Kestrel flying
Free! šŸ™‚

Free as a bird… in the bath? šŸ˜‰

Let me explain ramble before you call the men in white coats.

Last night I had a very strange yet enlightening experience which really got me thinking on another level altogether.

A level of thought I’d not had before and it was, in a way, by accident and I don’t think it will be the last time either!

It started by buying the wrong product in the shops the other day but notĀ actuallyĀ realising till last night, I had wanted to grab some bath powder like Radox, you know, just to relax in… it wasn’t till after I chucked some in the bath that I realised it was actually epsom salt… shopping in a hurry does that for ya! šŸ˜†

I actually ripped the packet to hard and poured nearly ALL of it there…

So what happened…

It blew me away, that’s what!

Floating in the bath is very strange!

It wasn’t the sense of relaxing on the body itself that blew me away, more on the mind… being deaf I can’t hear in the bath as you would guess, this makes it very easy to “switch off” from distractions and if I close my eyes it’s even better.

At first it was nice and relaxing, it felt strange floating in the bath yet having my eyes closed helped, so I got up again and turned the light off, got back in there and relaxed again, it was now very dark as well… which just made it all the better. :mrgreen:

Letting go of everything

It’s easier than I thought once you start but it’s also a bit freaky because it was letting go of my mind… epsom salt makes you float and I had a real sense of weightlessness which was just emphasised by the fact the water wasn’t really hot, more like just above body temp, after 5 to 10 mins it was like I couldn’t even feel the water itself.

Freaky to a point! šŸ˜†

But bloody good and I just lost myself into it more and more, IĀ didn’tĀ think about anything, just let my mind wander of it’s own accord and go with the flow.

If I thought about anything it was almost killing the sensation itself, pulling me back to reality so I had to stop that and keep letting it go of it’s own accord, harder than I thought but it got easier.

The more I let it go, the deeper it went until I almost scared myself back out of it, I had to ignore that small tinge of fear, the unknown.

It was the only way to stay in that state of mind, being… I had to stop thinking so to speak, everytime I felt a rush and thought about “me” the effect got less… I had to switch “me” off.

That was hard but after 10 mins of trying it got easier to do and it had to be done to keep feeling that way, that was probably the hardest part… I even thought, bloody hell, gotta share this, which immediately I had to stop doing and relaaaaaxxxx. šŸ™‚


That’s how I felt, totally without any senses, like I was sinking into my own mind further and further… I know it sounds like some wacky shit but really… that’s how it felt, like all my senses deserted me and I was just myĀ conscience-nessĀ without “me” guiding it or even being there, no body, no feeling, no ego!

No nothing… just this swimming within the ether and wow, it’s like I can’t explain it, you have to experience it to know it.

It was a real surreal sensation and a bit of a “wooooah what the F… !! ok… breathe, breathe, calm down…” moment. Ā Seriously I crapped myself for a few seconds which seemed like minutes and it was scary, like a panic attack can be, it passed… thankfully! :mrgreen:

It was like I was connecting to the universe or something, connecting to the source, whatever that is and the more I let myself go with the flow the stronger it got, I could almost see things from a totally new angle, see the strands of everything that binds, like that bird in the pic… just floating above and looking down at the world with a clear connected feeling.

The world and all it’s oddness washed over me, it was like everything laid out to see in a simple way I hadn’t seen it before.

It all just made sense, yet the more it made sense the more questions it lead to, it was like I was plugged in… you know that your pc works, you know how and why yet, go past that plug socket and it starts to baffle you…

I mean, your sitting there reading this and it could beĀ literallyĀ within a minute of me hitting publish… what, how much more baffling can you get than that? šŸ˜‰

The more I let myself go the more things seemed to connect up, like I could see and feel the string ofĀ conscienceĀ out there, it all became one, it all became me and I became it.

There was no single thought alone, it was almost a fluid movement through many… very odd.

Water probably being the conductor, which makes sense when you consider that’s the one thing that ultimately connects us all, everything, nature, me, you, them, everything, water!

How many times have people had a “brainwave” while in the bath relaxing, how many of those felt they were not thinking about anything and whatever brainwave it was just popped into their mind?

Well, are you experienced

Hard to explain something like that, the only thing I can say it you can only go by what you experience, you cannot know from someoneĀ else’s.

