When it comes to links they are not all equal, far from it and they all have different effects on your blog not only with the SERPS (search engines) but also with the flow of readership if linking internally.

Most blogs will have links to other blogs in the sidebar, known as a blogroll.
These are often swapped links so you link to them and they link to you, which is ok if all the blogs are are a similar topic. A “two way link” as it’s known.

By far the better way if for another blogger with more authority in the same niche to link only to you in the actual post they write on their blog, this is the best natural link you will get.  A “one way link” as it’s known and if at all possible an anchored link is best.

Anchored link?

You will have seen the links on blogs and sites that say “read here” or “click here” which are not anchored at all so while they will pass on “link juice” they will not rank for a keyword.

Far better is to have a link with a keyword relevant to that link.
For an example as I have written in this post about linking and I hope it would give you some ideas on how to improve your own linking structure, ideas are in abundance when you look around you.

You see how that is anchored with relevant words, not only on here but on the post it links to.
This is “internal linking”, a good idea to present older post to your new readers. :o)

Another is “three way linking” which as the name implies involves three blogs or sites, A links to B, B links to C, and C links to A to complete the circle.

Make backlinking an important part of your blogging plans as it is one of the only real ways to rank well (along with great relevant content) in the SERPS, other blogs and sites will link to you if you provide their readers with great relevant content.

This then grows your traffic, ranking and authority.

Blog linking tips.
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