Bloggers major overhaul and this blog

Change, something you may see here on this blog aver the next few weeks, not sure what the changes will be in detail yet but you will notice them as they happen so you won’t miss it.

Feeling a little more positive about where I am going with this blog, mainly due to spending the last few days really analysing things, drilling down as deep as I could to find the answers I needed, I also think part of it is down to some changes I think blogger will roll out soon and I say this due to “talking” on twitter with one the blogger team which was interesting.

In the past blogger has been a bit of a let down in regards to user service and feedback etc. Getting an answer from google support as you know can be like pulling teeth at times. So you can imagine my surprise at the time on twitter.

They started a group asking for suggestions from ย users, they ranged from having some of the benefits you get wit wardress, right up to improving the dashboard itself and integrating more of googles other apps and services.

Some great ideas added and I voted on many of them as I do think blogger needs to keep improving overall. It lost a huge market share to wordpress then improved some with the newer layout style dashboard but could have done more.

Looks like they may well do more now, providing they take users ideas on board and implement the more liked and useful, beneficial ones mentioned. One area alot of people suggested is templates, to be fair most people don’t have a clue this very blog is using blogger, what with the most commonly asked theme I have being the most requested one, a 3 column layout. I had to use template and alter it myself, making it unique. :o)

The fact there are millions of blogger blogs and blogger itself only provides something like 40 templates is pretty lame. Even them some are just the same but using other colours. Not much choice for such a widely used platform.

I am tempted to make big changes, but I will at least wait until blogger act on the idea and roll them out, see what improves overall as I can always use one of my other blogspot blogs to play about, assess it.

To be honest I think this could be a great move and the user experience as well as the blog readers experience will be bettered if done right. Blogger has the potential to take wordpress benefits and adapt them and add them to the benefits of blogger which wordpress doesn’t get, overall even people leaving wordpress to use blogger again. Blogger is part of google and as such has the benefit of all google, its apps etc.

Could it be a major move by blogger?

Who knows?

What’s your take on it?

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