What a frustrating morning I had, got so fed up I had to stop and get off here and go for a bike ride…

Not a long one, just out there enjoying the air and the sea, took a few pictures and shot a small video for the Facebook page I have for Portland site.

That takes ages to upload!

You can check that out if you are a fan or have a look at it here…

Portland Bill

So… out on the bike.

Just to clear my head and maybe help my brain sort out what I had flooded it with all morning… did it help?
Not much. 😆

Missing the old biking company though… Great weather for it too. Shame. (Won’t say never! 😉 )


What was I so frustrated about anyway?

You guessed it, doing all this lark!

WordPress is great yet sometimes can be so frustrating to use, especially when to comes to having issues.

No matter how small the issue, it can be a big pain to sort it out, very frustrating.

It tells me what the issues are but not really what to do to sort them out, much like Facebook debug, it tells me what’s wrong but nothing about how to sort it out.


There lies a problem with open source products of which WordPress is, in my mind, because every WordPress site is set up different with different plug ins etc every site will have it’s own conflicts and issues as they are all different.

So there seems to be no “one size fits all” solution. Sadly, frustratingly.

I imagine other platforms that are not open source like googles blogger set up, which I used before WordPress, has basic stuff like this set up to avoid these issues.

All google blogger set ups are built on the same thing, it will be set within the platform itself most likely and unable to be changed by the user, so it’s going to be easier to avoid these small issues.

Same as https … more hassle for us all… not something I am looking forward to sorting out yet that’s the way things are going, I think it’s a bit of a con to be honest.  Should be free and simple.

Regarding this site and the sharing issues I am having, Facebook Debug tells me the og.image (what image would show on shared post) is incorrect, yet it’s set up correctly in my settings for the “all in one seo” plug in… anyone use this have any thoughts on what I should do?

I was using the “ultimate seo” plug in, but I couldn’t resolve the issue, so went back to the all in one seo which I had used previously. I still have the issue!

I also have another issue, apparently the Facebook scraper tells me the provided og.type “blog” is not valid… well, it’s set to article… how it should be!! How is that happening?

I did have duplicate meta tags… that’s now sorted. 🙂


Anyone got a hammer?

Anyone got a hammer? …
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