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As if anyone wants to see that! 😛

General Info

I am a father of two, trying to make my way in the world, I am also deaf, from birth, it’s ok, I get to lipread all the lovely ladies! 😉

I have been blogging now for almost 7 years, though not with this blog itself.

I am no expert and am still learning as I go along, just like everyone else I am sure there are things I can learn from all of you, as well as help you with things if possible and needed, you never know until you ask and I am always happy to try my best in that regard.

Having been a stonemason in the real world (offline!, remember that place?) and sadly due to it being at the top of the building trade the work is not easy to come by, I have in all honesty stopped and will never likely go back to it.

I decided to follow my desire to earn if possible a passive income online, not easy yet doable, having a keen interest in marketing certainly helps.


Should you wish to contact me there are several ways to do so, I don’t mind how you contact me, but for best results regarding a speedy response email is the one to use.

Below are several ways to get in touch.

Email me: deafdad+blog@ gmail.com (take the space out after @)

Twitter: RobSellen

Buzz: Buzz profile

Feel free to contact me if you need to, I know 99% of you are decent and thoughtful people yet I must also say to that other 1% who are likely to be spammers, should you try to contact me it’s likely you will be ignored.

Thank you. 🙂