Wipe the spit off your face, and keep the rest for your tears.

Now before you Arrington fans start bashing me…let’s be a little honest here.

I don’t agree with that moron who spat at him, I don’t say Micheal deserved this either, not by a long shot.
Let’s be straight here though, that arrogant Arrington has courted controversy from day one, often “spitting virually” at others…was that ok?

Saying that…

If you want to be an arrogant person and cause controversy, revel in the fact people don’t like you, use linkbaiting tactics with the controversy you ought to be able to stand up to any backlash. (No this ain’t link bait, but I don’t care if someone thinks it is)

Micheal said on his own blog he is stepping back, it was the last straw…yet his family was threatened in the summer last year now surely THAT should have been the last straw?

So, could someone say “he was more concerned for himself than his family?”
Spitting at him was worse than threatening his family?


See it shows him for what he is, he didn’t care that he put his family and himself at risk like that in the first place, why do you think people say “they will sell their granny for the publicity”?

Yeah, they will and yet they moan when any kind of negative thing happens to bounce back on them.

Last thought…. can you imagine someone spitting at say… Darren Rowse? Thought not…

Why not?

Because he treats people with more respect than that arrogant Arrington does.

While I can sympathise with the fact it IS a huge insult to spit at someone, I honestly feel that Arrington has to look at himself and his actions first.

Edit to add… Interesting.

“Arrington, here you are…”
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