It seems everyone has to have a disclosure policy these days.

In the interest of transparency I write the following.

First things first, this blog is written and edited by myself, all rights reserved on content here unless stated otherwise.

Occasionally this blog may share affiliate links, promote products or services I feel may have value for you, the reader.

Therefore some links may (if clicked) earn me a small commission, and they are small generally.

Although I may write about something, a product or service, I will always be fair and honest in my opinions, experiences and thoughts, this will not be influenced in favour of said promotion or service, those who own any product or service I write of must take that into consideration too.

The views, opinions and thoughts shared here are mine alone, you must do your own due diligence should you click on, or pursue anything I write of here that interest you.

Any concerns should be taken up with the product owner or service provider, I take no responsibility for any action you may take.

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Should you click any links, buy any product or service through links here, I thank you for your kindness in helping me to keep this blog going by way of helping with running cost.

Thank you. 🙂