No Ope
Valentines?? um… 😉

Great to find a pile of invisible cards this morning… 😉

Regardless… you should be telling ya partner you love them everyday if you have one.

Some people have no idea though, strange thing relationships and stranger still are people.

But what bothers me is …

Let me ask you this… because most will have gone though it, why is the ones who cause pain are the ones you love the most? Or if you hurt someone, they seem to love you more than others did… odd no?

Strangely it’s why players have so much success, they don’t care who they hurt.

Maybe they are right, nice guys never win. They are not appreciated, not even on a day like today.

People presume far to much about others, thinking they know what you want, while not having a clue as they never ask.

Strange thing… something I give up on, because it seems to get anywhere you have to not care, be horrible, lie, abuse…

No thanks. Happy valentines day. 😆

Be horrible and you get somewhere
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