Instead of banging out articles, researching using the system of videos and the tools they help with, doing make money online stuff, working on the other stuff like back-linking that has to be done, I’ve been awful quiet lately, – some would say, “damn, makes a change that!” – not just here but in general, I hurt my shoulder and muscle in the back of my arm, it also hurt my neck a bit and the back of ribs – typing and using a mouse doesn’t help.

I also need to sort out my seat, change a few things, revamp my workspace, one interesting odd change is to take my damn wallet out of my back pocket, it makes me sit crooked… not nice.

It was also half term so my youngest stayed over for a few days which was, as always, great, so it was good to have a break from all this online crap, typing and whatnot, let’s face it when you do it most of the time it gets tedious and can’t be healthy, it’s made me think about it all alot. I am so close to kicking the smoking habit too, which is the most important change and one I must implement asap!

The break did reveal some interesting insights for me.

I stopped checking mail, social sites etc, everything really, just logged off and slipped into forget-about-it mode!

Coming back from that break of sorts revealed alot, mainly the build up of crap I usually spend time going through, using, reading, sorting, etc… all those emails, RSS feeds unread, buzz’s unread (buzz is for another post, on second thoughts, I won’t bother till I have used it more!) all the spam to deal with, all the tweets, facebook stuff, blog posts, comments, among much other stuff that I have…

I realised what a sheer amount of time it wasted and did I really need to be wasting that time?
It stressed me out bad, I had a migraine the other night thinking about it all… crazy I know!

Couldn’t I use it better?

If we are to spend any time doing this stuff we should be maximising it, getting the most out of it.

I am in this for the long haul so that also means staying in better health while doing it, which means spending less time doing it for me, as too much if it is not helping my health, the main plus is it’s making the focus tighter, a good thing.

We have to compromise with anything we do, whatever it is we do, a balance between health, safety, happiness, sanity, and time.

Sitting on my arse looking at this screen all day, not necessarily online either, writing, reading, researching etc…only punctured by eating, getting out for air and sleeping is not good.

Without health you got jack shit.

Doing too many things is driving me nuts, not doing enough of the right things is driving me nuts, I don’t fancy being nuts so I have had to give it some thought and decide what I should and shouldn’t do.
Whether I get it right or not remains to be seen but I have to try because I ain’t happy at the moment.

None of us want to do shit that doesn’t make them happy and I am no different.
I need to cut down on time wasted, use it better and on crap that works.

I see the main two ways it breaks down to for me…it’s now understanding it better for me, meaning what best suits me, then making the choice and going for it big time putting all efforts into one path.

I envy those who have only got a few blogs or sites, (say 10 at most) and they make a good living income from them, I envy those who have lots of sites (100’s) earning a little each and it mounting up to alot in total, either way works, one of these paths is what most people take, or try at least…

The bottom line is they all do it to make money, nothing wrong with that, as we all have to make it somewhere…

Both take bloody hard work, lots of hassles, trials, and frustrations along the way, and time… like almost anything in life worth going for, none of it is easy, but it can be easier depending on us, what suits us, what is most likely to work for us and that is where I need to get it right, choosing the better path to take as I am not likely to try and do both, though some do… and it’s right money should be made, all that effort.

The degree of it all depends on so many factors, the effort put in, where it’s put, the niche it’s in, the type of content, the angle you take, the marketing of it, the connections it makes and whom of them share it, the conversion of people to buyers, you know, so many things can make the difference, trying to analyse all that is a nightmare!

For me, I am not getting the niches right, not getting the right keyword phrases to target, (open to any advice or keywords, in confidence of course! )
I am spreading myself to thin in some ways too, also using up too much time socialising, things I have to address.

This blog itself is one I want to spend effort on, more time spent making this better, so I should maximise and monetise it better, with the upcoming FTP (self hosting this blog) cut off and having to move this to a subdomain, or even use WPress, I will have a chance to make changes, and that I will do.

But in order for this blog to make me any income it depends on me doing better content and it depends on you buying, sharing, linking to, helping, or whatever…after all, it’s link clicks that get sales and someone has to click them.. and on this sort of blog adsense is never a good income generator, to be honest it’s crappy.

I don’t have blinking ads all over the sidebar, big adsense blocks, affiliate stuff, or much else, so no wonder it makes little, even if the content was great (not that I think it is) it ain’t set out to make money from anyone…

Other than a few links in the sidebar on the top left, and the odd link in the post as I have done in the start of this one, oh… and the beer icon which is for anyone wanting to tip me a beer (cheers!) …it’s not much.

Even then, with these links they are good products from people I know well, and the money paid goes to me, likewise once you have them, you can also link to them on your site and earn 100% of the income from clicks… yep, you would be helping me out, and would only need to sell one yourself to have got it free.

So, as you can see, by not having the “money maker” links on here it’s unlikely it will make any!

But I won’t just promote any old crap on here and never have, so anything I do promote I either have it, or I’ve already tried it and know it is ok, worthy, useful, whatever, if I am to make anything myself I have to share them with you, obviously.

So, just a little about why I have been quiet lately, now I am feeling a bit better and more focused so, it’s been a
blessing in disguise really.

It’s made me think about the path to take, where to put my efforts and spend my time, while making changes to improve life in general, and part of that is to do better in the effort to make money online with this blog and a few others I am definitely keeping.

And should you buy anything here, thanks.

An unexpected break changed my path…
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