Never a truer image seen. For me anyway. 😉

As soon as I saw it on a friends wall I immediately asked if he could send it me, as it resonates… that does matter 😉

This image shows me something in several ways, several meanings, yet in a visual way. We all experience this with things, like films do in regards to books they are based on or influenced by.

A visualisation of something is a powerful thing. Even if it is just an image!

To me…

In one way, that image is saying, look, what you think you actually project.

In another it’s saying, you are not what you think you are but you are what you think.

In another it’s saying, you have a light being, which is the real you. your higher self, you just don’t be it. Be your light. Shine…

In another it’s saying, you are not your body.

I wrote about a strange experience I had as a child,  not one I would recommend either yet it really was almost like this image with a slight difference, as you can see. 😉

That led to alot of things for me. Internally and therefor externally.

Some strange as well, but it also shaped me a little. Within.

It gave me something, actually a few things, over time too as it was not something I could process as a child.

Sense of true self

A realisation which wasn’t until many years later, it awakened me, awakens me to to the reality of what we really are.

Energy… Energy vibrating at a frequency. Nothing else, nothing less, nothing more and what purer vibrating energy could we be than light?

Love… part of light. 😉

It wasn’t just that experience and the awakening of the truth of what we are…

No laughing, but here is part of the truth for me, remember back in 1991, there was a strange (yet looking back significant) thing that happened that year and almost everyone in the UK knew of it…

Most of them laughed…

You remember?

Course you do, unless you are too young. 😉

This happened… well, what did I do?

I zigged while everyone else zagged… 😉

I was actually interested in what he was saying at the time, never laughed at him, but I did listen, and realise he was telling some serious truths… because it resonated as truth to me, and my light self. 😉 I felt it. 🙂

I didn’t really talk of it with anyone, most just laughed about him, so I just said nothing… but I was curious. I knew within myself he was onto something, his own truth was strong…

It had a frequency I could not ignore…

Then something strange happened. Very strange.

Truth set me free

Then I think it was late in 1995, I was then living with my family, my young sons and their mum, in Littlemoor, I was always an avid reader and ventured to the second hand bookshop in Park street, which I think is still there! … Nearly everytime I went to town.

As my partners sister once lived in the flat above it, it was always easy to pop in there and have a browse, grab a few books back then… so I did get to become a regular in there for a few years after.

One day I popped in there and was browsing along the back of the shop, when all of a sudden, no lie, a book fell off the shelf just along from me… I was not even touching anything.

Guess what that book was… yeah, Ickes second one.

The truth shall set you free. And it was riveting. 😉

Funny enough, when I saw it, I thought, i’ll get it, £1 … worth it, so I went to the counter, the guy looked at me strange, said … “that man gone all funny” 😉

Shrugged my shoulders… still bought it. 😉

More than that, it got me to question everything… including my past, my experiences. The world around me. It set me free in a way.

That’s powerful. Questioning your own truth. Then questioning that. 😉

We are more than we think we are…

No separation

Anywhere, with anything, or anyone… and especially to all facets of self.

Nothing is outside of you, at all… we just decode that there is.

Yeah, decode from the 5 senses do we not?

Ok, less for me, but then we all have 100% sensory perception.  I wrote that in 2007… still truth!

Yes, I do think different… 😉

When I saw my “higher self” at 9, It was not outside of me, not really, it just seemed that way to my little 9 year old decoder, aka brain.  😉

Since then I have felt a stronger connection to that higher self, by way of intuition… never let me down so far and why would it? 😉

There are no separations with you and all your levels of consciousness, at all, remember who you are and you’ll see that is a truth.

Same as we are all connected, in a way we don’t realise, or appreciate.

Just today…

Before writing this post I had a lovely bath, then got out on my bike for a ride about… alone, again, but nevertheless I got thinking about a few things, see before I left, I looked up at my nan’s photo on the wall, smiled, said afternoon nan, then looked around make sure all was ok, glanced at the mirror picture on the wall which I was given by someone, who’s now sadly passed mother had it…

I left, had a good old blast around on my bike… enjoying the sun and popped up to the sea wall for my daily ritual of enjoying the sea…

Came home…

Just as I got to my door I spotted this…

A sign from nan?

A hello from nan… I’ll take it as that, hi nan, love you… 😉

Reconnect to your light

As there is no separation, it is not a hard thing to do, be better, see the good in others, that will get your own light shining… there is no separation remember.

I could always feel mine within me and even felt it protect me a few times in life… thankfully too.

Just visualise it, meditate on it… take it seriously too and you’ll feel it.

Then live in it… Vibrate within the frequency.

What you give out you get back, that’s a fundamental truth, whether we like it or not, whether we use it correctly or not, we are doing it… Be angry somewhere and see what that attracts… um yeah, angry people. 😉

Law of attraction is happening… regardless whether you believe it is or not, you open your eyes and mind to that and you see it is. . . always.

The universe will bend itself to deliver … after all, it’s yours.  😉

Really connect to the good in you and see the good everywhere else and in everyone else and you soon see things change fast, for you.

Wake up, to you and your unlimited self… You are LIGHT.

Be your light and shine.

Are you shining? …
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