Having been blogging a while now I have come to see that there are a few types of  blogger.

Generally I hate to use labels or categorise people yet there is no way around that as we all fit into one or the other.

1. Those who make money online via blogging as part of  Internet marketing.

These are IMers who have started to blog with the sole intention of making money from them, done in several ways, as a funnel to their “money pages” … sales pages etc, as an email list building tool.

2. The “I wanna be famous blogger” by way of getting to be known as the “go to” person in the niche they have.

These people are the so called “A listers” who’s only aim is to build the numbers, readership, RSS subscribers and such, quite often they will work with each other to build each others profile online. A “good old boys style network” where the readers are pushed to and fro between each A lister blog.

3. The CV style blogger, like freelance writers, artist, graphic people etc.

These bloggers are using a blog to gain more work, either as part of their own business or as a freelancer for a second income. This is a great way of going about getting more freelance work simply because you have a “showcase” for others to check out first, making it more likely to get the work needed.

4. The personal blogger, the original blog users, who blog about things with no other “agenda”, ie … to make money or build a big loya;l readership with a set plan of action.

You will hear these people complain about the first three examples here simply because they believe their way of blogging is the only way it should be done.

There is no “right or wrong way” to blog, it depends entirely on what the goal of you blogging is.

What type of blogger are you?

Blogger are you? What sort?
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