surfs up!
I'll follow. 😆

Surfs up! 🙂

Enough to make yer heart sing!

My ears are crap, not my eyes. :mrgreen:

I mentioned I had moved the Portland community from one platform to another, which had to be done considering the old platform was going to be ending in 5 or 6 weeks…

Yet I am now wondering if I may have been hasty, considering the latest site I have joined up, thanks to John the “always giving blogger” for getting me over there, sharing the bloggerluv. 😉


Yep, a community site for bloggers, and one that is do follow too, giving each of us more benefit by way of link juice, not the kind of set up blogcatalog has, where bloggers are building the community owners business up for little in return.

Too much of the me, me mentality at place like that for my liking and one reason I have not been there in a long time in any participating capacity.

Bloggerluv is different, very different in what it does yet as you can see it is familiar to the other community sites out there in usability and features, like the very ones my own Portland Bill community were, is on.

Just from the top of the page you can see just what is on that community to use, your profile is really yours, even ad adsense and other adverts onto it, so you benefit, not the owner… they are making it so it’s YOU, ME, anyone else that benefits from it.

Monetise it

It’s your profile, so why not have…

Adsense on your profile?! 😉

Aye… why not… and the fact the community is geared to benefit users more than anyone else makes it a place to enjoy and utilise.

Bloggers helping other bloggers is the other benefit that matters, no matter what part of the curve of blogging you are on, there is always someone there who knows that part of it, can help, advise and we all wanna see other succeed, so why not make it more likely by being there for each other, helping, pushing each other forward? 😉

Why not indeed! 😀

Share the luv… go check it out, and if you join, add me as a friend and also while you are at it… add John, the cool blogger, who is helpful as they come when you may need it. 😉

UPDATE, I am not there now and John is two faced liar. Don’t bother with it.

What do you think of it?

Bloggerluv, use it and share the luv
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