the inside of this "third tribe nonsense" - all three tribes explained so well by Grizz - as I have no desire to ever hand over a monthly chunk of money for an empty space and a "promised community to share pipe dreams, and pimp each other out" of which buyers suckers just paid to create...- CREATE - again in case that point is missed.

I find it very telling none of those creators have gone to comment on Grizz's post, there is no way they could NOT know about it and it already has 100 odd comments from others.

After all, they are quick to post on those blogs that their fanboys have.

Anyway, so I haven't seen been duped into paying to see the "inside of the third tribe" empty space.

Should you become a tribal member? ...Asked...a tribal member!

They a sucker too?

Not really, they did it to see for themselves, so, smart for going in and checking it out first before blogging about least they have a real view of what it was...which amounted to sod all!

But I don't care that I didn't also check it out first...mainly because I already guessed it was going to be crap, empty, just promises, and I sure ain't gonna hand over money just to confirm it!

Won't even need to now. :o)

I mean, of course any Internet Marketer (those they slam in tribe 1) will tell you memberships are a good passive income, but I bet they have a big drop out rate on that crap, it's nothing but a "club" and they are hoping enough "fanboys" will join fall for it and build that crap up for them, all the while THE OWNERS make money from YOUR efforts stupidity and naivety in joining an empty place and filling it with the same crap that's all over their blogs, just rehashed and still not working!

After all, that's what they teach bore you with, that's what you'll know and do... all the while paying to do your bit, while losing money, probably!

Membership sites, they work, they're not usually empty though...

But it's a valuable "touch-point" they cry... bah humbug - bugger off with the stupid catchphrases and "buzzwords" they are pathetic and mean nothing.

At least be honest with yourself, it's a big "jerk circle" (as those on that side of the pond keep saying) and if that is what your after, whatever rocks ya boat!  (I'll do my own thanks!)

Crazy, that crap is saying an awful lot about them.

But, it's also saying an awful lot about those that join, those who willingly fall for that crap.

The numbers though... I mean let's be really conservative and say they have at this stage 1000 members, (probably alot more suckers by now) and at 47 bucks each, EVERY MONTH... that's a huge sum of money every month for an EMPTY space...with promises.

They ain't daft, they are just banking on you buyers being daft!

It will fill up fast with nonsense, but to sell it when it's empty and banking on those buyers creating and paying for the content is...well, shit.

Easy money for them... what price stupidity?

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Third Tribe, more useless crap!

Some interesting goings on this last week, with new batch of "cool aid" - as those across the pond say - being sold to daft newbies who either seem to NOT be learning as they are going along or new noobs who are just getting sucked in.

This blogging A-list crowd is getting worse!

I knew it as soon as I saw it in my inbox with the lame pitch and tweeted that it was a joke, before seeing the interesting few post from people who know what they are talking about, who slam the cool aid floggers!

I would never say I know it all and there are plenty of people who know more than me on all this stuff, blogging and internet marketing wise, but even so, if I can spot this crap a mile off I am bemused and saddened many can't and to that end I am glad people are starting to stand up and say "hang on, this is bullshit".... not that I've ever shied away from doing that :o)

Let's face it, those who are falling for this crap who already read the supposed A-listers blogs and other crap they write are either not getting it or they are pure fanboys, no other way to describe it, how can there be if they still don't twig that what they learn? read on the blogs is useless and just going to be reworded for the "tribe" crap or forum or whatever.

Call me stupid, but this crap "join us and we'll be friends, that will make you money, just cos you are "in" with us" ideal is obviously a bit lame, is that what they call a business plan?

Join us, we will make you a cool blogger?! Lame!

Look, I don't dislike Darren, Chris, Brian, Simone... they are all great writers, I just think this third tribe thing is BULLSHIT.

I know some say, you are cynical bugger Rob...thing is I just don't like seeing people getting ripped off!

Being charged to have your hand held and then misled along the way... no thanks.

So much is obvious on the blogs alone.

Darren doesn't do SEO in his words, well I can see that, you can't even anchor link in a way to benefit those (misguided) guest posters, check if you unsure... no doubt due to some of them being wanna-be-famous-like-you guest posters, they don't mind being linked using their names.

Ah well, Darren's take on this third tribe thing, useless nonsense.

Reading one of the best rants about this whole situation, I doubt the writer Grizz would like a useless link, maybe as he knows what he is talking about when it comes to the make money online situation he would prefer this! :o)

Andy Beard also, I have known Andy for years online, read his stuff alot, he shares alot on SEO tips .. maybe Darren and the other cool aid sellers should read his stuff too!

So, these people wanna charge $47 a month!

To hold your hand and tell you "you are cool cos you are with us" all the while reading their rehashed crap and fawning over them.

Just my opinion and I am entitled to it, keep ya money, use it on something else or buy ya loved one something, hold their hand instead!

When they start showing they know what the hell they are talking about, then maybe we start to listen to them, till then... steer clear is my advice, go read Grizz's blog if you want the real nuts and bolts on how it all works.

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