Daily gratitude is having these for the day! 

I had a great day with these two today, funnily enough because they are a friends dogs and I have not had one myself now for over a decade, I notice things with these more than I did when I had my German shepherd, Kaya.

It’s a bit like grand parent’s say, it’s great as you get to give the kids back.  😆 … so they enjoy the best of it. Same as looking after a dog, or two!

As I am writing this I still have them, they are zonked out asleep on the leather sofa. 

Today I was just watching them, a little more observant than usual for some reason and spotted a few funny life lessons, or things we have in common. We people and dogs are not so different in some ways. 🙂

In no real order…

5 Life lessons from dogs, or thing’s we have in common.

It matters where you take a poo!

A biggie… ooops, wrong phrase, ha… this is a strange one yet it matters. Dogs see us all picking up their poo, well, most responsible owners do, the dogs must think we are all a bit odd! 😆 

See Rosie, she has always lived with a bit of a big garden around her and in all the years I have probably seen her do a poo twice there. She just sneaks off and does it in private, yet you never see poo anywhere.

But, not when I have her, as I have no garden I have to take them somewhere yet she sure don’t like anyone seeing her doing it. But she gives me a funny look when I pick it up sometimes. I just nod at her… “I know!” 

On the flip side.

People are much like that, I have a friend who would never dream of “using the loo” and doing that anywhere else, never in my house, nowhere but their own home, unless they have to and they will strategically leave and rush home, or pick a place, pub, whatever if out. It’s amusing but I almost understand it. 🙂

I’m sure you know people like that, or maybe you’re like that yourself. I do understand it, where as some people really don’t care where they are. If they gotta go, they go, regardless who’s house they are in. 

It doesn’t matter where you take a wee!

The males all know it. I went to the scrap yard today to get a tyre, and the scrappy’s huge male Rottweiler took a wee all over the front corner of my car as I stopped… “Nice, cheers then” I uttered as I smirked. Did the dog care? Not a bit… 

Luckily it was the other side that needed a new tyre. 🙂 

The dogs all know no one cares where they wee. Even the females do it as soon they can find a patch of grass. If they can’t… who cares, they just wee. 

On the flip side.

Do we? It seems not, no one seems to have any issue having a wee in anyone’s home. 😆 Only the weekends where all the drunk men can’t seen to go past a doorway without having a wee. If the towns had more public loos, it may help!

Funny how we don’t feel bothered by a wee yet some are some are bothered by number twos! 

If we don’t eat it, it will still get eaten. 

Maybe not so much with one dog, but have more and when you put some food down… they both know “if I don’t get my fill, it’s gonna get eaten anyway!”

More so when it’s treats. Rosie lets her daughter Sybill get away with it all. As selfless mothers do. But Sybill, she don’t wait, she gotta get it down now as mother will eat it otherwise!

In the wild dogs probably wouldn’t even eat every day. Yet when they do, they get their fill, in their order. 

Boring dry food seems to be the one thing they can ignore! 😆

On the flip side.

I simply can’t have chocolate bars in my house because if I do, I’ll eat them all… can’t help it at times. Bet I’m not the only one! Yet I live alone. I know.. must be growing up with two brothers and that meant, if I don’t get to eat one when they are there, I’ll not get any… Poor mother, spending all that on choc and biscuits!

If it was there, it was gonna get eaten! 

Most people binge eat to some degree, I can often eat more at night than in the day, not a great habit, but… sadly bad habits we almost all now have.

Loyalty matters.?

The one thing we all know of dogs is the sheer loyalty they have for you, or each other if in the wild. Loyalty is a huge thing to them and most likely an instinct. It keeps them alive. Still does with people. 😉

Loyalty matters to them because they are relying on it in a way we rarely do to that degree. Dogs don’t lose that loyalty.

I took my mate to get Rosie, and to see her before he got her for life, so I have always been there, I spent a lot of time with her when she was a pup and still since. She was always comfy here at mine, she will happily stay overnight.

Sybill is almost the same, she knew I was important to Rosie and has always been great with me, comfy in my home etc. So she learnt from Rosie, but still, that loyalty is there, always.

On the flip side.

We are loyal to each other and those who we care about, but we rely on it less to survive, only as kids do we really have that loyalty to our parents and each other, we depend on it to survive.

Family matters, blood is thicker than water and we do have a life long loyalty of sorts to each other. But we simply don’t match dogs in this. Not as much as we could. Some cultures really do highlight this, where there are homes with three generations living together. 

Loyalty really is a great virtue. The biggest lesson a dog can teach us. Loyalty also breeds trust and goodwill, it makes life a little easier. 

Don’t take life too seriously.

Dog’s certainly don’t, they know what count’s and the rest is all just time and a ride… each day, they do similar things but they don’t care, they don’t take it all so seriously. They just live in the moment, whatever that moment is.

If they got a bone, they just enjoy getting their teeth into it.

Animals just be, in the moment more than we ever do, dogs don’t worry about stuff except why their master is not there! 

On the flip side.

Do you notice those that don’t care or take life so seriously are sometimes the happiest? Not always, but often and sometimes they seem to get all the luck.

It seems that way but the reality is when we don’t take it so seriously we often take the focus on “why we don’t get that break” away from our thinking and suddenly we do get that break.

Then you realise some people go through life like that, they don’t overly worry, they just say, well, what will be will be, roll with the waves. SO it seems like the don’t care, but it’s that they don’t take it all so seriously. 

Or if we don’t take life so seriously we notice the fun things a little more.

Hope that was fun! 🙂

Five life lessons from dogs, or five things we already have in common!

Any lessons you learn from your pets? Add them in the comments below. 

5 life lessons from dogs
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