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I saw an interesting post in a forum earlier today asking if blogging to make money online was even worth trying and some of the replies were very interesting from a few different perspectives.

In my view some of the replies were bad advice for going broke fast at worse and a dumb opinion based on nothing at best.

Either way these opinions were crap!

The problem is some of those opinions out there could seriously harm people if they followed them, just as we often see anywhere online there is simply way to much misinformation and loose opinions that count for shit in reality!

So is it worth blogging to “make money online”?

My issue with that is you rarely see the real underlying question that matters to most people and the one they would really ask, that is…

“Can you blog for consistent money?”

The answer is yes as it is being done, BUT the difference is they don’t “blog to make money online”, they blog as a part of their overall business…something all bloggers who wish to generate an income from it should bear in mind, including me at times.

But if you are going to blog, do it anyway, forget about the making money for now.

This one thing I have been asked a few times is “how do you write so much that is needed for a blog?”

My short answer is who said “you have to write so much?”

If you really want to blog you will have to write but there is nothing saying how much or what style it has to be etc, the best advice if you really want to write is to…write, then write some more but also read more, get your kids into the reading habit while you are at it as it is so important anyway.

Reading becomes interwined with writing anyway, so in that sense read the blogs on the topics, themes you feel you would blog about.

The truth is if you don’t write any content you will never make money online blogging.

But it’s not the blogging itself that makes the money it is the marketing of the blog, getting the eyeballs onto the content you write that really matters.

The 80/20 rule applies here IMO, which way round is up to you.

Puting in 20% of good effort on writing the blog content is better than doing none, add 80% promotion and marketing and you will get that ball rolling quick.

Put 80% effort into the content creating and 20% into the promotion and marketing and you will get the ball rolling slower, though maybe it will be better long term.

It depends on you, your plan, you efforts and the time you can put in, the topic you choose, so many factors no-one can say it’s worth it or not other than you.

One very good reason to take advice on forums etc with a pinch of salt.

Those who share bad advice I noticed don’t even have blogs!

Let alone blogging to make money online!

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