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Oh yes!! 🙂

I am glad to have moved to the new wordpress 3.0 and though a couple of times I have seen odd styling bugs in the dashboard at times, things looking odd… a refresh of the page sorts it. 😉

I am glad to have got onto using the twenty ten theme, I like it but I did notice a few things… oddly the ad squares widget wouldn’t sit right, as the sidebar wasn’t big enough.

So, I dealt with them issues. 😉

But, it was odd…

It was just odd that the content “floats” to the left but is fixed at 100% of the width… strangely it has a “right” negative count margin, as in say -240 so that it leaves a gap on the right side of the width that size with the sidebar being there, hope that makes sense? (this explains it well, I just went looking 😉 )

I thought it odd but it makes sense when you read that and also realise the settings being that way load the content before the sidebar. 😉

Bonus. The content loading first is always a good thing. 😆

Changes, not too many but important

So, it’s game on… I am starting to get the site more how I want it to be, the ads for sponsors now fit after I altered the style css and the margins need to get it to fit while keeping it all neat. 🙂 AND they are available, contact me. 🙂

The share buttons on the bottom of each post now work well, thanks for sharing… 😉

I am nearer to getting the plug-ins set up how I want them, a few other things I hope makes the place better for all, you and me. 🙂

I have added plenty of images for the headers for the top of the post, how do you like them so far? (feel free to leave comments) 🙂

As you can see from all the smilies I am happier to be getting there.

Alterations to the theme and new adspots
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