As part of my make money online attempts I aim to utilise blogger and blogspot in particular, as I mentioned in the last post I am still debating on whether I will move this blog to another platform like WP or keep it on blogger.

I never noticed until now but there is a blogger “beta dashboard”, silly the links are right at the bottom of the dashboard page, lots of blogs makes it drop right down there out of the way, the beta is where the newest changes are shown for using or testing out would be a better description and there are some interesting improvements, namely the time and date stamp being at the time of publishing rather then when you opened the blog post editor.

Good for scheduled posting and in the cases where you run out of steam but feel you still need to add more to the post, up till now I’d use Gmail drafts or notepad and save to desktop until ready to post.

Another good thing added is the “add location” whch utilises the google maps, will use that on the Portland blog.

I think blogger is only going to get better so I will put off any moves and such with this blog but look forward to testing beta more, using it with the make money online blogs, in other words the niched blogspot blogs.

Have you tried using the beta dashboard yet?

Bloggers beta dashboard is interesting
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