It’s like having your first parachute jump, becoming a dad for the first time,Ā something that just can’t be explained…

How do you really explain you made a person?

That’s the magic of things that happen in life, we make people and we know it’s sex, we know it’s sperm and eggs that do the magic… yet no-one can say exactly what happens there, bit like an experience you know that feeling after theĀ miracle of becoming a dad is not something you can explain to anyone.

I just bubbled like a bloody baby… twice! šŸ™‚

More than my lads actually!

Experience is as the word say’s, actually going through it and having that personal knowledge of it and it’s effects.

How do you explain how it feels to actually drive a car, I mean that real feeling you get while driving on a hot summers evening with the windows down and great music playing, smiling away, with someone special in the seat next you you?

Hard to do… but this sensation in the water was different altogether.

Almost like taking something to bend your mind, ultimately leading to…

New experiences and altered states

Last nights experience changed me… in a strange way.

Life isĀ madeĀ of experiences and this was a great one for me.

It was a bit like supercharged meditation or something, a fast track way to that state of mind, which as anyone who has tried mediation knows it’s not easy to get to that state of mind without alot of practice.

Face it, we are all a work in progress, how you grow and what you experience is completely down to you and your choices, if you choose to do nothing other than the normal stuff of life you are on a similar state as every other person like that, it’s not about drugs like some will assume, but experiences, this bath last night for a good example.

The one thing we have is feeling, how we feel at any given time is what matters, being happy is one of those things people chase and yet they won’t try to change the way they think in order to be happy, thinking it’s being rich, having a massive house, fast car that makes them happy, it’s not, it’s how that lot makes you feel that makes you happy.

Some of the happiest people I know have sod all yet they are also some of the kindest people you will meet, they will give you their last meal if you are hungry, lend you their last pound, dollar, if you need it, they are happy to be just be, happy to have a simple experience that fuels it, like watching the sunset… that cost bugger all yet it lifts them.

On the flip side

Far too many people in the world are unhappy, angry, or worse.

That there are hundreds of millions of people all depressed, pissed off, angry, all taking prescribed crap, happy pills and the like, is a sad thing.

Millions who haven’t a clue what would make them happy, millions of idiots out there who kill each other, think of all the bad things going on in the world, like in Africa, burning witches, many are kids, adults doing terrible things that you hardly hear shit about… if that was in London you would see it plastered everywhere.

The stinking hypocrisy, low value of life, the sheer sickening starvation of kids, how we as people let that crap happen is beyond me… proof of life’s sick cruelty is right there… likes vultures waiting for a meal?!

starving child and vulture

What a good life YOU and me got eh…

The poor in the world pick a relationship with their kids… or work away to support theirĀ families… what aĀ choice to makeĀ is that?!

What experiences you can choose, just because you can and have the opportunity to.

The ones that really blow me away are those that you grow from and last night was one… a real case of one of life.

Mind expanding experiences

In all honesty, trying to explain that sensation last night is a bit like taking some magic mushrooms or something, you can’t explain it, you have to experience it, once you have it’s like the genie is out of the bottle… it’s not that things change outwardly, it’s like you change the way YOU see everything, nothing outward changed with the hallucinations…

Just that you saw more of the reality than you ever will being “straight” and “good”… it’s more that once your back you ain’t gonna see anything the same again, your perception of the world around you is 100% different, new and you can’t change it… not a bad thing at all just to be clear, those who know what I mean, know exactly what I mean!

There is a reason a reason they call it “mind expanding” šŸ˜‰

Yet these natural mind expanding experiences are not easy to have in many cases…

It’s obvious that so many people don’t even think about things much, they turn to things to change the way they think, even drink, but that’s ok cos it”s legal?

Bollox argument… and we all know it.

And yes, before anyone slates me… I think stuff like grass should be perfectly legal and all this drug war crap should be on the stuff that kills you and ruins lives, like heroin, crack, all that stupid juice known as drink should be getting more attention than grass.

The whole war on grass thing is bullshit… which in many ways could be the thing that helps us, in more ways than one.

The hemp industry could be the thing that changes the face of things, if we allowed it, and in a massive way, not just the world economy, health, etc, but a vast shift in the collectiveĀ conscience if we used it.

The world would change… which is the real thing those in power are scared of, the real reason they throw bullshit propaganda out there into the masses…. sadly and evidently the masses are falling for it and have done for 70 or 80 years… crazy, the created a fear and stigma of a 5000 year old habit which had all benefits?!

