Blogger sucks, if you must use it…

OWN it!

Blogger sucks, bad… their url set up is crap, the way they leave out “the” “a” and other words, while sometimes having two words joined, meaning the – is missing has made me scratch my head a few times, it’s a stupid set up with no consistency other than being consistently crap!

Due to that I have had several hours, in several batches, (got annoyed, stopped) of having to sort out the redirects that don’t work, a couple of post I couldn’t even get to work at all, meaning I will lose them completely, thanks blogger for your crap!

The deadline for the FTP being switched off is 1st May, a couple of days left, hence me being a little quiet here the last couple of days.

I am wondering what will happen, I know that this blog is ok, up and running so if the old blog itself in blogger dashboard vanishes it won’t matter, but what of the redirects, why don’t blogger automatically send the google spiders out to index all new pages on a blog move, the same time it moves?

They don’t care…

I do have the redirect plug in here, and Andy Beard helped sort things out by advising me but it still hasn’t worked completely. 🙁

Stupid damn blogger, I lost alot of the respect I had for them and I probably ain’t the only one!

I recently helped a friend set his blogger blog up but made sure he got a domain first… at least he owns that then.

You may ask, “why if blogger is crap, did I help him set it up on blogger?”

The simple reason is I know for a fact they would struggle with Wpress and blogger is ideally suited to a complete beginner, not only that I also know he won’t have security issues, worrying about hacks who more often than not target WPress.

Wpress is great but I didn’t start with it due to this and the fact it is more os a technical learning curve… at least it was a lot more back then than now but then again, I also know more now than then. 🙂

At least now I have seen that crap with my own eyes, I can say to blogger, you really should sort your crappy url structure out, WP makes every url fit the structure you set it for… blogger mixes it up which is lame.

Sort it out blogger!

Talking of crappy blogger… they are being a bit two faced lately by deleting certain blogs which they passed as ok just a couple of years ago even if them blogs are still being used and updated with similar content now as back then.

That sucks… it’s the main reason why you must OWN the domain it sits on whether it’s hosted with you on WPress or used on blogger…

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