Great, now I have the newer blogger dashboard which to be honest is far tidier and easier to use as well as being faster , which will help hugely with my make money online efforts with niche blogging.

It will also allow me to enjoy this blog more. :o)

I can now add tags etc which makes it better for you the reader when searching for topics etc, just clicking a “label” below each post will show you a page with ALL post with that chosen label.

I have noticed a very big spike of traffic from people searching terms on technorati and other social bookmarking sites.
This has me convinced that people will use tags and bookmarking sites if they know how to do it.

The strangest thing is I have been found by looking for ONE keyword, often I only write that keyword once!
Shows how important it is to keep an eye on your stats AND keywords!. ;o)

Now I wish blogger would at least put some decent smileys on the wysiwyg editor. :o)
Whatever happens, if you niche blog this will help you speed things if part of your make money online efforts.

Blogger swap done!
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