Comment policy

Thank you readers.

Without you readers this blog would be a waste of time and I appreciate everyone of you, whether you have or have not commented before, I appreciate it when you do and will always aim to answer each and every one of you too.

I must add this policy though to ensure the very few rules are firmly in place and respected, I am doing my bit to give by joining the “dofollow” movement sharing some of that Google juice, so I must ask for everyone to respect that.

This is currently a clean and tidy blog, please help keep it that way by being a good commenter from the first to the last comment you leave.

With that in mind, comments are an integral and important part of blogging, yet I do not want the comments on here becoming a mess like it has elsewhere in many places, I don’t want to be forced into changes I don’t want, that is turning the very things that benefit you off.


Community is in the comments.

I appreciate not everyone comments on blogs, be it this one or any other, there are of course way more lurkers than commenter’s and I mean lurkers in the nice way. 😉

Happy to have those who prefer to only read and if you are one I hope someday you may feel like adding a comment to any post, more than welcome, anytime.

Importantly though for you, if you are a new commenter, try and follow some basic guidelines and do things well from the start to really benefit from it long term.

Why? …

You commentators are more than interacting with just me, and it’s not just me that can learn from you. 😉

The most important one to always remember is …

Being genuine and adding to the conversation matters.

No-one likes drive-by-commenter’s, spammers, or pill floggers, generous foreign kings and princes who kindly left you a fortune via some niece or nephew who has finally mastered the keyboard yet not the sense to use the damn thing right! 🙁

I digress, those get stopped on the spot, I have this blog set to stop them and askimet does a great job too. 😉

But for those of you who try to be clever, I will moderate your comments and check things out before anyone see it, if I don’t like it you are blacklisted.

Yet …

I have no doubt if you are reading this page you are probably decent anyway, one that I would welcome to add to the conversation, but do consider this as solid advice that is not only me trying to keep this blog decent, but also solid advice that is really aimed at you, for you, whether you take it on board and benefit from it or not, short and long term is in your hands… 😉

It’s not all one way, commentluv helps you too

If you have a website or blog of your own then I also feel that as a part of the real essence of blogging it should also benefit you too, blogs are after all one of the real and early forms of being social, social media before it was even coined as a phrase.

Commentluv is a do follow plug in, and one I not only like and want to keep, but one that I will do my best to keep clean too, I reserve the right to edit you link (lets say, if it was a naked affiliate link) and if the commenter is deserving of it, I will also probably have a stern rant at you, you take that risk…

But comment in the right way and your blog post gets some luv!

One reason I add to the “do follow” side of the situation is the thought of why shouldn’t we give back?

Give back is what I am doing, not giving away, so you must give first by sharing a decent comment. 😀

That is…

You go out of your way to add something and for that I feel a link to your latest post is a good trade. If that gets punished by the SearchEngine’s, well so what? I won’t punish you, you still get the backlink. 🙂

Now there is more… but also, as with commentluv, I will expect commenter’s to be sensible and not abuse it, because this is the one I would turn off first if I see it happen.

Keyworded Anchor links also matter

Keywordluv is now added but as I say, it must not be abused and I will take this whole commenting situation seriously.

What this does is allows you to have an anchored keyword as the link in the name field when commenting, if you quickly scroll down to the comments on this post, you will see the name is linked in the first two (total here at the moment) to the chosen website when you fill out the url field…

Now some people try to be clever and use keywords and their link text instead of a name… which meant replying was silly for the blog owner, addressing them as “Hi auto insurance” … crazy.

Keywordluv changes that, you pout your name@keyword in the name field and guess what…

Now it becomes for example… bob@auto insurance and the actual link is the keyword phrase.. not the name.

See the third comment below to see what I mean. 🙂

Although on this actual page the commentluv doesn’t show… I still explain in the comment what I do and how the keyword looks.

Who is control of our blogs? 😉

Yeah, us, so how you make it work for yourself is the key, it balances out, consider that even if the SE’s deem it less important than no follow, yet more people comment as a result of having it so what does that then do?

The bigger point is PEOPLE follow it by clicking it, I certainly do… and people yeah, they are of more value than the SE’s.

Search engines don’t write about you… people do! 🙂

Everyone knows what a backlink is worth, right? 😀

Please do feel free to comment on any post. . . anytime.

But a few things for confirmation

  • I do moderate the comments here.
  • No naked (purely) affiliate links, you want to link – link to your own site.
  • No stupid pills and crappy keywords, if your keyword doesn’t fit what you link to at all, I will edit or delete it.
  • No porn of offensive crap, links, keywords or otherwise.
  • No one line comments just to get a keyword phrase and comment link in.
  • No extra links in comments please unless it is very relevant, and I will judge that myself, act accordingly.
  • No clicking to sites that are not your own, that is also meaning no SEO “experts” spamming with a clients site, you built, just to gain some link juice and pimp your “expertise”, no seo consultant keywords unless it goes to YOUR own site which MUST be about SEO, just use your bloody about page, that’s what it’s for! 😉
  • No spam comments full stop! You get one chance really. Use it well.
  • You can use a total of two keywords. If you have any sense you will be utilising the numbers, that is, getting MORE links from the many comments you make here, there and everywhere else with the same or similar keywords… so you can use TWO keyword phrases for each site, not two in one comment, ie, I use Portland-bill and internet marketing, both for different blogs I have.  this one, and Portland Bill I could use by this example one more keyword phrase for each.

That just about covers it all, and I do hope you will leave a comment on here but following the right way, when you feel you can and should add to the blog.

Thanks to you all.

Ps, Remember, you comment, I follow at least.