As part of my aim to get healthier and rid myself of bad habits, I have over the last few months been looking into what I can do to boost my chances of success.

Knowing my own doubts on my willpower I felt I had to at least utilise this amazing tool we call the internet and see what I could find out for myself, never know until you look.

People talk of “alternative” therapies, medicine and such, not sure why its called alternative, holistic is more the truth, and it’s no coincidence ancient approaches were holistic, even Native Americans, Aborigines use a holistic approach.

I remember coming across a great article a few years back, I shared it on a forum I am no longer a member of, it was about our cells, DNA and how we are, in a sense, holographic, that is each cell is a mirror image of our whole.

It was a fascinating article, written by a man and woman who were Russian if I remember right, I has it bookmarked but due to the small fire on my pc a wee while ago, which had to be rebuilt I lost it, damn!

No matter, I will find it again I have no doubt.

Regardless, the information in there struck me and stuck in my head so I was surprised a short while back when I started looking into similar things without realising it or doing so without intent, the path it lead me on was fascinating mentally and spiritually, not only that…the “browser history” in chrome also interested me, the way I went along the right path almost wholly guided by my sub-conscience.

I am glad it happened.

I came across something else that reminded me of it, something that got me thinking about it again and with clarity because I felt it really encompassed all that I had been reading about.

What I started looking at a few months (4 or 5) back, it started because I was at a friends house and a fascinating program came on the TV about quantum physics, mechanics, it was in some ways mind-blowing stuff.

Nevertheless getting to understand it as best I could it opened up some fascinating realms of thought for me over the few days afterwards and it was this that got me thinking about the article I shared on the forum, how this quantum fits on a human cellular level, what could we do with it and learn more about it.

Through the wonder of this tool called the internet and reading whatever the path showed me I learnt way more than I thought I would

It lead on a funny path of mixed things, from the water test with words, through to photons, even stuff regarding 2012 and whatever that may bring.

Like I say, a strange path yet in the end it all made sense, enlightening you could say!

The real answers are in us, or if not, they are externally…in nature.

The notion of the “experts” calling 95% of DNA “junk DNA” is almost an insult, do they really expect us to believe that nature would waste so much DNA?

It’s not “junk” just because we don’t fully understand it, that’s absurd itself.

If anything it’s that the lack of understanding that probably scares them.

Anyway, I stumbled on something I have to say is of interest and maybe you could also benefit from it, this is something I did a few months ago and have since set 20 minutes a week to redo, I also approached it with an open mind and no preconceptions other than intent for it to work.

It works on something we have no real control over normally, because it speaks clearly to that part of us we can’t speak to with intent.

The message being given to your bodies intelligence, not your intelligence in the sense we know of, what we think for ourselves, but to that of the unseen intelligence your whole body has, something we rarely even acknowledge let alone use.

Taking just 20 mins to get started on reprogramming yourself, your DNA, your conscience, sub-conscience, your cells, cleansing and healing yourself on a quantum level. Quantum physics to heal mind body and soul.

Realigning your original blueprint, in other words.

What do you have to lose by trying it?

A 20 minutes a week holistic health approach
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