Blogger in draft has seen more changes added… :o)

Now we also get pages, up to 10 per blog and wordpress no longer has that advantage. Woot!

So I had a little look last night to see what it’s like and what possibilities it allows me, I thought about doing it on here but decided on a blogspot hosted blog, it’s what blogger want us all using so test on that first, I like to dive in, so I gave it a go on “how to use blogger tips” with just a tester page on “why I started blogger-made-simple”.

Looks good in some ways, I can obviously do much more with it but the fact the url of the page is set up like this means good for the keyword theme you aim for, remember it’s good to have a blogspot blog for testing anything without worry.

So, it has not got me rethinking my whole blogging strategy, not only one the others I have but also with this blog you are reading, I feel keener to move this to a sub-domain like blog.robsellen  . com. while allowing me to keep some hosting in place for other important things, this is stuff that I don’t need to explain here.

Just allowing blogger to host the sub-domain itself and the blog content would be good for getting off the dreaded FTP set up… which is getting to be a pain in the arse!
And typing in this current url would just redirect instantly to the sub-domain.. so this blog is still the same, just a new url.

The ftp is so slow, getting off that for that reason alone is worth it, editing and such is so much faster.

Blogger tends to have dropped FTP users to the bottom of the list, targeting the blogspot users and I understand why, don’t blame them either.

The fact I could use sub-domains means I can do several blogs on each domain, not that I necessarily will but it available to do while benefiting from the blogspot pros, losing the FTP woes.

So, if you are using blogger, are you using the “draft” version of the editor?

If not, simply go to the bottom of your blogger dashboard page and you will see a link, then after that you see a small blue box near the top of your dashboard with a tick, to make draft the default.
Draft is where the new additions and benefits roll out first.

Blogger is upping the reasons to stick with them, but I hope we will see even more changes soon, the changes have been a long time coming anyway and that was what allowed wordpress to gain the following it did.

I am off to create some pages! :o)

Blogger sloooowly stalking wordpress, new pages – step in the right direction
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