Seems odd wouldn’t you think? šŸ˜‰

A fear of something natural and not played with in any way, just picked, dried, used, something that makes sex 20 times better… woah, where you all going? Ā lol.. šŸ˜€

Everyone has to drop the fear and bullshit scaremongering that the world has fed to you on a plate… just like the bullshit they spout about grass… a 100% harmless plant, which actually has positive benefits!!

I know that for a FACTĀ becauseĀ it stops myĀ tinnitusĀ dead in it’s tracks, and THAT is a relief at times when I get the opportunity, because hearing is bad enough with my crap ears, tinnitus just makes it worse… who is anyone to deny me that’s a fact?

If you choose to do something that ultimately expands your mind, helps you out in some way… who am I or anyone else to say hang on, don’t smoke that joint?

Control, you or them

That’s their lame ass attempts at control based on lies and bullshit.Ā AspirinĀ is more bloody dangerous!

I know mushrooms, grass and the like are “drugs” and and it’s an “illegal” experience I mention there, I hear you… it’s “illegal” and it’s “bad”, it’s “wrong” but really I don’t give a shit because it’s all bullshit based of lies and fear-mongeringĀ propaganda remember – show me someone who see’s things that way and I’ll show you a sheep with NO understanding of it who never done anything in their life, yet are willing to “preach” to others… drug law makers are the classic example, they should all sit there and smoke a joint THEN decide!

You should be in control of your choices, Ā I am, like I should be whether anyone likes it or not… tough, I am ok with that regardless.

You, like me I are an adult. šŸ˜‰

Prejudiced attitude itselfĀ sucks. Fact!

I digress, not that I have to justify my crap to anyone really.

As I say I don’t do that anymore anyway, shrooms I haven’t done in well over a 15 years more like 20 years, it’s done though and it’s not something you forget or need to do again to “get it” enough to know it.

If you know what shrooms does to your senses then you will know exactly why it changed me… the first time I heard many things… certain birds for example, was on them! Who is anyone to judge me for that? šŸ˜‰

I’ll never regret it for what it taught me

If I say to you, the world has an odd underlying geometric pattern to everything and I mean everything, leaves, skin, the floor, the pavement, the sand on the beach, the clouds in the sky… and that leaves have nice purple auras…you would laugh and I would understand why, but those who have ever done it know exactly what I mean! šŸ˜‰

The point is, it’s something you just can’t explain and that’s the only reason I say it… think why all them cows are happy when they are in season, which is a very short time… they look spaced out! šŸ˜€

It was like this floating experience, something I just can’t pin down in words to explain it.

It’s good and bad choices… make them, either way you get the result you pick.

There are alot of bad drugs and crap out there which I would never ever do or be happy seeing others do, things that reallyĀ messĀ you up, ruins your life and those lives around you, you know thick junkie smack heads and ketamine takers, and drink is just idiot juice!

Nothing of that crap has ever entered my body if you get my drift, except a drink, I damn well hope none of you ever do either, it’s shit that screws you up… but I won’t judge ya!

Anyone wanna judge me for shrooms, then do things you judge people for and then you got something to go by, your OWN experience… I’ll listen then, till then, I don’t care… yet you do that and you ain’t gonna judge me or anyone for it, you’ll be to amazed at your own experience!

If anyone’s perception of me changed, or I did wrong by sharing it here, I lose a few readers… than so be it, more a reflection of their small mindedness than anything else, if I had a problem with anything it would be theĀ prejudiced attitudeĀ to my deafness and I don’t have that!

So you wanna smoke a joint… yourĀ prerogative.

Growth or change only happens if you choose it, experience it

It all got me thinking about the fact we and we alone choose whatever experiences we have, we choose what want to learn however we choose to learn it and there really is no one person in the world who has a right as a human being to stop people making a choice… the only reality is you HAVE to live with the choice you make.

You can be a bastard and do all the bad things in life… you have to live with it though… in your head and heart, the hardest place to live with it, guilt and shit eats you away, forever.

You can choose good, make things better for yourself and others and get that positiveness, that which makes you fill with love, pride, whatever, that which lifts you.

Anyone wanna tell me romance and love itself doesn’t lift them?

