Writing articles is yet great another great way to gain extra traffic with the added bonus of having a longer term effect if others use your articles.

By far the best way is to use “long tail” keywords relating to your blog, site topic.

For an example lets say you have a “dog related” blog, you have tips for training, breeding and other general dog related topics.

Your general keywords may be…

Dog training
Dog breeding
Breeding dogs
Training dogs

These are termed “short tail” in the sense they are broad search terms, these are the keywords every “dog related” site or blog will target, rightly so too. ;o)

But using longer tail keywords can gain a big advantage for you in the sense others may not target them, and you have less competition by targeting these terms.

For example…

Training dogs the right way
Dog training and breeding
Dog training for new owners
Training dogs for beginners
Training German shepherds < This could be changed for all other breeds. ;o)
Buying my first dog
Dog training at home
House training dogs
The new dog breeder

Etc… you see that these are longer terms, more in line with what people will search for too. ;o)

Writing articles that target these terms will bring in a “long tail traffic stream”, meaning you get this traffic long after you do the article. ;o)

With less articles targeting the same keywords as you you have a better chance to capitalise on the traffic coming in.

You really should add articles to your plans for they are an “evergreen” form of traffic, use a good bio at the bottom of each pointing to your blog and watch the traffic build up.

Another twist for you is to capitalise on linking the articles together, so one could be linked using anchor linking as a better SEO plan for your blog traffic.

For example you do an article called “Dog training at home”, which is a basic one for all dogs and dog owners, posting this to an article database, but you can have this linking to another blog post titled “Dog breeds and training” where a list of breeds of dog and training methods for each is laid out nicely for all traffic from the first article… ;o)

So your anchor link in the first article bio will be…

www. whateversitename.com/dog_breeds_and_training < that's the second articles title... IE... an anchor link. ;o) A post with a short blurb and a link to each breed and training article you have on the blog. Do you think these people will click on the breed specific article you have for them? What's more you can add affiliate links or AdSense on each post of the second articles list. That's the way to do articles I think. :o) If you think it's hard think again, it's made easy with the fantastic article ebook done by a friend, which is a crazy bargain and what’s more, you can add a twist to the above method to gain buyers of this very book and make a profit. ;o)


Do an article on how you write articles very easy on “dog training” and how other dog lovers can also start a blog on their new dog…
Have your anchor link to a post specifically teaching others how to start their “dog blog” with your ebook link at the bottom for them to get started with. ;o)

One sale and you got a great article book free!

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