There is no doubt at ALL about that copycat taking MY content and using it on THAT blog so why do I have to WRITE to blogger to sort this out?

I mean its saturday.. the post is monday, then a few days for it to get to blogger..then they act on it.. so a week?

THAT is terrible!

So I will do that, I will also demand to know WHO it is.. so I can take action regarding this.

I wouldn’t be bothered if it was using my RSS as PART of the blog…but this is copyright infringment, and it is a case of them copying my whole source code into their blog!

Hardly RSS is it?

Even taking MY adsense and stat code with it!

I have a feeling about WHO it may be.. but will NOT be doing anything regarding that untill blogger do something about it. IE.. DELETING that blog, deleting his gmail account used with it.

Rest assured I will NOT let it go untill I see action.

Blogger should ACT immediately really, an email IS good enough and faster!
There is NO doubt about what has been done.

Blogger? Who’s side are THEY on?
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