Well… that was interesting. I know… three post in a day! Stressed! 😉

I have to say, hope that clinging post didn’t offend anyone or come across in the wrong way, ie preachy or whatever… It stemmed from a genuine conversation with someone and they thought it may be of interest to others, so I wrote about it.

Interesting nevertheless, but less of that 😉

More photos.. and clarity…

I knew I had seen a photo somewhere showing the area and the steps we walked down to get to the ruins last week. Church ope and Rufus castle… and that 13th century ruins. I am not sure who took that photo or where I saw it so if it was you, please let me know and I will credit you, or if you know who it was, please do say. (HMS osprey) I have been told took this. 🙂

So… them steps! … Yeah… them steps!

More than 150 to get down there I know that much.

So, here is a picture explaining a few details… 😉

A = Rufus castle.

B = 13th Century ruins.

All part of…

Church Ope

The name of the cove itself.

So we walked down the red line from the top near the Portland Museum, a place we should also look into. 😉

Point 1 is roughly where my friend was stood when taking the photos we captured and point 2 is where I was stood, and point 3… where that anomaly was. Quite a way down I think you will agree. 😉

The kink between A and point 1 is where you get the fantastic view as seen below…

A great view eh… 🙂  A great little beach to see. Kids love it.

I am hoping that picture also clears up some questions and confusion to the non locals. 🙂

Any other questions?

Aerial photo of Church Ope
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