Your writing is as good as your readers.

I have great readers…

The job or your writing is to be read but it’s important to realise you will never please everyone, so never try to please everyone, just write more because those who do like reading your content will come back for more and hopefully tell others, the more readers you get the better your writing must be, right?

If you really want to write, start reading more as well, reading is, as you know, so important in the communication progress and it does matter, I would have struggled to talk without reading lots and in turn writing.

The Internet has created a generation of great writers according to Penelope Trunk, maybe, maybe not too but it’s certainly changed the way communication is made, improved in some ways as people are more often connected than not, but it has also got worse with the written word being txt speak a little to often and basic grammar often being ignored altogether.

Maybe it has it’s place…um, yeah, phones? …Twitter?

You could say twitter has the argument of creating brevity with the limited 140 character count, which hints at the reality that twitter was started with phones in mind.

Granted the Internet has unearthed some good and great writers, no doubt they were already good storytellers, communicators, after all that is good writing – great writing. (I’d hope, humbly, that I would fall into the middle of them  somewhere!)

I get told I am a good writer, while flattered and pleased it’s hard to see in yourself what you do well, without being ego-influenced, but I have also always written, and I am even more of a reader, as I always have been, I mentioned it earlier I had to in order to talk properly and also to keep me from “falling behind” at school as I grew up… It helps!

Nowadays though young people are doing it even more, they are growing up without knowing any different, IMing, txt’ing, twittering, blogging, using facebook, etc etc…also reading more online.

Nevertheless it’s hard to escape the fact today’s young people are writing and reading at times most in my generation didn’t when we were young (pre mobile phones!) that is, usually at school for us and only then…these days the youngsters are online, using iphones or similar.

It matters because its changing alot of society, good and bad, communication on the whole is changing at a rapid rate, let’s not forget never before has everyone had the opportunity to share with so many, so easily and at anytime they like, hence there are more people writing overall.

I mean, it’s now 3.30AM* I have been writing lots over the evening, not only here, and yet, it’s ok, nothing stopping me from doing so, I can still click publish and share it… I could just save it and crash out in bed, get up and carry on…millions of people are doing the same! (*I will “publish” it later today, timing counts!)

That is the beauty of the internet and having the platform to share whatever, it has emboldened people to do so, while not everyone gets great results they do have the same basic opportunity, and they take it.

It just so happens as more and more do so, your writing will have to matter and stand out to rise above the noise and be noticed.

“Ah”… the marketers cry, “but the write it and they come is BS” … um yes, marketing is fundamental to anything being spread on or offline of course, but if the writing is good, better still, great, then more people will find it anyway, people share good stuff and it only takes one person to start that ball rolling, yourself or someone who shares it the first time.

It’s no coincidence Penelope is a good writer and although probably not seeing herself as one but she is a very smart internet marketer too, that combination is always going to get you somewhere.

The underlying thing I have realised (and it’s just this way with most things) is intent.

Without intent, it’s all pointless. Just words.

Be a better reader if you want to be a better writer
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