Another nights sleep lost!

Getting to be a pain at times… can’t sleep or more like can’t stop “getting things moving” as the need to get up to speed and build on where I need to go takes over…my sleep routine is buggered right up!

But I have at least been “getting things done” that IS a
positive thing.

Made massive progress in a variety of ways.

Getting there!

Still I am also in two minds on things… I mean I know where I want to be, which way I want to go, but getting the results is going to take some serious time considering how much time I lost over the last year…

A year offline is like a bloody decade on here!!!

It’s pissed me off a bit to an extent…but hey positive thinking is the way.

I can see way more of the potential than I could before having had a step back from it all then coming back it has opened my eyes some…I tell ya.

Look at youtube…geeee much f******* MONEY did they get?

Two guys in two years!!

So I do feel for me its…

Just a little slow on getting things moving as fast as I would like.

If that makes any sense…

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