Blogger has been making changes and I look foward to them, if they can help me blog better and more often so I can create more blogs, and if this helps me make money online, great!
Had the option to switch this blogger dashboard to the newer one, but thought I better back up the existing blogs first so just logged into the old blogger as usual.

Backed up..saved every post etc.. templates etc..
Logged out… went to log in and switch…and the option had gone!

So looked about the blogger buzz, to see what the situation was, and it’s open to a few people at a time!
So… I missed it! Damn! ;o)

Ah well… bugger it.

I will catch it next time and save each post before it pops up, then I have it all backed up… in case of any “glitches” as they say.
The new blogger has done away with the publishing feature which could save a chuck of frustration… so the new one is almost instantly saved and published. I like it, that will speed up blogging for sure, which means I can indeed create more blogs by spending more time writing instead of sitting there waiting for it to blooody publish!

Great.. if I can shift it all over smoothly I can get on with more blogging to help me make money online. :o)

Blogger switch…
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2 thoughts on “Blogger switch…

  • December 21, 2006 at 4:29 pm

    Thanks Chris..

    I do too.. it would be nice to have the instant publishing.. ;o)


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