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Had an email from a reader asking what I meant in an earlier post when I wrote that.

Glad you asked if you don’t understand, never daft questions are there? ;o)

So, as with any text link it’s clickable yet with anchor links you are also using a keyword link, like if I wanted to share a post I made about my dog.

I would use keyword link to give that link more “weight” to the search engines view on that link and the content on the page.

As in this example I would write take a look at Kaya in her youth.

That is the title of the very post.

A common mistake people make is to have all their links saying “click here” for link love.
That is not a good anchor text link at all.

Better would have been to link “link love“.

I am sure you can imagine why now. :o)

It’s a bonus when it comes to SEO (search engine optimisation).

Hope that makes sense and if not, post in the comments and we will work it out. ;o)

Take care,

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