Funny thing life…

Funny thing online life!

Anyway I digress.

A few things have happened and things look slightly up, not quite there, but the right direction, still here, with opportunities, time and effort to utilise.

One step at a time eh? ;o)

Thanks to those who have helped, wittingly or unwittingly. ;o)

So…arse in gear throttle down…away we go.. ;o)

Some good things I notice with traffic stats lately is people are keen and active out there in the wide blogosphere and social network side of the Internet, keen to read your blog and giving you the chance to see their blogs…interesting what you find out there, amazing pictures too. :o)

Funny things where you just know the feeling… ;o)

Ever the watchful (enhanced?) eye I notice something I have had to give thought, the focus of some blogs I see tend to have a theme and a narrowness, and on others they are a mish mash of thoughts, pictures, tips, others purely aim to make money, or give 100% freely, whatever.

Yet all have different expectations as you know, but do you take notice of the anticipation?

All different again? ;o)

Every time you go to certain blogs you have visited often you get a certain expectation and that influences the anticipation…in a big way.

What do you anticipate on a visit to each blog you do?

In most case is “more of the same”, no? ;o)

So something not quite expected this time is to peak in some way your anticipation on the next visit?

Concentrate on your readers anticipation and watch their expectations change, hopefully for the better, every so often ;o)

If you have yet to grab the free book as seen on the sidebar here, it touches upon a key example in it’s “pillars” which do this. (Every blogger should have that book!)

Problogger Darren does it with his “series” too.

But there are alsorts of ways this is done, and maybe it truly is each blog is as unique as the writer AND reader. Each visit for each person generates a unique reaction, spark, idea, view, inspiration, spark of anger…whatever…all unique.

We all take things uniquely every visit, every word.

So we can never be perfect in any way, why try? ;o)

Just do whatever you are but anticipate your readers anticipations every so often until it’s an every time habit.

The truth to me is the focus of a blog is what the readers make it to themselves. ;o)

The writers focus should be purely intent, in whatever form, be it to share, teach, sell, give, spread, annoy, worship, gain as a fan, or a mix in any way.

The writers intent may be different for each post obviously, yet the anticipation and expectation can be the real deciding factor in the level of reaction gained from each post, the aim of the intent.

Do I think about your anticipation then? Of course.. ;o)

I anticipate that some of you are not even here, but saying “wow, great pics”, or “yeah, I KNOW I’ve been close to doing that”, some of them may be back.. ;o)

Some of you “older” readers will be here, and thinking, “jeeeesus Rob, your marketing cap has slipped, you lost readers already, some won’t be back and not a money button in sight!” ;o)

Some of you “older” readers may be saying “The caps on tight enough for now” ;o)

Some will be saying “Get to the bloody point Rob”.. ;o)

Some of you new readers will be saying… “Hang on, start thinking about MY readers expectations and anticipations…then how I influence it hhhhmmm.. that’s new” :o)

Some will be saying…”what the heck?” “Is the man nuts?” :/

Some will say…”nothing new here, nothing to see people!, move on” ;o)

It’s all good. ;o) I learn something too! That’s part of my intent.
Understanding yourself is the first step to understanding others. ;o)

Any thoughts?

“Almost there”
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