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Don’t know why exactly but I’ve been wondering what the hell I am doing here.

Not for the first time either but it also got me wondering about where it’s all going, this blogging and everything else online.

I should know that at least for myself anyway, as I can only speak for me.

Mindset is everything, right?

Mines just changed a bit…

It just seems after having a little break and coming back with a sort of fresh eye as a reader, ie, when I looked at my google reader and seen the 1700 odd unread feeds and thinking, wtf!!?

Am I going through that lot? 🙁

Nope… not exactly, if it was ages ago, yeah I would have because the way reader was set up, only feeds you hand picked, but the way it is now is ruined for me at least…

With all the crap shared, almost forcibly, just because of the way the contacts between gmail, buzz, friendconnect, Greader all overlap in some way, now the reader is all mashed up and messy, I basically ignored the majority of the shared items simply because it was so much, no offence to those who shared it of course, same with buzz! 😉

Not good…
I did unsubscribe from a lot of feeds though as it really highlighted what I don’t read often, others which I wonder why I ever subbed to in the first place!

I would rather have the option to separate the reader and have it how I used to, ONLY for reading the feeds I picked, ones I always read, to go through it all now would be a mess but one I will have to sort out, even if it means starting again. 😉

Wish google never started it this way now when friendconnect, buzz, wave, all started up without doing it right for the masses, instead of pleasing the tech crowd few, the bloody geeks!

Is blogging itself changing?

Maybe it’s just me but I think they are in many ways, one thing I notice is how boring it can be to see the same old shit regurgitated in multiple places, how many times can you write… “x number of blogging tips” or “Tips to get traffic” or whatever.

I know as they say “niches have to be utilised” as it matters and blogs on them niches stick on topic etc etc… it matters for ranking, blah blah bloody blah… but, boring shit, don’t you think?

It’s not a coincidence that many people are using multiple authors these days, cranking all all different styles and angles in the same niche and by using volume they are getting bigger too, how does one person compete against a blog that’s shoving up 10 post a day?

Even guest posting is benefiting from this in this way, not that I am saying you should or shouldn’t do it, far be it for me to preach that… it’s each to their own and rightly so, doing what works for your objectives is what counts for you.

People blog for different reasons, different results and such, irrelevant what “I” think. 😉

… but I think…

Blogging is going full circle

Life is cycles, circles, why is blogging any different?

Personalisation, brand you, the author is so often the key to the blog, that was how it started and that’s likely what it will get back to, then evolve again…

Even on these multiple author sites it is often that readers only read one or two of them, or have a particular person they only read everytime, while skimming others, maybe only reading the original authors post?

Who knows? I know that it’s true for me when I read these multiple author sites.

When I read one, often if the author has a link to their own blog, I will go check that out, bet I’m not the only one doing that either. 😉

One topic is boring the pant’s off people, most peoples personal blogs are a range of stuff, opinions, far more interesting than the one they guested for.

Personally I feel this will be the way it will go, people will start to write a broader range of stuff unless it’s on a very tight set up niched blog run as a business, which should stick to a formula, a winning formula too! 😉

These blogs may get popular just being interesting overall. 🙂

What do you think?

Are blogs evolving?
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2 thoughts on “Are blogs evolving?

  • June 25, 2010 at 6:46 am

    “With all the crap shared, almost forcibly, just because of the way the contacts between gmail, buzz, friendconnect, Greader all overlap in some way, now the reader is all mashed up and messy”

    This is the way now applications get integrated, it will just improve their own applications usage. It is just to keep you in their boundry. But they really dont know that we are all already in the peak of hating those useless integration. Time to choose the right provider for getting good services. Except seach i dont think they have something less buggy.


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