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Messed up blog? Somehow

Too much coffee trying to work out where this blog has somehow messed itself up, very frustrating to deal with when out of the loop for a while, amazing what we forget so easy. So, it looks like advice and … Continue reading

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Portland Bill exposed and it’s beautiful

What a busy few days for me. It’s all good though and alot can be said for focus and direct action. Without it not much gets done. Whodathunkit! WHAT next? More of the same 😆 I needed it to distract … Continue reading

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500th post has me wondering if facebook hit it’s tipping point?

Portland’s golden mile. . . These sunsets here are fantastic, lucky us. How can anyone complain with that view? I’m not! 😀 This is the 500th post on here, though it should be far higher, it’s still a good milestone. Thanks … Continue reading

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Enjoying the simple things in life

Where else would anyone want to be?  Those in the know will realise that chesil beach is inverted, due to it being a “selfie” . . . still looks good whatever way it goes. 😉 It that time of year … Continue reading

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The illusion of democracy, why your vote strengthens the illusion

It’s that time again when all the masses lose sense and start arguing about who does what and who would benefit them and their needs the most, believing that they really do have that choice, so much so they succumb … Continue reading

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Create the fork in the road and own it

I’ve been thinking more about the path I’m on. where it’s leading me, where I’d like it to lead… I realise we always choose our path even if it’s not the one we want to be on, after all if … Continue reading

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