A few interesting things to share today, get a cup of tea or coffee and let’s get stuck in…

This blogging lark is good fun and it should be, it’s not all tedious, depending on what and who you read, lately I have seen some interesting stuff and met a few new people who tell it as it is, not kissing ass and we all know asskissers are a pain in the ass!

People making out it’s harder than it is, write, promote, backlink, get involved with the community, mix it up… all there is to blogging, the important thing is bolded, it’s not a case of this or that, it’s a mix of everything.

As for making money doing it… well, there is plenty of great advice out there on that, Grizz himself has posted thousands of words for you to digest, if you really want to know go read his whole blog, I mean the whole thing from back to front.

One FACT is it takes work, no-one gets money for nothing, except maybe the third turd tribe who IMO already scammed over 2000 people who paid to play in an empty space.

Grizz did a great and revealing post regarding traffic stats the A-list wont tell you, which he also gives the answers to in the comments, be sure to check them out too, some of it didn’t surprise me, after all I know RSS feeds are inflated by various means, means the A-listers wouldn’t admit to, they just like to pretend it’s all real.

Trust agents… whatever, Brogan is that guy, bitchslapped by a pot smoking dude… (good man!) I know who’s opinion I’d trust, and he ain’t no agent!

You might feel John (linked to above this) is a bit brash with it, you’d be right there, that’s his style, I like it, he is straight up no bullshitting you, telling it like he sees it, don’t let that put you off though because he talks some truth, well at least you’ve been warned… ;o)

The bottom line is these A-listers pick and choose the airy-fairy-you-are-great types of people to converse with, not people like John who tell it as he sees it.

I had some punk telling me (anonymously) I shouldn’t be linking out so much because I am “leaking” page rank… who gives a toss?
Not me, page rank means squat in the big scheme of things, this blog is PR 3, was 4.. do I care it’s dropped? No… I linked out a few times the last few post because they were worth linking out to…and I want people reading that stuff because it matters. (Think maybe it was a turd tribe undercover agent slyly said that to me, if so, lame, piss off, this is my blog, I link to who I like and when I like)

Linking is the currency of the web, every blogger should know that… if not, well, look here…

Allyn wrote a superb detailed post on everything you need to know about backlinks, something every blogger should be doing, even me and I don’t do enough of it, but I know it’s important stuff, after all the Internet is built on links, I am lucky and grateful Allyn writes about it too, seeing the hassle I have with videos with my crap ears… be sure to watch them though, your ears work, use the damn things ;o)

Just get the basic understanding of links and how they work, why they matter, then check that blog out when Allyn does the follow up’s to this post because it should be interesting.

I share these with you for one main reason…

It’s important to be careful who you read and mix with, that’s an obvious thing to say but online there are some right idiots who only care about themselves, what they can get out out of  you, they will slap you down in comments when anyone pipes up the truth, I have seen it plenty of times with copyblogger copybragger (good one John on that name) slapping people down on other peoples blogs… it’s lame, it’s pathetic and it shows them up for what they really are.

These kum-by-yah bloggers are not doing anyone any favours, only themselves.

Grizz will tell you social traffic is crap, in the case of making money it probably is, though there is nothing wrong with being a social blogger, if you are social with people and interact with them in a way it works for you, by all means do that… just don’t expect to monetise it.

So, go read these post and think about what they are saying… it’s not all as it seems… mind you is it ever that way in life?

The best advice I could give anyone who is blogging or thinking about it is to be yourself, read the right stuff, listen to what your own head tells you, then act on it.


A-listers? No thanks, what I read and you should too…
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4 thoughts on “A-listers? No thanks, what I read and you should too…

  • February 11, 2010 at 2:57 am

    thanks for the linkage Rob, you are a good dude man.
    And I have seen you over at Griz's place too and also at the badass potpol John. Holy crap you hang in a tough crowd.
    someday I will get over your way and buy you a Bod's!

  • February 11, 2010 at 3:04 am

    Hey Allyn,

    Good to see you here ,ate, ah well, had to link to that, sheesh, you said all that needs to be said for someone needing to know about links… how could I top that?

    Ain't happening… ;o)

    Better to let those who know better explain it.

    The is a pub on the beach right behind my place… a beer or two watching the sun go down… fishing rod plonked in the pebbles!

    Fire in front of us…

    Now that is sweeet! :o)

    Tough crowd? Oh wait, that's you lot, all baddasses!

    I am an islander…we gotta be in a sense, island mentality and all that jazz…

    Bod's?? Real ale you mean? :o)

    Thanks for the comment, looking forward to the follow ups on your linking series.

  • February 21, 2010 at 12:24 pm

    Hey brother,

    good to see you're out there doing it and telling people what you think, how's things with you brother? Been busy?

  • February 21, 2010 at 2:19 pm

    Hey James,

    Had my youngest son over the last three or four days, plus my shoulder has been hurting, too much typing and using the mouse I think, so took time out ;o)

    Will be posting soon mate, hows you?


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