When I got an email not to long ago with a free report for traffic tips, in all honesty I thought, “not another free ebook for me to read”!

I will read them of course, you never know where you get a good tips from, incraesed traffic should mean we make more money online if that is an aim.

But this was different, no fluff and filler with it, just short easy to digest tips, often one line is all that’s needed to say it.

You get 247 good tips.

Some I knew, some not, some I would NEVER have though about!

I found at least 5 I can try out easily offline in the next few days, at least 2 tomorrow!

A warning though, this is ONLY FREE until end of Sept!
So while you can you should grab this, it’s made for people like you, me, bloggers, home businesses, etc.

In fact offline could be the place to sell this book if the author does sell it that is. ;o)

I am glad to have grabbed it and think you should too, if you can generate ten new visits to your site, blog, a day, how many is that at Christmas?

99 days till Christmas is it??

Worth grabbing for free is it not?

Click and grab your FREE (LINK REMOVED).

I’ll bet you get at LEAST 5 good tips you can implement immediately and grow your traffic.

From 247 of them you have a huge choice.

NOTE :: Edited to remove link as it is no longer free. Will be sold for $7. If anyone wants to grab this for that $7 let me know in the comments. :o)

“A great FREE traffic tips ebook”
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2 thoughts on ““A great FREE traffic tips ebook”

  • September 17, 2008 at 3:32 am

    You are welcome.

    Gotta be worth trying some of the tips I think.

    As I say even if you only get TWO new readers a day.. it will all mount up. :o)



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