“Amassed clutter, of gold?”

Not getting to the library often enough at the moment, even so I am limited at the library with the filters etc in place on here, it likes msn but not google?

Anyway, I had an interesting time going through my pc while not online, in other words not “diverted” by the net, being the distraction it is. :o)

I can’t believe what I have on my pc…way to much of it and some things are junk to put it nicely, but also found some gems that I hadn’t really got round to reading, letting it sit in a “to do” folder. :o)

The amount of good PLR work I have is coming in handy for creating new things…all of which I can build up for getting online asap…but without being distracted half way through as is often the case.

Nice to have sorted and cluttered, started re-planning things, adding new ideas into the mix too.
Connections I hadn’t yet seen until sorting the PC out.
Things I have that compliment each other etc. :o)

Getting there…slowly, but DO need to get back online at home asap.

What is on your PC?
Have gems you forgot about?

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