What beautiful weather we are having, cold, bitterly cold but so nice, and perfect for a walk or a bike ride, though I am missing company (nice to bump into you again today, shame you were not on a bike, soon eh?)  it’s still nice for me to get back out on the bike lately.

What’s not to like being in a place like this?  Over looking Chesil beach here on Portland.

It will certainly be nicer once this cold gets past us and it warms up nicely, soon be spring.

This is helping me pack up smoking in a big way getting out and exercising, I am beating it,  I am going to have to bite the bullet and pick a day and just stop, that’s it.

Go to church more…

I mean…

Nature is our church,

not a building of splendour,

be present and know your worth,

grounded you should feel,


under your feet is the earth,

it’s magic is real,

nature is your church.

I may well get the unicycle out in a while and have a go, it’s been over 5 or 6 weeks since I last used it due to doing something to my rib cage around new year.  Due to the nature of how you ride them it was simply too painful to do.

Ok now though.  😉

Making the most of this fantastic weather.

The morning sun on Chesil beach,

somewhere inside you this place can reach,

pebbles glinting like pimples on the land,

I love these views with camera in hand,

Chesil beach in the morning sun,

tells me the day has begun.

It really is a great place to be, lucky us growing up here.


Beautiful Chesil beach
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