Thought not. šŸ˜‰

Love and happiness is the highest of everything

If we and it’s all energy, there is that positive, negative, that’s ya choice…

Think of aĀ comedianĀ on stage, s/he is making the audience laugh, they are happy, s/he is then happy, an exchange both ways of positive energy… charging up all the while.

It takes one person to spark a riot off…

All this was going through my mind floating as I floated… man I wish I was stoned then! šŸ˜‰

Everyone is you, you are everyone

Let’s face it, at core we are all just a mix of chemicals, when we have stripped away everything else, our bodies, minds, we are just the same… all within a couple of % of the same mix of chemicals, almost mind blowing itself, when we have some experience we are just adding something else to the mix… a buzz is just adrenaline, something thrown into the mix to “shake things up” a bit.

Yet everyone is is as they say a reflection of you, you are of them.

Race, religion and whatnot matters squat. We are all the same at core.

So, surely we can just treat everyone as we would treat ourselves if we were them?Ā Everyone knows that saying, so, why not take it literally, actually. šŸ™‚

Smile at everyone and you get smile back… it also gets others smiling at others, contagious, connected.

What is wrong with us when we as a human race can’t all get along?

A strange bath… but one a won’t forget in a hurry!

Ever had anything like that before?

Bath of thoughts
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8 thoughts on “Bath of thoughts

  • May 22, 2010 at 11:20 am

    Sounds a good articles, but need some time to know it

    – – – – – – – – –

    That ALL you got to say, and you didn’t even read it…??

    So, Calvin, I changed your link, keyword… because I write a 3000 word post and you think you can spam me with that crap?
    Think you can get a free and easy backlink to your shitty trading site?

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    Lesson to other spammers who may try their luck here… I usually ignore your crap, delete it.

    I may, if it pisses me off, show your comment while adding something like this.

    No backlink for you Calvin.

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  • January 29, 2011 at 9:47 pm

    Woah! You’re turning into Neil from the young ones! lol… seriously though, it’s good to experience your inner being, even though it’s not a regular thing! I bet you will be buying epsom salts alot more now!! Cheap spa treatment, like those floatation tanks! Nice right up tho, and another discussion for another day! xx Always enjoyable mate xx

    • January 29, 2011 at 9:48 pm

      Write up that is… excuse the lame spelling, been on my feet all day looking after a sickly child xx

    • January 29, 2011 at 9:49 pm

      It was amazing… slept damn well that night too. šŸ™‚

      Thanks… enjoyed writing it… Glad I didn’t do too many of the shrooms tho, would’ve ended up like Syd Barrett, RIP. šŸ™‚

  • January 29, 2011 at 10:21 pm

    Rob, I remember you telling me about this when it happened, it must have been, no, I know it was mind-blowing for you. I had a similar experience to yours when I gave birth to my eldest son, Graeme, the cause of this being the Gas and Air and then eventually, they put me out completely. I seemed to go through various stages of what I have repeatedly told Andy, was death. That is the only way I can describe it. The last thing I remember was the nurses and doctors voices trailing off while I was in a complete state of what I can only describe as ‘void’ – total darkness and then nothing, but yet I was there and I was not afraid. This obviously was the anaesthetic taking over my senses but it was a truly unbelievable experience. I remember when I came too some hours later telling everyone I had discovered the ‘eighth dimension’ and when they humoured me and asked what the ‘eighth dimension’ was I told them it was realisation, a realisation that I was going to die. It was laughed off by everyone I mentioned it to and I felt it was getting to the point that if I didn’t let up on it, they would have me sectioned! I can still remember it all as clear as day – I have never experienced it since thank goodness, although I have to say it doesn’t scare me in any way. I feel it is good to experience some a little ‘out of the ordinary’ at least once in our lives because it does give us something to think about and as long as it does not harm us, or anyone else, in any way then so be it. Thank you for sharing your experience – I did wonder when you mentioned it to me that night whether you would put it down into words and I’m glad you did. :o) Sylv x

    • January 29, 2011 at 10:27 pm

      Hiya Sylv,

      That sounds surreal, then again, it is all surreal.

      death, yeah, that’s something I thought I was feeling when I started to feel like I was falling… it did feel like I was dying for a second, but that second lasted ages, very strange, death in realty is just a release from a human experience I suppose, your soul never dies. šŸ™‚

      What I believe anyway.

      Thanks for sharing that with us. šŸ™‚

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