Bloggers and ethics

Is there some “blog law” out there?
Can anyone point me to the blog police?
Who decides what goes and what doesn’t here then?

It seems its ok for some to have a bash, using lies.. and what a SHIT situation that is, yet it wasn’t some small time blogger that used twisted LIES.

Taking things right out of context to manipulate their own readers all the proving themselves to be the biggest hypocrites out there!

Having not mentioned anything about the debate being blogged about recently I now feel I SHOULD say something, due to an unethical reporter of some “big time magazine” taking advantage of a friend, an HONEST blogger who gave an honest interview for that unethical journo..

Lets get something out of the way here first..

The debate in question is regarding PPP..thats “pay per post” where blog writers can get paid for writing a post, if any of you my readers, don’t know that, some of you will and maybe have your own opinion on that too.

Anyway without getting to far into that some bloggers and others feel people are “selling out” by using the service…

WOAH.. hang on back up…

Who the hell do THEY think they are telling people how to run thier blogs, and critising users for making a little side money, or using it as PART of the living income?

THAT stinks… get OFF the high horses..get REAL..

And yet this hypocrite of a journo has ADS all over the page where she BASHES my friend by twisting HER words to make her sound worse than THEM.. sheeeesh.. what a f**king CHEEK!

Scuse me tongue… but that IS a cheek!

If anyone wants to at least benefit from monetising a blog..they good on them, I hope that succeed to the level they desire…and why shouldn’t they.

Is THAT journo or anyone else gonna pay towards my friend bringing her kids up, alone may I add?
Thought not.. so don’t preach on how they should go about earning a legitimate living, AND twist things up so as to make YOU look better!

My friend even had an INKLING this was going to happen…

So.. as you already know I DON’T use PPP’s service, but thats NOT to say I won’t…I WILL.. when I am ready to do so, and see something of value to YOU the reader, something that FITS the blog or topic.

But.. hey.. lets take a look at this situation for a minute…

My friend who got “diliberately, grossly misquoted” Lynn Terry has been doing this work for years, she knows her stuff and she delivers… you get to read great FREELY given tips like this linking one here… was THAT worth a read? Yeah I thought so too.

But it doesn’t stop there.. you see, taking a good look over the blog itself in ORDER it was written you see that Lynn hasn’t changed anything about the way she does things.. She has ALWAYS said you shouldn’t put ALL your eggs in one basket..

Lynn has never hidden anything at all, it has always been the way of.. “this is what I do and I share the results with you”… take a look yourself at the VERY results of her PPP campaign..

Not a fortune..but it pays for a fair few dinners in the house.. do these bashers begrudge her THAT?

You know its not ALL about hey.. “I need to make money from you the reader” us readers are in fact helping them to live as they should do.. eating and drinking etc and Lynn even goes to say she removes some earning part of the blog..but for good reason… IS that a tip the readers could benefit from?

Lynn did get feedback from her readers about using PPP and that shows her honesty.
For me..honesty goes a LOOOOOOONG way.. and thats why I am writing this now..
It honestly does bother me that this can happen…

Yet take a look at that “journos” site page..and the comments are have to JOIN to comment… talk about hiding behind closed doors..why would I want to join them to get future emails?

I wanted to comment.. but hey THIS is better..
This shows the power of the blogger…and I am not the only one.. A friends blog.

People like that journo WON’T be able to get away with tactics like THAT without getting called out on it!

I am honest.. I posted an aff link in the last post… but I did say about it.. but that leads to another point.. Lynn has mentioned some feel we should have a disclosure on our blogs….

SOD THAT…. I aint insulting my readers like that they ain’t stupid… are you.. ;o)

You already know I am not making these silly amounts people profess to make from blogs etc..

If I want to share something with you and have an affiliate link..I will.. you already know I may get something from that, but then so what, if I didn’t the owner does.. so wheres the difference to the buyer?

That choice is purely down to the readers and not those who are preaching and bashing others for daring to “earn”.. hey this blogging lark does cost money and is time consuming.. thats what THEY need to realise.

Not you readers.. you readers are here to read this and maybe benefit from it in some way, whatever way that is.. even if just to laugh AT me.. ;o)

I KNOW you are smart enough to make your own mind up..

As for Lynn, she has shared some great stuff with us readers and even results from things that could help others make money or save time and minimise mistakes..

She has shared her results with several different advertisers and such with us so we can benefit from them, like this one and this one and this one.

So.. you tell me.. who wins from all this?

In my eyes Lynn has the most to gain, she will get traffic, even from the “rag” the “used” her, but they will see her blog post too.. ;o)

So.. Lynn has been honest and upfront here, as she has from the off… think the journo has?

Hope she gest the sack!

The bashers of PPP have also made me laugh… great job guys, you have made certain the PPP IS here to stay, all that free publicity.. all because of your “jealous pettiness”.

Irony IS great at times you know.. ;o)

So… I can’t wait to try out PPP for myself, but here is the rub, I would NOT give an UNhonest view.
Simple as that, my own honesty is not going to allow me to do that.

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2 Responses to Bloggers and ethics

  1. Lynn Terry says:

    I really appreciate all of your kind words here in regards to the situation, and my blog in general, Rob. Thank you!

    Lynn Terry

  2. These anti-PPP folks are just blowing smoke. Monetizing the web started a long time ago, so what if someone wants to make some cash from their blog?

    Who are they to sit in judgment!

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