Seems google updated the PR (Google page rank) across sites and my main two here and the Portland Bill blog have been dropped a place, largely due to me not being so active the last two months or so, rather than anything else, no biggie, it will go back up soon enough but PR is largely irellevant if you don’t regularly add content, as it’s content that gets readers, not PR. 😉

By the way, a few people mentioned they wanted updates as they happen, best way is to subscribe using RSS and the icon is on the top right of the sidebar >> over there. 🙂

People come for content, not to see what ya PR is and that is what counts.

If you have been effected, just don’t panic and worry over it, who cares really? 🙂 If google are doing what they say they are, cleaning up the sewers as splork (of lost ball in high weeds) calls it, then I am sure many of the crappy sites that were hindering yours, mine whatever are being dumped so to speak, so if anything we gain in some respects. Not all negative this shit you know. 😛

The main thing being the content being unique itself, that’s not a problem here or on my other blogs as I do write it all myself, that will always be a good thing.

Had a shitty few months I have, mind you the last two or three weeks were just crap, so it can only get better from here, can’t it?

Plenty of crap pissing me off at the moment but can’t do much other than roll with it. One thing is there are a few people who have pushed me a little too far and they will regret that, assholes. 😉

So, at least I am now back online having had to get a new connection, not great timing but that’s sods law!

I am looking forward as it’s all I can do. Else I’ll go nuts!

Hope life is being better to you.

Back to the grindstone for me. Plenty of stuff to do.

While I had no connection I started drawing again, and even given painting a go. which I never really tried in all honesty, it’s a release and if the pics are crap, I can always do more. 🙂

Just where I’m at at the moment. 🙂

The Big G didn’t like me going missing, why adding content matters most
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5 thoughts on “The Big G didn’t like me going missing, why adding content matters most

  • January 29, 2011 at 5:17 pm

    Hey Rob,

    I agree, it’s content that people come to your blog for not PR. Google definitely updated the PR across many sites recently and some of my sites have seen an increase in PR. I’m glad you know not to panic about your site’s drop in PR because you’ll quickly regain it since you’re getting more active again.

    The last time I came to your blog you were having some issues with your hearing, and I hope that has improved for you. I know you’re going through some rough times but I believe if you stay positive everything will work itself out. Thanks for sharing your experiences Rob.
    Jason@Make Beats´s last blog post ..Tips For Finding And Downloading Free Rap Beats


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